Veto @ 5/1/2017 23:48 commented on Isotest

@Chellex: Spindizzy is kinda a puzzle variant of the Marble Madness concept. The first non-scrolling version was released in 1986 for 8bit computers only and was famous for its ridiculous hard level design.

The sequel was released in 1990/92 for Amiga, Atari ST and SNES. It splits the game to various srolling levels. Gameplaywise it was a huge improvement, but had some serious problems with balancing, esp in hard mode.

Veto @ 4/21/2017 02:23 commented on Lullaby

Love it. Love the motive, the cute dragon, the colours.

Veto @ 11/14/2016 04:56 commented on Mr. Caterpillar (Atari 2600)

This is so lovely :)

Veto @ 4/1/2016 02:38 commented on Racoons

Thank you Jok. 

Was nice to meet you at Revision too :)

Still not sure about Decrunch, because of other projects, but probably I do something.

Veto @ 1/14/2016 03:57 commented on Adventure project dream sequence

Thank you all for the nice words :)

@Adam: Well, I will experiment a bit with the sprite... it is a bit complicated because of non-antialiasing and the limited sprite dimensions...

The button icons are overlays. The sprite color is also used for context-based status (white is possible, light blue is inactive, flashing colors for selection).

@Stickman: Yes, it is. There is already a v1.1 ready for download, though because of the short game duration (about 40 minutes of gameplay) the team started working on an extended version incl engine modification.

v1.1 can be downloaded here:

or a short tour video here:

Veto @ 1/12/2016 01:29 commented on c64 Rastan Update

Wonderful. The visuals shows a much more authentic look than the official port. Speaking of the restrictions it would be interesting if a whole levelset would match a full charset (though the usage of chars looks efficient here :)).

Veto @ 1/5/2016 05:56 commented on Caren character animation

Theoden: This is not possible because of the double pixel restrictions here... the game specifications are limited to those 4 sprites for the main character...

Veto @ 6/27/2015 09:53 commented on Comaland plotballs background

Zom-B: The colors are based on vice emulator which is based on PEPTO with minor adjustments. Actually they are not too saturated. Even this is way less saturated compared to my 1084s monitor. Please keep in mind that C64 is a product from analogue times, that even each product series has different visual output and default settings were no standards (the dark muddy tones of PEPTO are a compromise because of the RGB color space, which is kind of a neverending controversy in the C64 scene).

Veto @ 6/24/2015 10:58 commented on Cooking with Nerds (incl The End logo)

Paddy: Thanks for the nice words :)

Pheno: Thank you. Should be okay now...

Veto @ 3/5/2015 15:26 commented on C64 Adventure Test
adam: nice mockup. your version of the woman has a bit day-of-the-tentacle-looks... like that.

sure. it would be possible to improve the sprite. though it is a compromise for technical reasons. the characters in the game are split in three parts for multiple usage with whatever color combinations. this is why i abandoned any antialiasing (guess what happens, if the head would be used for blond hair or a bright dress). 

the plane color areas work quite well with the animations. the movements look nicely cartoony even with the missing aa (will post this in a while - is still work in progress).

Veto @ 3/3/2015 13:58 commented on C64 Adventure Test

ptoing: the sewer setting is more or less at alpha stage atm. there will be much more detail soon, because the underground should be coordinated to the buildings and their outlets or other architectural characteristics. same with mirroring and stuff...

about the green colors in the street - i am not sure about that myself atm.


Veto @ 1/31/2015 00:40 commented on Vertical shooter mockup

@labbe100: truxton is an arcade shooter by toaplan released in the 80ies. the style of your mockup reminds me that game. (last game on that page)

Veto @ 1/30/2015 11:11 commented on Vertical shooter mockup

This looks so truxton-ish. And this is meant in every positive way :)

Veto @ 1/27/2015 15:46 commented on Perspective Landscape Scroll

@ego: yep. if you click on the picture it opens a new tab with the original dimensions.

Veto @ 1/27/2015 02:07 commented on Sinners All

@ptoing: yep, you are right. checked the pic with timanthes and the matrix was shifted

Veto @ 1/26/2015 05:16 commented on Sinners All

@carrion: yep, also think that the mode is fli. but interesting that most blocks are limited to 4 colors... was mistaken that this could be multicolor at first sight.

Veto @ 1/22/2015 12:29 commented on BrainBot Mk-VI


Veto @ 1/22/2015 12:25 commented on Gunstar Heroes C64

interesting approach. a really interesting approach, even though this cannot be done or displayed that way on a c64. it is looking good but there are some issues here.

there are too many sprites on a line (8 are maximum per line), so shoots would better work as softsprites as seen in games like turrican. also sprite colors are defined as 2 colors fix for the whole screen and one individual, so the explosions would need an overlay for using yellow and dark red.

the background graphics would not work this way either... except the game should flip screens (like gryzor on the amstrad cpc). the bg matches multicolor bitmap restrictions and this will not work for an 8 way scroller game most likely. still it is interesting to see that the foreground would even match charset restrictions with minor adjustments. so - if the background would be cleared to a plain cyan - no light blue, no light grey - it might work. 

Veto @ 1/8/2015 02:46 commented on Secret Santa 2014

composition, atmosphere, objects/animals and overall theme are really nice and interesting. and pretty well executed. the single color areas are bit plain for my taste, but as whole this is awesome. faved.

Veto @ 12/5/2014 04:53 commented on Isometric building 03 - Windmill and Bakery
the level of detail and the composition is great, each object clearly defined.

tbh i do not like the orange tones. they are too bright and saturated imo and harm the overall 3d-impression, better said they make some details look like a seperate front layer. the bricks on the right side of the windmill tower look a bit blurry compared to the other buildings.

Veto @ 9/20/2014 16:19 commented on Brainzzz

@surt: hm... probably. difficult to say if there is a better option, because there is always the compromise with the three fixed colors and the strict 4th color. what makes charmode always a challenge is that most earth tones are part of the upper 8 colors and they are only available for the fix colors per screen.

btw there is an easy way to get the screen more bright by using old vic palette (representing c64 machines that were built till 1985). the luminances are quite different there. check out this link:

Veto @ 9/20/2014 14:58 commented on Brainzzz

@finlal: hehe, yeah. you are right. did not think about this detail...

Veto @ 9/20/2014 14:55 commented on Frog

the graphic is a bit too rough for my taste, but the frog is sweet. like also the animation. 

Veto @ 6/1/2014 00:22 commented on not me2

those clean shapes and the color usage really do it for me. very good one.

Veto @ 4/28/2014 08:44 commented on Social Net

thanks to all for the nice words. truely appreciated.

@jok: it was nice to talk to you too.

well, i guess it is a mixture of minor issues and the resolution here that causes kind of unclear overall looks. what could be definitely improved in retrospec are dimensions of the characters according the perspective and probably recoloring the outside areas to become bit more restrained to the blue background.

btw blue background. this is one part that has been changed to the original concept. originally there was a more structured bg planned, but then the level of detail for the objects would have been reduced to make sure that there is still enough contrast. and it is just one example, initially i wanted also lensflares, there was even a different concept for representing the spider. would have ment loss of details... and i was not sure if the picture would work beyond this point because of such compromises.

tbh i was also thinking about an amiga version, because imho every issue here could be improved with more dots and homogeneous colors. but have to admit that i have not really the motivation to spend another 100+ hours...