mintyy @ 3/10/2013 01:18 commented on An unlimited Blue Quest B2

i still find it adorable hun ♥

mintyy @ 3/10/2013 01:05 commented on Big Bird

hello there everyone c:

mintyy @ 4/20/2009 12:33 commented on Smiley pack.

Aww.Cute !


Squetee (square+cute) x3

mintyy @ 4/20/2009 01:19 commented on cupkace love

Its coz i forget to.


Its like. Oh  acomment. Oh. a nice avatar. Oh wait. have to change my music.And end the emot im open. And i forget.. ^^;



And Yeah. I sit really often there XD'

mintyy @ 4/19/2009 15:58 commented on cupkace love

Awww...thanks sweetie <3

Iluv it too :D

mintyy @ 4/17/2009 09:22 commented on eevee

I played it too. XD


mintyy @ 4/7/2009 04:52 commented on suprise egg

Thank You. 53 frames are here ^^

mintyy @ 4/5/2009 02:54 commented on angel

Sure i have a wip. and ill post  if you want ^^' . becouse i do not use gradient for pixel art.:<.

mintyy @ 4/4/2009 05:55 commented on angel

Nah it isnt. I wanted to look like it would be smooth. when its bigger x times  You can see thats not gradient automatic but done by hand .)

mintyy @ 4/3/2009 08:55 commented on i love you

FIxed. Just needs to be sended.


and thank you <3

mintyy @ 4/2/2009 12:01 commented on angel

I wanted it to look smooth. maybe i overdid with the smoothness and not contarasted to muuch ^^;

mintyy @ 4/2/2009 10:37 commented on sad cookie

now im sad. im not torturing it .



mintyy @ 4/1/2009 15:06 commented on sad cookie

I couldnt help  :< i had to ate it :<

mintyy @ 3/31/2009 06:24 commented on sad cookie

Why evil :< ?

mintyy @ 3/29/2009 09:01 commented on sad cookie

Thank You for all your comments. <3