Centrefuge @ 8/27/2008 19:33 commented on My Crappy Avatar
Seriously? Someone liked this? It's just my initials in a box. Thanks though!

Centrefuge @ 10/18/2006 21:05 commented on Orange Mobile
I really felt like commenting this one. I like it. Actually, I'd love to have that stripe design on a real phone skin. If only there were some way...

Centrefuge @ 10/17/2006 07:40 commented on Star Wars characters
Holy freaking lord, could those get more awesome?

Centrefuge @ 9/27/2006 09:20 commented on Small Is Beautiful
This makes me happy. Nice job!

Centrefuge @ 9/12/2006 20:04 commented on Master Shake

Oh my god I love this. If you made the two guys in the other world I would love you forever!

Needs some sun dried tomatoes and you should really show that the bread is made from wheat harvested from hell's half acre. And lettuce. A bed of evil and lettuce... and frickin' azalea bushes...

I love that episode.

Centrefuge @ 8/25/2006 16:08 commented on Improv Dentistry

I didn't even know someone responded to me, after I looked back at this picture 'cause I love it so much. I meant that it is rule following and it is pixel art, I'm not very picky and most things are pixel art to me if I think they follow most of the rules. Most of my own art looks like this one and was wondering if a seperate gallery was made for it or if it just went in with the others because I didn't know how others on here were in their rules and wanted to know early on how to submit.

Nothing's missing at all. Almost all of my stuff besides the lace I make or my boredom stuff is sketchy.

Centrefuge @ 11/14/2005 10:04 commented on Martin Luther King, Jr.

Congrats! You've made a place I can't stop looking at in graphics class, for which I'm constantly made fun of!

Centrefuge @ 11/3/2005 19:59 commented on Link + Mario

Wow! All I can say about it!

A game would be so cool if it had a Link w/ fireflower power! I'd play it in a second! Actually, this should be recomended to Nintendo, so I can play it. Awesome!

Centrefuge @ 11/3/2005 19:55 commented on Sleep Hollow
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. I love this, I love Christopher Walken, I love the whole thing! The colors, all of it! 5/fav

Centrefuge @ 11/3/2005 19:52 commented on Wind Waker Link
Ok, if your're gonna keep doing Nintendo stuff, especially Link, I'm just gonna drop down and have myself a good ole' heart attack. This rules, as do you.

Centrefuge @ 11/3/2005 19:50 commented on Nocturne
The more stuff I see of your's the more I like! This especially. That hair rules, and the eyes rule harder!

Centrefuge @ 11/3/2005 19:48 commented on Goomba
Oooh, loves it! Great job. The shading is indeed quite awesome!

Centrefuge @ 11/3/2005 19:47 commented on Shaun of the Dead
Oh... my... freaking... holy... god... YES! Best art ever. Well, I like it anyways...

Centrefuge @ 11/3/2005 19:47 commented on Ki
The necklace reminds me of Walker, Texas Ranger... not like that's a bad thing...

Centrefuge @ 10/27/2005 09:43 commented on Improv Dentistry

This would be odd and more than wearable on a shirt. Awesome!

If this isn't pixel art, which I think most believe this type isn't, should you put a gallery up for this sort of thing? It's still pixelled art, if not rule-following.
(I'm not even saying your's isn't following the rules, I just mean we should have a section for the ones that clearly are, and if there is I'll shut up, I never look up these sorts of things, I just jumps right in to suggest.)

Centrefuge @ 10/27/2005 06:46 commented on Fennel
It has a 70s feel for me, really nice tones and she looks the right amount of sad. Nice ears too. Don't change the shading on the shirt if someone asks you to. I like minimal shading and it fits here.

Centrefuge @ 10/19/2005 18:23 commented on 'Pixelween' entry no. 2
How in the mother freaking world did you do this? Seriously!

Centrefuge @ 10/19/2005 18:21 commented on Christine - pixelween contest
Awesome, would have done it myself it I weren't already doing another one and if you wouldn't have. I freaking love this movie. This is the best contest ever!

Centrefuge @ 10/10/2005 11:38 commented on Fish
I would love to play a video game that looked like this. Awesomely sweet!

Centrefuge @ 9/2/2005 20:57 commented on An old signature
This reminds me of the Bone Snatcher. Very cool, would use as an avatar if I didn't already have my own, as crappy as it is.

Centrefuge @ 9/2/2005 20:36 commented on Traveling the lands of sillis

If I could make something like this, all the problems in my life would go away and I could live among the gods. Hmm, a tad of overexaggeration perhaps, but all the same, coolest art ever! Hair's a little odd, but neat as hell. And it looks like her neck is made of clay.

Centrefuge @ 9/2/2005 18:34 commented on Mother Earth
Holy Freaking Crap. This looks like a video game I would play. Greatness.

Centrefuge @ 9/2/2005 18:31 commented on Special Treatment
She looks like she's from Batman: The Animated Series, and that doll looks like something I once drew hanging from a tree. Freaky. I love it, just love it. Awesome.

Centrefuge @ 9/2/2005 18:13 commented on necronomicon
This one brightened my day. Wonderful Work!

Centrefuge @ 9/2/2005 09:41 commented on Dejitalized Pikachu
I oddly like this, just because it looks like how I figure he would before going into his annual plastic surgery appointments to look youthful for the kids. Or some kind of bad accident between a costume and the guy inside melting together. Still better than I would want to do with him only because I don't wanna take the time to draw a pokemon properly...