Mis-BUG @ 2/5/2022 09:36 commented on Bonewalker

Incredible as always. There's a lot of details that I like about this but probably for how silly it may sound the fog on the ground is what enthralls me the most; such a clever way to add detail on the floor, grounding the character in a smooth way and at the same time doing also storytelling of the scene. And the design choices, the shield, the shin guard hanging by a thread, the drapery... ah... this illustration is a joy to explore...

Mis-BUG @ 2/4/2022 14:25 commented on The Carrier

W40k was not an inspiration, but now that you mention it when I conceived the sketch for this I was looking at a lot of fantasy horror miniatures on kickstarter and probably this design came from that pool of visual inputs.

Mis-BUG @ 5/20/2021 14:54 commented on Chaos Engine Dino PETSCII

This conjured a smile on my face. A really good alternative rendition of an illustration to which I dedicate a piece of my heart (and I'm sure I'm not the only one to remember with affection the original image). Good job!

Mis-BUG @ 5/13/2021 11:56 commented on Skull

Not sure if it is intentional, but it seems you swapped the preview image with the full size one

Mis-BUG @ 7/8/2020 14:42 commented on Quarantine

Not a specific palette, just a custom made one. At first I thought about using some colour constrictions but I was more focused on volumetry and general composition. 

Mis-BUG @ 9/2/2019 11:22 commented on Corruption

@ptoing cheers :) it takes me some effort to find time to draw for myself and additional extra time to feel confident about sharing it :P

Mis-BUG @ 5/6/2018 03:43 commented on Flashback - after the crash

@jok Glad you like it! I'm happy I was able to inspire such remembrance, but I also have to admit this game is so embedded in our memories and sounds are so iconic that probably by just mentioning "Flashback" they are the first thing that pops up in mind :)

Mis-BUG @ 12/11/2017 16:11 commented on Shellshocked Mockup

@Chickenshowman1 Can't really remember... if I had to redo this from scratch I would say it may take something like 15 hours or so...

Mis-BUG @ 12/11/2017 09:29 commented on Psidrool

thank you, but I gotta say I had a really good reference: my face when I wake up every morning XD

Mis-BUG @ 12/11/2017 05:24 commented on The Yellow King

cheers... actually this is the second attempt, but definitely I have a lot of stuff to learn... :P

Mis-BUG @ 8/10/2016 00:01 commented on Baphomet

Cheers :)
Of course I'm not happy about the result 100%, but I will have the time for tweaks and fixes during development. Probably I'm gonna work a bit more on the palette... The 64 colours palette I built for the entire game kinda does its job but I feel there's something more I can do to improve it.

Mis-BUG @ 7/18/2016 08:10 commented on BloodBowl Orc

cheers... I still think I could have added more depth to it, but at the end of the day it is just a quick pixelling without any real good reasoning behind it :P

Mis-BUG @ 6/8/2015 10:05 commented on Kung Fury

@MrFariator: Yeah exactly... also that kind of lines tend to create banding, but in a way colour fringe is basically another way of getting banding in photography. As I said, not happy but I can live with that.

Mis-BUG @ 5/13/2015 08:43 commented on Faces

Really good article. I loved how you tried to explain your point, but I don't understand if you're having issues selling your product because of pixel art or if you're just disappointed as an artist to see comments of people that are not pixelart-aware. The art in your game looks absolutely stunning but you'll receive this kind of comments only by artists and people that are actually into the style you're tackling. I don't think it's a matter of choosing the right language to speak to an audience because there's no language that is actually universal and there's no universal audience to speak to (unless you cross the lands of stereotypes of course). 
People will always see pixel art as "retro" and "pixelated" because that's how non-pixelartists see it. And so what? There's plenty of graphic designers that hear people saying that their illustrations are "naif" or "minimalistic" just because they use straight lines and simple vector shapes. Do they have to give up on their way of approaching to illustration just because they can't sell their products to everyone (not talking just of a monetary way)? It's impossible to educate all the users/gamers/artists in the world to understand everything and it is really hard for me to get artists giving up on a medium just because it's not for everyone. 

Pixel art as all other medium it's just that: a medium! And media are not exclusive elements, they are additive. They said that painting would have been replaced by photography and that photography would have been replaced by videos. But they're all still there and widely used. And there's people saying "this picture looks so retro" when it's just black and white, but there are still photographers taking pictures that way.

I do understand what you want to say and respect it when you write “
don’t let the medium come between you and your audience”, but I feel it’s the exact opposite: pick the right medium to say the right thing to the audience that you want to reach. If we all pick the a sole medium to address the audience we are not expressing anything, because as I said before there’s no universal audience. If you pick the medium that most of the people understand you’re just fostering just one view of the art. And that’s leveling out the message to a single language. 

Maybe that’s just me being naive and deluded, but I think you should reconsider your “Auro is likely to be the last Dinofarm Games title to feature pixel art”. We all need good pixel artists around here.

Sorry for the wall of text... :(

Mis-BUG @ 4/14/2015 13:48 commented on Frantic Cyborg

Argh... I always forget, sorry... Now it should be fine

Mis-BUG @ 4/14/2015 08:34 commented on Frantic Cyborg

Cheers! But I won't do lunch breaks all day long... I'm quite fat already!

Mis-BUG @ 4/14/2015 08:32 commented on Naked

ahah, well it's kinda meant to be like that: an awkward and shy babbling not easy to understand. The sentence itself it's more like "I saw nobody around and I thought... erhmmm... well... erhm...". That "well" stands for a hundred words that is better not saying :P

Mis-BUG @ 10/22/2014 00:38 commented on NomNomNom Pug

The game has been developed with unity... Not my code tho :P

Mis-BUG @ 10/15/2014 08:25 commented on The Axe

cheers :)

Mis-BUG @ 12/5/2011 04:43 commented on Tanuki Badass

Thanks guys!

@ui_ : yeah I did it... I also did a livestream for this one ;)

Mis-BUG @ 12/4/2011 06:22 commented on Danimal Cannon Roots Album Cover

just rad...

Mis-BUG @ 10/31/2011 23:18 commented on Hallo-Skull


Mis-BUG @ 10/8/2011 11:14 commented on Guernica3D

almost missed to fave this :3

Mis-BUG @ 10/2/2011 01:48 commented on Incomplete RPG party

awesome... now I want a tabletop game with these things XD

Mis-BUG @ 10/1/2011 07:36 commented on Villain's Adventure

the second character strarting from the right is gorgeous...