darchangel @ 7/7/2018 03:49 commented on Unconditional Lover

Amazing work as always.

darchangel @ 7/5/2018 14:17 commented on Burning Sword

What a lovely piece

darchangel @ 5/8/2018 04:00 commented on Renaldo Disguise 2: Street Mime

There are 3 images up for Voting that do not belong in the challenge:

darchangel @ 1/2/2018 15:57 commented on Red Dawn

@Foxturtle - Indeed it started being done with the grayish color as a background. However when I decided to add the redish color and dither the background I corrected the strands that are lower on the red, but failed to correct the top. I will fix that part.

@Cure - Thank you, the weird combination of boyish face and macho body was my trying to combine Kashou's "things I like" list which was Manly men and beautiful sword boys among other things (I also had a cat and a dog in there ).

Correct also on the thickness of the hair as it is meant to be dreadlocks. I like your edit, I should have stuck with just "manly men"

darchangel @ 11/22/2017 13:53 commented on Borealopelta

Lovely piece of art

darchangel @ 4/7/2017 05:02 commented on Internal Conflict

Lovely pieces, both the song and the artwork.

darchangel @ 10/10/2016 01:49 commented on green hammar burnin' with blue flame

I don't think a hammer qualifies as a polearm

darchangel @ 10/7/2016 03:25 commented on ISOcalypse tiles

Nice looking tiles.

I thought I was going crazy because I could only find one of them on the's updated now and they look awesome next to their neighboring tiles.

darchangel @ 9/12/2016 03:15 commented on Sea monster's Bling

I see another trophy going on your profile. This is a great entry, you are becoming another one of my favorite artists...keep up the awesome pixels.

darchangel @ 9/9/2016 03:48 commented on Dizzy

This is lovely.

darchangel @ 9/8/2016 02:27 commented on Sea Dragon

That came out really nice. Will be keeping an eye out for this piece at voting time.

darchangel @ 9/8/2016 02:00 commented on Thorn-worms

Awesome animation. I want a little one for a pet, but I wouldn't want to be the guy facing big daddy in a dungeon...

darchangel @ 7/3/2016 15:23 commented on Very merry christmas, may you have. Hmmmmmm.

I see it now, made come changes, thank you.

It still looks a little off, but if I make too many changes it won't be the same present I submited.

darchangel @ 1/6/2016 04:19 commented on Fallout 4 Side Scroller

I would love to play it...I'm working a picture of a sidescrolling shooter featuring the Mysterious Stranger :)

darchangel @ 6/17/2015 03:43 commented on Lone Wanderer

Fallout 4 YES!!! Pre-ordered the PIP-BOY Edition already

Well done, lovely piece.

darchangel @ 2/20/2015 04:15 commented on Farmland game art

Awesomeness...would love to see the full length image, that tree in the preview looks awesome too.

darchangel @ 1/9/2015 01:59 commented on early snow

One of my favorite pieces from SS, just amazing.

darchangel @ 12/27/2014 20:00 commented on Moonlight Magic

Thank you.

@ Janiskeisari - There was not one particular image used as reference, rather a bunch of images from around the web as well as some in-game screenshots. For Soraka: This and this  mostly.

The feet do look weird, she has hooves and they got covered by the banner. My idea was that she was going to be floating over a pool of magic kind of like this image. But I had to leave that pool out since most would have been covered by the bottom of the card anyway and I ran out of time.

As for the card itself: Original game cards look something like this, mine being a rare card needed to have the dragon around it.

darchangel @ 3/27/2012 03:40 commented on Stalker

How did I miss this beauty?


Oh yeah, I have been away for a few days...damn!

darchangel @ 2/27/2012 12:20 commented on Raider Carrier

Very nice, reminds me of Rivet City.

darchangel @ 2/22/2012 04:16 commented on Runworld Environments

Those are beautiful, too many colors and you or will you have a link to the game?

darchangel @ 12/31/2011 23:58 commented on Ye Olde Tree [EDIT 3]

It looked great before and it keeps getting better...amazing, love that misty/foggy feeling.

darchangel @ 9/6/2011 04:08 commented on He who Saw the Deep - Faraway

Love that foreground, nice color choice.

The only thing that distracts it for me is the far background dunes, they look like rough seas.

darchangel @ 9/6/2011 03:55 commented on Hoppity

When can we play the game?

darchangel @ 8/22/2011 01:19 commented on professor-clam

Nice picture but a slight problem...Clam was not one of the choices.