m4rsellino @ 12/5/2020 14:55 commented on I is for Invisible Ink

Haha, ok :-) At first I thought it was a mistake, but then I finally read the title.

m4rsellino @ 11/17/2020 10:06 commented on The Royal Pardon (collaboration)

Oh, it's look fantastic!

m4rsellino @ 7/18/2020 01:07 commented on grizzly attack

Zooming on the eye looks cool. Really action animation!

m4rsellino @ 12/5/2019 06:41 commented on ChristMas Spruce

Great animation. I also like the idea with the Advent calendar.

m4rsellino @ 12/2/2019 14:36 commented on Kim

It is deadline extended to  the next monday?

m4rsellino @ 10/2/2019 04:17 commented on Songs of Conquest

Look's amazing, great details (tiny village, ruins etc.) and interersting colors.a

m4rsellino @ 8/14/2019 05:37 commented on Mecha Animation Test

Looks good.

m4rsellino @ 8/12/2019 04:30 commented on Egg Head

And it's look like sketch styled! Nice.

m4rsellino @ 8/12/2019 04:17 commented on attack animation 2

It looks interesting, as if propelling air or passing a puck. I imagine that character will be standing up on the platform somewhere and shooting to make it difficult for a player to jump.

m4rsellino @ 8/8/2019 03:31 commented on Brawler moveset

The animation looks very fine, I especially like sword cutting.

m4rsellino @ 8/5/2019 17:15 commented on Lady Toxic Fury

Thanks :-) Actually, there aren't as many participants as eight years ago, I see.

m4rsellino @ 8/5/2019 13:36 commented on Takedown


- unknown soldier on Klendathu"

m4rsellino @ 8/5/2019 10:04 commented on Y Sword Jump Kick

I enjoyed this challenge.

m4rsellino @ 7/30/2019 13:32 commented on Dimon collection

Poses look dynamic.

m4rsellino @ 7/30/2019 13:23 commented on Samurai Jack and The Tower

Nice. I like this episode.

m4rsellino @ 9/8/2016 12:43 commented on Thorn-worms

oh, so cool

m4rsellino @ 8/11/2016 01:17 commented on Jump Frog Jump!

Nice animation,  I like the gummy back legs :-)

m4rsellino @ 8/1/2016 11:47 commented on Trippycats

Oh, love it!

As they stare... their deep eyes...

m4rsellino @ 7/31/2016 15:28 commented on Three bandits

Hmm, I'm add link to sketches to the description...

m4rsellino @ 7/31/2016 15:27 commented on Three bandits

@Nami - Yes, from the future i can confirm, they won 2nd place  

m4rsellino @ 7/31/2016 15:21 commented on Three bandits

@hostile - thanks ;-)

m4rsellino @ 7/6/2016 04:27 commented on telebotties

Maybe hands can little moving...
I believe that the tiny change of shape is fine, but missing one color alternate (for WCH).

m4rsellino @ 7/3/2016 05:17 commented on Niflheim

I feel the wind.

m4rsellino @ 7/3/2016 05:04 commented on Pokemon RedBlue Revamp

Ooh, amazing work. Congratulation to complete this project.
Jigglypuff / Jigglyjigly looks really suprised :-)
Which is the very bottom?

m4rsellino @ 6/27/2016 03:36 commented on Angiolina is a good cook

You forget Finlal's 32x32 > 16 col.