Scribblette @ 2/24/2010 22:42 commented on Mechanix Girl

Ah, poor thing. Wishing you and her peace. Please be careful not to isolate yourself - and make the most of the company of the people you love, as it will help ease the pain.

Scribblette @ 1/9/2010 23:59 commented on Isometric 64 x 64 Outside Tileset

The trees... *sob* the trees!

Beautiful. The way it all blends together is near perfect. I didn't realize it was tile-based at first glance. I'll happily tear apart your trees and cliffs and learn from this. :)

Scribblette @ 9/13/2009 16:08 commented on Fishing

Wow. Great way to draw trees. Saves on so much struggling with leaves.

Scribblette @ 8/17/2009 22:32 commented on What can you see in this tree?

From halfway up on the left hand side, a rooster, a centipede, a dragon wyrm, a phoenix, a ... not so sure about the rest on the right, but then a spider descending into a nest perhaps.

Scribblette @ 8/5/2009 17:32 commented on The Characters of Mii

Oh, bravo. They look as intended.

Got a link to the program you used for the morphing preview?

Scribblette @ 8/5/2009 17:28 commented on Moonsurfing

I really love the star field as well. Got my vote for that.

I only JUST realized he's surfing the moon. XD

Scribblette @ 7/15/2009 19:24 commented on Team Fortress 2D

This is great... I need to pick it apart and work out how to draw such pixel art with fewer colours in this almost-cell-shading-look, save on weeks of work.

Scribblette @ 6/27/2009 08:02 commented on All Glory To The HypnObama!

I knew it was only a matter of time before someone stumbled onto the tru-ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOBAMA!

Scribblette @ 6/27/2009 06:23 commented on EGADS! Swords and scabbards!

Heh, I thought they might be, but then that makes clearer (a) what she's focusing on and (b) where it's going.

Scribblette @ 6/23/2009 06:33 commented on Scratch my back, would ya'?

You make me cry. I want a step by step guide to being anywhere near that good. *sob*

Scribblette @ 6/21/2009 18:58 commented on EGADS! Swords and scabbards!

Well, given the impressive shoulder build, it's possible that the lass in the picture is actually not quite a lass, and that poor Adam is what it doesn't fit in. Eek.

Scribblette @ 6/17/2009 18:03 commented on Egads, lol!

It took a moment for it to register in my head what this was.

And I went LOL so very hard.

Bravo! :D

Scribblette @ 6/15/2009 16:52 commented on mushroom fantasy

Bizarre but superb mushrooms there :)

Scribblette @ 6/14/2009 17:40 commented on Rock Room


Scribblette @ 6/11/2009 19:31 commented on Trioculi

I saw this months ago on Pixelation... it's fantastic. And your line art monsters are so creative. Would love to have your flair for bringing nightmares to life, let alone pixel @_@

Scribblette @ 6/11/2009 16:26 commented on Why I'm an artist and not an engineer.

If the sail was built from some non-flammable material, sure it'd work! Or if there were several miles between the flame and the sail....

My first reaction on seeing this was 'What the hell?!' XD

Scribblette @ 6/11/2009 16:25 commented on Dynamo Joe vs. the Dragon

Definitely needs the white background removed. Awesome perspective handling.

Scribblette @ 6/11/2009 16:23 commented on Starship ARK

Great pixels, but more likely to be a winner if it felt less flat.

Scribblette @ 6/10/2009 19:08 commented on Elk's Ark

Wiiiiiiiings in SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE! Plus other random bits. I'm curious about what exactly went into the concept progress XD


Scribblette @ 6/10/2009 19:05 commented on Tree set.

If you throw an outline on the foliage you might actually be able to get away with it.  Yes, leaves can be a nightmare. I feel your pain. :)

Scribblette @ 6/10/2009 19:04 commented on do not ride the bomb

Preview could use a tiny bit more character, or might lose out on challenge votes for people neglecting to mouse over pictures >.<

Characters definitely make the piece. Bravo!

Scribblette @ 6/10/2009 19:02 commented on F.A.T.T.Y 2000 & 2001

Marvellous idea and cute execution.

Scribblette @ 6/10/2009 19:01 commented on Space Carrier G-1188 "Arisu"

Given its size, really doesn't need to be 2x, especially as we can't zoom out to see it in its true original glory. Sob.

Scribblette @ 6/9/2009 16:20 commented on protecteur

That cape work is incredible, nevermind everything else!

Scribblette @ 6/9/2009 16:18 commented on Trophies, Awards & Ribbons

These are fantastic little pieces of work. Bravo.