acrylicana @ 11/12/2006 22:45 commented on Sora stand
Fabulous job on this. :D
The likeness and animation are so great.

acrylicana @ 11/12/2006 22:44 commented on DS Lite - Open
Nice job. :D
The animation is a great touch.

acrylicana @ 11/9/2006 15:47 commented on Acrylicana dot Com
Cait's (Bisque) style is indeed different from my own, so I find it rather off you'd find this, of all my gallery, to look like hers. Not that I take offense, as I like my friend's artwork.

acrylicana @ 10/21/2006 09:40 commented on Rpg Mockup 1
oh, great work here.
I love the bright colours. The water is lovely. :D

acrylicana @ 10/19/2006 07:39 commented on Acrylicana dot Com
Enough about the pencil strap. It's sagging b/c ot's made of nylon, hence the shininess. The rings are metal, hence their not sagging.

acrylicana @ 10/19/2006 07:38 commented on Zoe

I didn't aim to dither much. That's not the style of the piece. i have in a couple spots, as I felt thhey ebenfitted from it, but not the rest.

I understand about the tape business. ~_o However, this is masking tape and not Scotch

I choose each colour I use for a reason. I hate how everyone feels that you must limit yourself in your colour choices. That's not my perogitive.

acrylicana @ 10/10/2006 19:32 commented on Phone Booth
SeanGraal: Do you mean a 2 point perspective?

I Am Uh: It was created to match the mailbox. Both are very simple.

acrylicana @ 10/10/2006 19:30 commented on Doofle Portrait Base
The upper lip actually is darker, but it's less defined to just be a suggestion.

acrylicana @ 9/25/2006 11:19 commented on If I Had My Way
Wow. Just wow, man.

acrylicana @ 9/19/2006 12:02 commented on Monkey Nurse Saru-chan 02
Maybe I will do a 3/4 view (front and back), and back view as well..also moving her head if I ever want to animate her.
I don't think I want to right now, though.

I tend to use more colours than most people on here. I love the use of colours and even though I understand the restrictions being necessary for the application of pixel art (mobiles, games...), it's such fun to really explore the spectrum too!

acrylicana @ 9/19/2006 11:59 commented on Monkey Nurse Saru-chan
Thanks you guys. :D
Yes, I do love monkeys. ~_o

Thanks, Manning. That means a lot. :D

acrylicana @ 9/18/2006 13:25 commented on Self-portrait
Totally eye-catching. :D
Great job.

acrylicana @ 9/18/2006 13:24 commented on Cuppy Cup
Indeed! It's always great to see members of the pixel art community all over the net. ^_^

acrylicana @ 8/21/2006 21:36 commented on Animated Mobile
I don't see why you feel the need to make suggestions when I didn't ask for them.
I ask for suggestions with work often, but not this time. I have my reasons, thanks.

acrylicana @ 8/9/2006 17:06 commented on Animated Mobile
Again, that's the end, there is no more.
Reading would benefit you greatly.

acrylicana @ 8/8/2006 21:19 commented on Skid the Squirrel
Oh! The colors used here are great. :D I'm such a sucker for brights.

acrylicana @ 8/8/2006 21:18 commented on 2006 Design Kronimides
I'm in love with these color choices. :D
Great character design.

acrylicana @ 8/8/2006 21:14 commented on favourite astronaut
Wow. I don't see why anyone's complaning about the face. Perhaps they're not too familiar with the character and that comic-style?
You have some great skills. :D

acrylicana @ 8/8/2006 21:12 commented on Ginki
"even only for one hand" What do you mean?

acrylicana @ 8/8/2006 21:10 commented on Pretty Princess Palace
Faktablad: It's meant to be small for avatars. It's a background.
Yair: Your English skills rot. Please make sense some time soon.
Rabidbaboy: Thanks. It's a background. No people.

acrylicana @ 7/14/2006 19:35 commented on bottle stars
Oh, this is ever so lovely. :D

acrylicana @ 5/6/2006 17:50 commented on Misc marvel Heroes
how may can i recognize? all of them. :D
Nice job. simple, but done well.

acrylicana @ 4/13/2006 16:18 commented on Dragon
I love your shading style. Very impressive.

acrylicana @ 4/13/2006 16:02 commented on Tree
Great contrast and with such a small amount of colors! Brilliant.

acrylicana @ 4/13/2006 16:01 commented on Fong Fong Flower
Quite lovely.