InkBreath @ 2/8/2010 04:58 commented on Ra-ta-ta-tat

i want bullets that bounce off the floor and mayb a jiggly ass.

InkBreath @ 11/9/2009 00:23 commented on Some guy

NIce, really cool. and creepy.

InkBreath @ 10/24/2009 03:38 commented on robot pirate gentleman

The mouth is fine, but I dont understand the line from his right eye and his hair moves in a weird way.

InkBreath @ 10/23/2009 10:09 commented on Explosion

I like it the speed it is. The preview makes it look weird- But this animation is just amazing.

InkBreath @ 10/23/2009 10:07 commented on Greedy Santa

@ GormenGhast

I do not understand what you said. is that sum inside joke i don understand.

Shouldn't it also be "Tired of giving gifts..." in the description?

InkBreath @ 10/22/2009 22:33 commented on Fakemon: Cactfie

This is great, i luv it. Mayb you could do a punching animation.

InkBreath @ 10/22/2009 03:44 commented on Am I doing this right?

i second that.

InkBreath @ 10/21/2009 04:24 commented on The Envy of each other

make it a bit bigger. give it red or maroon eyes- and maybe make its mane shine yellow in the flames. You could make the sloth more prominent- maybe give it a light gray lighting.

InkBreath @ 9/29/2009 02:55 commented on Laugh All the Way To Hell

crap scary as hell. pni. great metaph combo.

InkBreath @ 9/16/2009 08:05 commented on Happy Birthday GraFX2

THis is amazing. i love the palette.

crap! i din notice the cowboy till now. thats super awesome.

tho the bg looks a little too complex for the rest of the piece.

InkBreath @ 9/14/2009 23:11 commented on Tanoomba

great animation. the green looks a bit too saturated.

InkBreath @ 9/14/2009 00:18 commented on ryu_hadouken

this is great. though i think his belt and headband could use more lighting compared to his face.

And his feet need work. His left foot could use toenails and more distinguished toes and his right foot, imo, is almost completely unrecognizable.

InkBreath @ 9/14/2009 00:04 commented on [UPDATED] Screamin'!

congrats! I din vote for you, but great work anyway lol.


InkBreath @ 9/11/2009 00:38 commented on icons set

the expressions are really good- but if theyre gonna be that texture they shud b more round-

But if theyr gonna be blobs then they should shine, right? on one side.

InkBreath @ 9/11/2009 00:32 commented on Back Off!!!

Could really use dithering- and the carpet or wtv could have some texture.

InkBreath @ 9/10/2009 07:49 commented on Grey Avatar

Hey! I enjoyed it. Hwver, I beat "Hard" with like half my health left. Yeah- I found it hard at first, but I figured out how to beat it. Walls first and then weaker behind them.

Maybe you could incorporate keyboard moves into it. Like jumping or maybe to fire

with a one second gap between each shot- so we have to decide carefully when to shoot.

And you could add an "Ultra Hard" setting.

Also- it might be hard, but you could try using original characters. I, personally, would like that a lot.

Oh and different castles for diff. races.

InkBreath @ 9/9/2009 07:43 commented on sore loser

umm.. who's the monster?

InkBreath @ 9/9/2009 05:06 commented on Khmer

cool, is ther a story for this? lol

InkBreath @ 9/9/2009 05:03 commented on Inner Conflict

i agree completely with davidadii

InkBreath @ 9/9/2009 04:50 commented on World's strongest man contest - Weekly challenge

I think you could draw the muscles better and have a bg that isnt thee same as the ppl.

InkBreath @ 9/7/2009 04:53 commented on Clockwork Rian - intro image 1

Do these characters have to be original?

InkBreath @ 9/2/2009 02:27 commented on Vileness Portrait

Lol, the first thing that came to my mind wen i saw this was Castlevania. The style is jus like it.

InkBreath @ 9/2/2009 02:10 commented on Monster

Nice. I agree with LokiF, it could blink faster.

InkBreath @ 9/2/2009 01:58 commented on Just a blob

This slime is a 100% awesome. well its not original, but awesome dithering and animation.

InkBreath @ 8/31/2009 09:34 commented on lego

Sounds like a mandrake/ mandragora from castlevania- Dwn of Srrw. lol