M3DNOUS @ 4/5/2021 10:43 commented on emulating my ink drawing style on pixelart

they're actually arms behaving like wings as in trying to fly but not being able to 

M3DNOUS @ 12/17/2020 08:09 commented on Naleem

love your stuff man. you're awesome.

M3DNOUS @ 11/13/2020 11:21 commented on controlling cat

haha didn't think of it that way, but I can't unsee it now

M3DNOUS @ 11/8/2020 17:02 commented on FishWrap

just lovely 
It looks like it could be a tile of a huge fish wall 

M3DNOUS @ 11/8/2020 11:32 commented on SuperMario UFO Land - MoonDrom Boss

I have seen this on twitter and god do I love it!
it's like Super mario meets earthworm jim with a bit of metal slug sprinkled in there! great job as usual :-)

M3DNOUS @ 11/7/2020 09:09 commented on Mochi Fiesta (mildly NSFW)

the movement is SO smooth, Amazing!

M3DNOUS @ 11/7/2020 08:51 commented on Shh

I love the rubber-hose artstyle, it surprisingly goes very well with pixel art! Kudos to you for that :) Also, excellent choice of background color!

M3DNOUS @ 11/7/2020 08:48 commented on Google's Halloween game

I played this mini game on halloween, and I love this! you really managed to do it justice!

M3DNOUS @ 11/7/2020 08:23 commented on Mysterious artifact

Thanks a lot for the kind comment!
I was trying to experiment with different types of dithering by overlaping different patterns by either drawing or erasing on top of eachother :-) 

M3DNOUS @ 11/7/2020 08:21 commented on Mysterious artifact

Thank you very much for your Kindness! Appreciate you!

M3DNOUS @ 11/6/2020 13:03 commented on Monster Sheet Mockup #2

beautiful palette and awesome designs