Anarkhya @ 6/15/2010 16:48 commented on Pixel.Art.Logo.16c

//cheap philosophical break

Well subject and concept are two different things, right? ;)

Anarkhya @ 6/15/2010 07:31 commented on Pixel.Art.Logo.16c

Ok! but can you clarify "concept" here, I'm not sure I get your point... please confirm!

Anarkhya @ 6/14/2010 13:03 commented on Cromlech (SKW)

Top#1 of the most unreadable logo ever created...Anyway, I really appreciate the technical side.

Anarkhya @ 6/14/2010 12:46 commented on Logo VB Rock

Heavy inspired from Slash^Anarchy logo unless you are Slash...

3D demo:

Anarkhya @ 6/12/2010 08:49 commented on Pixel.Art.Logo.16c

@Luke 00126:

Many thanks but nope, you're overrating this. That logo is currently not technically interesting enough to represent this community, IMO.

Anarkhya @ 6/12/2010 08:44 commented on Pixel.Art.Logo.16c


- yeah, I admit the color combo is really not original, but well it was a start, and I'm decided to get better ;)

- I thought that the small "art" can be perceived as standing on the plane if you see what I'm trying to point.

- ah thats an idea, on the other hand, that could fragilize the clean look desired... ok.

- yes, this is a flaw I seen but I didnt edit it, you're right!

Thanks for taking the time to explain your crit!

Anarkhya @ 6/11/2010 18:56 commented on Scoopex Logo Paint

Was this logo released? (...I mean in a scene prod)

also I'd like to know if it was for SCX Amiga or SCX PC, finally if you still have the iff/ilbm image... I'm interested!

Please, let me know!

Anarkhya @ 6/11/2010 17:53 commented on Pixel.Art.Logo.16c

@antymattar: 8 colors? You're getting really rude ;)

@Jalonso: I consider myself pretty new to pixel practise, but the discipline as a whole subject is something I love and digg intensely since 2 years, I've been lurking/educating me a lot on Pixelation, saving entire threads in html to read at home... until I had a proper internet access.

@ALL: Many thanks for this surprising welcome! I knew the community here was active but I didnt realize that was so intense. uploaded this piece hours ago and already 13 comments+crits... during one single day?? I really appreciate this feeling of emulation. Thanks again!

Anarkhya @ 6/11/2010 06:36 commented on In a middle of nowhere

I regularly quote this amazing isometric piece to counter-attack those annoying

populist-trendy slaves who keep repeating:  "dude, eRoy are the gods of pixel art"

Anarkhya @ 6/11/2010 05:55 commented on olkan

As a dither technical experience I like it.

Anarkhya @ 6/11/2010 05:51 commented on Pixel.Art.Logo.16c

Without losing infos? dont know If I have the skill.

But you're launching a challenge, I'll give it a try!

Anarkhya @ 6/11/2010 05:40 commented on The Spartan

Actually, I think this piece is a museum in itself ;)


Anarkhya @ 6/11/2010 04:50 commented on Pixel.Art.Logo.16c

Ok. I guess I must take another look at this piece on a non-CRT monitor, because my eyes (viewing 100% ratio on a 17" CRT display) tell me that the outer AA does the trick. I'll also try another values to see if it changes my AA efficiency and viewing.

My usage of HighSat hues here was on purpose a way of experimenting with AA and how saturation affects aliasing.

Warm thanks for the crit, skamocore!