Perkele @ 5/7/2011 07:08 commented on The city watch

Oh, "Guards! Guards!", I remember reading that.. Awesome job, nice interpretation of the characters.

Perkele @ 4/10/2011 14:20 commented on SquirtlevsGastly

Have to agree with Metaru. Why not go for a really great fight like, say, two lv1 Magikarps against each other? Now that's exciting.

Perkele @ 2/17/2011 06:25 commented on Winnie the Poo Bear

So that's what happens when 2girls1cup meets shakethatbear..

Perkele @ 1/10/2011 06:26 commented on Baby

Yup, three times cure. He should get an extra trophy for that.

Perkele @ 12/16/2010 06:58 commented on Artic

Ripped some Sulake-stuff and recoloured it I suppose? Wow.

Perkele @ 10/18/2010 06:06 commented on 2010 Collab thing of challenges and other miscellany

So much Jeremy in there, pity you didn't finish some of them

Perkele @ 10/17/2010 17:25 commented on Phoenix Wings

Beautiful and - in my opinion - lots better than the butterfly.

Perkele @ 10/17/2010 17:13 commented on Saint Mark's Basilica (AC)

Might be, i actually have some problems with it myself. Though I fail to understand what exactly looks off there... probably the dome, but not sure..

Thanks to everybody else

Perkele @ 10/17/2010 17:12 commented on Assassin's Creed Sprites

I'm actually surprised about that, it always seemed rather easy to me to recognize them - although this might just be because I made them Any idea how to improve it without losing the style and the main proportions?

Perkele @ 10/12/2010 03:55 commented on Saint Mark's Basilica (AC)

As already pointed out in the above linked piece, jalonso's medici piece was one of the main inspirations. Nonetheless, I tried not to copy jalonso's style and I hope I didn't fail that one. Moreover, they obviously bear a certain resemblance, since both pieces focus on the Italian renaissance considering the buildings.

Perkele @ 10/12/2010 03:51 commented on Saint Mark's Basilica (AC)

Unfortunately neither an offical remake, nor an actual game - merely pixel art. Even though I would love to create a game, I don't think I would have enough spare time for a project like that. Thanks a lot though

Perkele @ 10/10/2010 16:45 commented on Fight Robot

Wenn man schon "tollig" benutzt, dann wenigstens mit 'q' um die Lächerlichkeit an die Spitze zu treiben 

Perkele @ 8/25/2010 07:29 commented on フィラー!


Perkele @ 6/20/2010 10:25 commented on IGNOTFG: Lemmy Portrait

Sorry, but why did this get through? It's just an edit of other people's work or am I wrong? Try something new and original next time, cause this would usually not be considered as pixel art.

Perkele @ 6/15/2010 14:02 commented on The Truth... --Weekly Challenge--

Yo dawg..

Perkele @ 6/11/2010 07:53 commented on Horror Smilies

Pretty good actually, although I can't really recognize the last two(?). And what about Alex DeLarge?

Perkele @ 6/2/2010 11:43 commented on Assassin's Creed Sprites

I'm still thinking about a mock-up, might start a WIP-thread soon as I've never made a proper one in this style before..

Perkele @ 6/2/2010 11:42 commented on Assassin's Creed Sprites

Thanks, guys! I'm actually surprised myself that I continue working at some projects instead of just being too lazy and never finish them..

Perkele @ 5/31/2010 09:24 commented on Moon monster

Wasn't meant as a complaint, it's just something I noticed the last few weeks ;) And it's a pity, since there used to be some fantastic entries with large canvas,

@ Adarias

"more managable sizes = more participation."

True, yet  the same result could be reached by just allowing any canvas.

Perkele @ 5/31/2010 07:51 commented on Moon monster

What's with all the small canvas lately?

Perkele @ 5/29/2010 05:18 commented on Isometric Hangover

I was actually thinking about making something involving the word isometric as well. Simple, yet very well executed

Perkele @ 5/29/2010 05:16 commented on Scene 1

Fantastic anatomy skills considering the size

Perkele @ 5/27/2010 10:55 commented on Minish Cap Style Buildings

Absolutely digging this style and instant fav.

Perkele @ 5/26/2010 04:52 commented on Lil Dude - Revival of the Forgotten

Well, I did not particularly made it since a proper titlescreen is still missing, thanks though

Perkele @ 5/26/2010 04:50 commented on Lil Dude - Revival of the Forgotten

Firstly: Thanks to all the comments so far

The almost identical value of the grey and the green was absolutely horrible. Only the fact that they green was slightly darker saved me.