Guest666 @ 1/17/2011 11:00 commented on Unportraitable Van Pelt

@Jeremy : <.<' you are totally right!

But i haven't the time to fix it, maybe in the next few days.

@Manupix and Mochimandis: thank you. /love/

Guest666 @ 11/28/2010 04:10 commented on You cannot pass v. 2.0

I like it, but the portrait can be a bit more detailed and use some AA.

Guest666 @ 10/24/2010 13:48 commented on Assassin in c4

@Hrunting: The red block was an attempt to make some sort of frame. 

@Manupix: Thank you, your critique make sense.

Guest666 @ 10/24/2010 03:18 commented on Assassin in c4

Sorry, i'll fix it asap

Guest666 @ 5/4/2010 14:20 commented on Look Behind You!! a Gaint Snake

I know that you were out of time but, why did you submit an incomplete work ?

Guest666 @ 5/3/2010 05:00 commented on Gemini Saga - Episode G style

The armor is wonderful detailed but isn't very shiny, you should add more contrast and make it more goldish.The pixeling in the hair are a bit messy.

Now the main problem is the cape, imho it destroy the whole picture, bad AA and undefined form.

Overall i see some potential, here's my (maybe overdone) edit

Guest666 @ 5/1/2009 09:38 commented on Brandon Lee Tribute

Lol, thanks for the comment