ptoing @ 6/25/2017 12:25 commented on Them Apples

That's the spirit! More people giving C64 stuff a shot makes me happy. :)

ptoing @ 6/20/2017 09:00 commented on Shadow of the Colossus

Check this link to see what I mean with extra colours. There are very subtle variants of most colours that are very hard to pick out with the naked eye.

As far as the charset goes it does not matter, since on C64 you can do hires bitmap, which is 2 colours per 8x8 pixels. That mode is 320x200, so your image is 1 char too wide (8 pixels) and 2 too tall (16 pixels). The black border is OK, since the C64 has a substantial border which you can define the color for as well.

Also, if you want to reply to someone here on PJ, click the Reply link under their post. That way they get notified.

ptoing @ 6/19/2017 15:59 commented on Them Apples

Thanks :)

It's really not that hard, in this case all you need to watch out for is not to have more than 3 colours per 8x8 pixels, plus an aditional background colour, which can be any of the 16. In this pic I used mid grey as the global, which is a kinda special case, and can be used as a substitute for quite a few colours. But the BG colour is not that important in my personal experience, any colour can be made to work decently.

Technically you can use more than those 3+1 colors per block, but then it gets a bit weird in this mode because of the dither overlay, and is not really usable in a lot of cases (You can download the executable here at CSDb and run it in a C64 emulator, such as VICE/WinVICE, micro64, or others to see how the dither affects it in realtime, this pic here is just a blended image. Emu is not as good as on the real thing obviously, since the flicker for one thing is less stable on emulator, because of refresh rates, but it will give you an idea.)

You could also give the normal MCOL mode a try, which is also 3+1 colours at a resolution of 160x200 widepixels. DawnBringer has made a script to check for that for Grafx2.

ptoing @ 5/5/2017 07:26 commented on Shadow of the Colossus

This is great. I love SOTC and I love the C64. If you want I can make a C64 executable file from this and if you also want upload it to the C64 Scene Database.

Edit: just checked, and the image is a bit too big, even without the black border it is 328x216 pixels, which is 8x16 pixels too big for C64 without doing bordersprite trickery.

You also have some close to identical duplicates of pretty much every colour.

ptoing @ 2/8/2017 01:31 commented on NES/Famicom Channel 5: Heroes & Villians Portraits

Looking forward what you come up with :)

ptoing @ 2/7/2017 01:51 commented on NES/Famicom Channel 5: Heroes & Villians Portraits

Very nicely done. One technical crit though: The antialias you have on the bug looking robot and the black haired woman under that does not work. The colours go Dark > Light > Dark. That will never look right.

ptoing @ 1/22/2017 06:35 commented on Shantae: Risky's Revenge town backgrounds

Thanks. Yeah this one is from the DS version, which was on the DSi store.

There is also a Director's Cut which is on PS4, Wii U and Windows.

ptoing @ 1/21/2017 19:32 commented on Shantae: Risky's Revenge town backgrounds

Thanks. These are not mockups though. They are actual game assets used in Shantae: Risky's Revenge.

ptoing @ 1/9/2017 11:28 commented on Astervoid 2000 ships

I like that approach, yeah. It can help to nicely separate volumes in greebly ships. It is not unique to DP/DDP though and they are not the first games that used it either.

ptoing @ 12/25/2016 17:39 commented on Virgin Birth

Nicely done. Really like it :) Thank you \o/

ptoing @ 12/7/2016 05:55 commented on Big Bird

Images need to be 64x64 at most to be valid avatars. So your Bork images for example is too tall.

If you are on the page of an image which is a valid avatar you have a button under the image that looks like a little duder, which sets that image as your avatar.

ptoing @ 12/1/2016 05:30 commented on ETD?

Really like the foliage and the skulls hidden on the left. Great stuff.

ptoing @ 11/30/2016 10:59 commented on More Go Pogo concrete design

I really like this, esp the more subtle and faint stuff. I think at this point your most persistent game influence is Flashback for sure, but you are doing your own take on it.

ptoing @ 11/30/2016 05:57 commented on Valley backdrop.

I think the cloudless sky works, esp given that you can see for miles, so a less humid atmosphere (no clouds etc ) actually makes sense. And as much as I love clouds, not every landscape needs them.

ptoing @ 11/27/2016 14:13 commented on Big Bird

I have been getting that a lot lately as well. Just loading forever and eventually timeout.

Helm had that problem as well when he was doing his art dump yesterday.

ptoing @ 11/27/2016 07:05 commented on GF Trooper Run

"SM-Style" is a bit of a euphemism here, no? Looks like a sprite edit of the Samus sprite from Super Metroid.

ptoing @ 11/26/2016 10:13 commented on Valley backdrop.

I wanna go there!

ptoing @ 11/19/2016 15:25 commented on Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator Mockup

Looks like a fun little game. Glad to have been an inspiration :)

And: Even if it was a screenshot from the game, it's still pixelart. You folks need to calm down a bit.

ptoing @ 11/19/2016 15:07 commented on Test Flight

But the leftmost 3 char columns get messed up and are either light grey, or you plop sprites on top of them if you need other colours. It's a really fun mode though, and this picture rocks.

ptoing @ 11/13/2016 15:47 commented on lsd lizzards

Really nice. The way you used the colours (quite big value steps) gives it more of an Atari ST feel.

ptoing @ 11/6/2016 10:47 commented on Them Apples

DB: Yes, of course I do. It is 2 MCOL pictures which alternate, and the whole screen is covered in x-expanded hires sprites in a dither pattern which is offset by one pixel on x. So each dither pixel will cover the halves of 2 mcol pixels. And then in the other bitmap the dither is reversed. This gives the hires look as well as the tinted colours.

ptoing @ 11/5/2016 20:21 commented on Them Apples

Thanks everyone :)

ptoing @ 11/5/2016 19:48 commented on Goblin Towers

This is super solid for hires. Awesome work.

ptoing @ 11/5/2016 13:33 commented on Big Bird

Yeah, X was super fun. I plan to go to Zoo 2017, which should be cool as well. Maybe you can make that.

ptoing @ 11/5/2016 12:33 commented on Big Bird

Looks like a pretty dumb idea to me. We know that what makes stuff easier to read is distinct letter shapes. Compare something like Suetterlin handwriting or Cyrillic handwriting to something like a good modern newspaper font. And this dotsies font is less distinct, esp when you kinda rely on context to other letters to distinguish shapes fast.