ptoing @ 11/26/2017 04:35 commented on The Belly of the Machine

Nice, would be a cool look for a game for sure. If you want to make it NES style you should also keep in mind that the palettes are applied in 2x2 tile blocks. So each 16x16 pixel square is only 1 palette.

ptoing @ 11/25/2017 09:43 commented on The Belly of the Machine

This looks rather nice, and actually almost works on NES.

I took the liberty to make a NES rom from one of the frames. Had to adjust some stuff, but not too much. You can download the rom here

ptoing @ 11/23/2017 16:24 commented on Borealopelta

Super lovely.

ptoing @ 11/5/2017 12:33 commented on 'protege moi' - Gameboy pixels

Looks great. Why is it only 128 high? I guess because of some coding stuff or scroller maybe?

ptoing @ 11/2/2017 03:57 commented on The Eye of Shlarm

Thanks everyone :)

schrumpfkopf: Schön dass es dich auch noch gibt :D

ptoing @ 10/17/2017 09:39 commented on Duck and Chicken

It looks like you made it in 15 minutes at a party place or something :D

I do like how derpy the duck looks, though.

ptoing @ 10/16/2017 10:12 commented on Technovikings

I like how it almost looks like char mode. Very nice designs.

ptoing @ 10/15/2017 10:40 commented on Big Bird

There is overlap when it comes to who is doing it. But I would not say that they are very related. But you could also see Ascii or Characterset art (ANSI, Petscii or any other set) as a kind of pixelart using a limited tileset, a whole bunch of which happen to be letters and numbers.

ptoing @ 10/14/2017 15:31 commented on The Gather (inspired by Frankie's WeekendRPG)

Yeah, this is a good fix. Tangent issues are hard to fix in finalised pieces. You really have to keep them in mind when laying out a design/composition and try to avoid them.

ptoing @ 10/14/2017 13:21 commented on The Gather (inspired by Frankie's WeekendRPG)

This is really nice. Great design.

You got some stray white pixels at the hand above the sphere.
Also that single transparent pixel left of the chin is kinda odd, as well as those 2 "hanging" pixels near the wrist of the hand holding the sphere. There are also some tangets that flatten the image a bit, like the way the hand in the top right touches the other arm, and the way the elbow in the bottom right seems to almost perfectly puzzle piece connect into that other hands outline.

These are really just nitpicks though, because this is really ace and I love it.

ptoing @ 10/14/2017 06:01 commented on The Eye of Shlarm

Thanks everyone :)

Goodlyay: I use Cosmigo Promotion, which has functionality for various aspect ratios, like 2:1, 1:2, etc.
Grafx2 can do this as well, and Photoshop for example can do non integer aspects as well, which can be helpful for certain things.

ptoing @ 10/11/2017 14:39 commented on Post Singularity

Thanks :)

Jok: Yeah, the borderstuff worked out nicely here.

ptoing @ 10/11/2017 14:38 commented on The Eye of Shlarm

Thanks y'all.

Jok: Would be nice if you could make it to Zoo next time. I will try as well. Still time. X first :D

ptoing @ 10/10/2017 16:04 commented on Nootka Sound is not for sale

This looked really good on the big screen. Great job.

I would always add borders to C64 pictures, when uploading anywhere, really. It gives a much better impression of how it looks on the real thing.

ptoing @ 10/2/2017 04:30 commented on Big Bird

No voting for the beard challenge? New countdown but no new challenge info. What's up?

ptoing @ 9/30/2017 08:56 commented on c64 portraits

I quite like these. Also funny enough, the peasant girl can be converted to an executable (using FLI format and changing bg colour on some lines), whereas the Knight can't from what I gathered. Maybe with extra sprites on top, but that would require custom coding.

I would love to see some proper C64 MCAL format stuff from you :)

ptoing @ 9/26/2017 12:11 commented on Priestly Gentleman

Well, the VIC 20 has a very low resolution, so the hires pixels are almost as wide as the wide pixels on C64, the wide pixels are even wider. 4x makes sense that way, but on a real monitor they are closer to 3x1, but not cleanly or anything.

As far as needing more planning goes, I don't think so. What is important is to choose 3 good fixed colours, and then you can add the extra colours from 0-7 where needed.

Here is a really nice picture by Mermaid that shows really clever usage of the limitations.

The fixed colours are black for the border (which is also used in the image, and light red and brown for background and aux (dunno which is which, does not matter either way). The light red and brown can not be used as free colours, because they are indexes 8 and A, so they are good choices for fixed colours, since they cover a good brightness range, as well as working as skintones.

ptoing @ 9/23/2017 05:22 commented on Shadow of the Colossus

If you wanna make a crop that fits into 320x200 and have me make a c64 executable and maybe put it up on CSDb, let me know :)

ptoing @ 9/22/2017 12:10 commented on Priestly Gentleman

Just looked at this again and saw your question which no one answered.

The restrictions are not too complicated, but a bit tricky to get used to.

You got a fixed palette, 16 colours to choose from (you can't use all at the same time).

Find the palette here (click on VIC at the top)

There are no real built in gfx modes for the vic20 apart from the char modes, but Aleksi Eeben has come up with an implementation which is very nice, and is the one Lackey used.

You get 22x11 4x16 pixel blocks (88x176 pixels). Each block can have up to 4 colours, 3 of these colours are fixed across the whole picture. The pixel ratio is closer to 3x1 than 4x1, but really somewhere inbetween.

One colour is the background colour, it can be any of the 16 colours.
One is the border colour, this can be any of the first 8 colours (as the name suggestes it also dictates the colour of the border around the image)
Then there is the auxiliary colour, which also can be any of the 16 colours.
And last but not least there is the char colour, which is unique per 4x16 pixel block, and can only be any of the first 8 colours.

The colours are in the right order on the colodore site, but just to be clear, first 8 are black, white, and then then dark versions of RCMGBY (in that order).

Hope this helps. Would love to see you (or anyone, really) do something in this mode.

ptoing @ 9/18/2017 07:28 commented on Perfect Chaos

The record as well as the label are perfect circles, so it's top down. No perspective.

ptoing @ 9/18/2017 06:49 commented on Perfect Chaos

Why is the label so off-center?

ptoing @ 9/14/2017 16:03 commented on Ooga booga booga!

This is very nice for a first attempt at widepixels and the colours too. Good stuff.
I just played around with it in Timanthes and it is actually possible to get this running on the real thing exactly as it is here with some trickery in FLI mode. If you want me to I can add it to

I would love to see what you can do in standard Multicolor mode, where you are a bit more restricted.

Keep it up.


The C64 is an 8 bit computer from the 80s

So C64 colours are the 16 colours available on that machine and the double-wide pixels or simply widepixels, is what people call the pixels in the low-resolution graphics modes where pixel resolution was sacrificed for colour resolution.

ptoing @ 9/14/2017 13:48 commented on lsd lizzards

Nice, looking forward to that.

ptoing @ 9/13/2017 15:00 commented on Portrait of Lynn

Super nice. I am sure Lynn will love it. Really great all around, and you got very good milage out of the palette.

ptoing @ 9/13/2017 14:51 commented on lsd lizzards

Nice :) Looking forward to that. Are you entering anything for Zoo this year?