Scruffs @ 7/2/2017 18:48 commented on Incommunicado

This is amazing. Great job!

Scruffs @ 1/7/2016 13:24 commented on Scavenger

Thank you for the nice comments, everyone! They really mean a lot :)

@jalonso: woo! first! ^_^

Scruffs @ 10/1/2014 07:19 commented on Base Two

Thanks for the comments everyone, I really appreciate them!

Pheno - Yeah, someone else had a similar complaint about the text-box striped background. I'll try out some alternatives and see if there's a way to make it nicer to read. As for the perspective - yeah, this room has one of those forced, game-y perspectives. Most of the wonkiness, I think, comes from the fact that this room is transitioning between two different angles. It was also hard to translate that onto the 12-sided center-tube, especially with the limited palette. But I'm open to suggestions! Thanks for the feedback!

GameBoy - That sounds pretty awful. Sorry about that!

Scruffs @ 5/28/2014 19:50 commented on Base One

Thanks for the comments everyone, they're very much appreciated!

@Mrmo - noted! thank you!

@Carnivac - I do think the base needs some more work. The structure of it isn't entirely clear. Some of that is a product of the color restrictions, but there is definitely room for improvement there. Thanks for the comment!

Scruffs @ 3/5/2014 21:20 commented on Batman persuades Gordon to preserve Dentís image by holding Batman responsible for the murders; Gord

oshit, YES, love champloo

Scruffs @ 7/18/2013 17:06 commented on Wild West Smash

 Thanks! It's part of an explosion. I sort of just threw everything I did into this "mock" so it's all a bit haphazard.

Scruffs @ 6/21/2013 00:10 commented on liondog

Awesome style, great colors. Great translation from paint to pixels too!

Scruffs @ 6/21/2013 00:07 commented on Gone Hunting

 This looks fantastic, congrats! Love how you did the fur.

Scruffs @ 10/14/2012 21:08 commented on X-worldmap

 This is very nicely done! One thing I noticed though, shouldn't the trees in the snowy region have snow on them?

Scruffs @ 8/8/2012 08:24 commented on Challenge entry #2

 Relax man, there will be plenty more challenges. The art is the reward, not a ribbon that says you won.

Scruffs @ 7/19/2012 17:26 commented on Victorian Mockup

 Thanks for all the feedback everyone!

@DrD: Yeah, I agree with you. I definitely could have been done more with that space. I originally intended to have a dialogue box and portrait in that space, but I never completed that part.

@cetix: Thanks! This man here ( is programming the current game I'm pixeling for.

Scruffs @ 7/17/2012 20:00 commented on western characters

 Thanks iLKke!  I guess I never posted it because it was never finished as I intended it to be and then I forgot about it. But I'll go ahead and put it up here now!

Scruffs @ 6/21/2012 20:22 commented on Pocket Monsters

Ahhh these are all rendered so amazingly well.

Standouts/favorites for me include: charmeleon, wartortle, pidgeotto, sandshrew, primeape, alakazam, tentacool, rapidash, haunter, weezing, tangela, goldeen, mr mime, scyther, jolteon, flareon, zapdos, moltres.

Sandshrew and moltres are just absolutely perfect. Now apply to gamefreak and tell me when i can buy the new pokemon game.

Scruffs @ 4/8/2012 14:04 commented on Firebrand

 Excellent! Such a smooth animation and the movement looks very natural. Top notch. I do agree that perhaps some slight animation in the legs might improve the animation as a whole. The newly animated wings are a huge improvement.

Scruffs @ 12/30/2011 23:03 commented on mockups

 that desert mockup is pretty irresistable

Scruffs @ 10/30/2011 17:13 commented on droid

 pseikow: thanks! there are some animations of the killbot, but besides that it's just a mockup.

Scruffs @ 10/20/2011 14:30 commented on Rinpoche

 mmmmm this is sexy. you really handled the palette well and achieved an incredible likeness in such a small space. bravo.

Scruffs @ 10/20/2011 14:28 commented on RPG Tree

 beautiful, great colours. I would love to see an entire scene!

Scruffs @ 4/15/2011 10:25 commented on Elekid

 dang, i wish pokemon in the actual game were pixeled like this

Scruffs @ 3/30/2011 10:34 commented on Kadabra

 i totally agree, kadabra was always cooler looking. sweet pixels, make more!

Scruffs @ 3/16/2011 19:46 commented on Gun-tasy

 absolutely beautiful. art like this makes me want to start pixeling.

Scruffs @ 7/14/2010 21:23 commented on pugface

 ha this is great, love the colours

Scruffs @ 7/6/2010 11:19 commented on droid

thanks for all the comments everyone, I really appreciate them.

bab - damn, good eye. yea thats a stray pixel, odds are i'm too lazy to do anything about it

adarias - yea the main character is meant to be a small little kill bot

Scruffs @ 6/30/2010 19:06 commented on Fatty

 lookin good dude, you should finish it.  Mainly just the genitals, we all want to see his genitals.. ;P

Scruffs @ 6/26/2010 10:22 commented on droid

i think the noise should be gone now.

ambient - my friend had a similar idea.  I'll try it out, thanks for the comment.

carnivac - thanks, maybe ill win you over with animations :P