Fontes @ 5/26/2009 08:30 commented on Isometric Desert

Hmm, nice. Reminds me of Boktai. ^^

Fontes @ 5/24/2009 16:26 commented on Anubis (2003-2005)

Very nice piece indeed. The shading and overall coloring is plain perfect.

However, there is something that bugs me, and that's the body itself. Anubis, like any other egypcian god, had a perfectly normal (visually) human body, and this piece shows little knowledge from you in human anatomy. The muscle lines are overall messed up, specially the thighs, which look pretty much like lumps of meat, instead of actually thighs. Specially the right (his right) one, which seems like someone has taken a chunk off of it. That, and by the right leg, we can see a rather odd connection between the legs and his hips, which is a tad too low.

The same can be said about the upper arms, specially the left (stretched) one. I swear, at first I thought the elbow was the shoulder/upperarm intersection. If you ignore the forearm, you can notice that the bicep area resembles more the muscles of a forearm, which is what confused me. Then I noticed the bandages, and thought "hey, that's for much for the wrist!", hehehe...

Also, the weapon's stick... Cross a line along is, and you'll notice parts which should still be visible from behind his arm. Sorry, i don't think i can explain this one very well... ^^;

Still, as I said before, the shading and coloring are top notch, which is why I'm shoving this one down my favourites list! ^^

Fontes @ 5/15/2009 04:59 commented on Bored 001

Probably because you're using a bright background. They certainly look better if you view this on a darker setting. ^^

Fontes @ 5/14/2009 08:11 commented on Bored 001

Unfortunately, the version I have is in Spanish (and rare to find at that!), currently taking care of translating it to english. This was a program originally created to make sprites for the RPG Maker, but I use it for what-the-hell-ever comes to my mind, since it's built-in tiling system works like a CHARM! It's an abandonware tool, so no need to warn me about copyright stuff. :P