EyeballKid @ 10/26/2020 00:10 commented on Happily ever after

Happily ever after for the bunny, anyway, who gets all the marshmallows.

Final part of my daughters Pixelween special.

EyeballKid @ 10/13/2020 23:17 commented on Something is watching

I think she just didn't like the idea of anything scary in her Halloween story :-)

EyeballKid @ 5/11/2009 04:27 commented on Penguin

Thanks for the comments!
Yes, definitely a mismatch in styles between the penguin and everything else... will have to practice more!


EyeballKid @ 5/10/2009 16:23 commented on Penguin

meh ;-) I was hoping to do the whole thing in my own editor, but I've had to admit defeat and run it through gimp to add the transparency... too late in the evening here to code up transparency support and still make the deadline! Oh well... that sorts out my TODO list for the next stint of coding :-)