Nether @ 8/30/2021 23:39 commented on 2019 FRUA challenge

Dafug! This is one of the most bad ass uses of the EGA palette I've ever seen. Great job!

Loving all the classic AD&D references. So many things to take in. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :)

Nether @ 3/11/2021 00:53 commented on Knight Rider

I can't even start to describe how cool this is. Love it!

Nether @ 3/4/2021 01:56 commented on Energy Sword

I'm getting nostalgia feels, even though I never played this particular one. Great job everyone who worked on it!

Nether @ 9/13/2020 22:16 commented on Dino-Riders Tactics mockups

Gotta love the Dino-Riders. Excellent work!

Nether @ 8/10/2020 22:34 commented on Dungeons and Dragons: Under Daggerford

Thanks everyone for taking the time to write comments.

@jph Thank you for the many compliments!

@Quiara Glad you like the UI. As much as I hate doing UI's in my day-to-day work, making pixel art UI's for some reason feels fun and relaxing. :D

@Trigonomicon Thank you so much! Sometimes working with strict limitations pays off.

@Amorph Thank you very much!

@Jinn Glad you like it. Thank you!

@DawnBringer If the master of palettes approves this use of EGA colors, I'll take it as the highest compliment. Thank you ever so much!

@critikill I'm glad to hear it looks playable. Thank you!

Nether @ 6/17/2020 02:18 commented on Ducktales Reanimated

Easily the best part in the video is this. Great work!

Nether @ 4/4/2019 23:21 commented on Diorama

This piece is very beautiful! The colors and details are amazing and the animation is nice as well.

The only thing that bugs me is the tilted water wheel, it's perspective is a bit off.

Nether @ 3/14/2019 06:17 commented on Random Sprite Art Dump

Shadow Hearts: Covenant... Nice! The other sprites are pretty nifty as well.

Nether @ 3/12/2019 00:15 commented on A slug

The most metal of slugs. Pretty awesome!

Nether @ 2/13/2019 01:29 commented on Dragons Keep

This is just beautiful! The colors and clustering are so nice.

I had to look at this several times before I spotted the dragon in the picture. :)

Nether @ 1/14/2019 22:42 commented on woods

Love the expressive reaction. :D

Nether @ 10/21/2018 22:58 commented on Cyberpunk Party

The Shadowrun is strong with this one. 

Nether @ 8/23/2018 22:23 commented on Spell Masters

Something about this makes me very happy. Personally I like the non-synced bobbing as opposed to a syncronized one.

Nether @ 5/17/2018 22:15 commented on Dungeon

Very nice clean style and great colors. I like it a lot!

Nether @ 11/12/2017 23:05 commented on Shroom Man

Thank you everyone so much for the comments!

I had fun doing this and I'm glad to hear I seem to have achieved what I was going for.

Nether @ 11/9/2017 23:22 commented on Fungus Man Weekly Challenge Mega Man 2 Boss

Looks like you beat me to the punch with Fungus Man. I guess I'll call mine mushroom man instead.

This looks great btw. You managed to squeeze in some crazy details.

Nether @ 11/1/2017 23:46 commented on The Mummy Demastered

Tried to flip my table when I saw this. Ended up just hurting myself and now I'm weeping and looking at this wondrous marvel. Fantastic job!

Nether @ 10/18/2017 02:32 commented on Tardis

Those colors... 

Nether @ 10/4/2017 00:36 commented on Gnilushka

By rusty you mean the color of the leaves right? I think this is classic excellent Fool quality work.

Nether @ 3/27/2017 23:25 commented on KF map

For f**ks sake! I quess I don't need to work for the rest of the day since I flipped my table after seeing this.

Nether @ 3/9/2017 22:13 commented on Voltron game

Gotta love that Voltron. This looks great!

Nether @ 2/1/2017 23:13 commented on Final Fantasy 24

This is gorgeous. I love Final Fantasy 6 and I love this.

Nether @ 12/22/2016 22:01 commented on 32x32px Monsters

For such a small resolution I think you pulled it off amazingly well! I especially like the hydra and chimera.

Nether @ 11/23/2016 22:28 commented on Skyrim platformer

I would play the shit out of it. Looks really good!

Nether @ 10/4/2016 23:07 commented on The dream of a domesticated city dog

I honestly wouldn't have even paid attention to the leaves and the clouds if you hadn't said anything. Leaves could probably use some work but I think the clouds are fine.

The dog so damn nice looking and well done, that it hogs all the attention. Very cool trippy look and the clusters and colors work nicely as well.