Robinhood @ 8/13/2014 15:08 commented on Big Bird

holy balls greenraven skamocore and jalonso are still alive

Robinhood @ 6/6/2011 18:26 commented on Greenery

Very beautiful.  I remember seeing this in pixelation ages and ages ago :)

Robinhood @ 5/15/2011 18:07 commented on RAIIINNBOW.

I made this BEFORE the nyan cat.  So if anything, the nyan cat has a higher chance to be based off of MY work.  Not the other way around.


get your facts straight before accusing, thanks.

Robinhood @ 9/27/2010 17:49 commented on Ninja Dash

In emote - more colors on shading = bettter looking shadings = better looking emote = better quality


but that's just my opinion

Robinhood @ 9/26/2010 18:38 commented on Ninja Dash

Haha yeah.  I do.

Thanks, I just wanted it to be top quality...  I coulda kept it down to maybe 10 or so If I wanted to.

Robinhood @ 9/26/2010 15:22 commented on i liek boinging

Shadows are colored because gray wasn't on the palette for the contest ;)

And yeah, I suppose you're right...  But most emoticonists never make the shadow larger than the emote and if at all, only by a very small amount.

Robinhood @ 8/31/2010 08:43 commented on Inkspot Merman

Like scenery and stuff of the levels?

Robinhood @ 8/30/2010 17:39 commented on Inkspot Merman

OMIGOSH TWEWY.  Love that game.


Err, mock up of an RPG set...  Does that refer to characters or like tilesets?

Robinhood @ 8/30/2010 17:37 commented on Your Commandments

...I love it  ;___;

Robinhood @ 8/26/2010 18:12 commented on Venturing Out!

wonderful <3

Love the ship :)

Robinhood @ 8/26/2010 18:05 commented on Haiku

Fingers and hair bother me.  Looks wonderful though

Hair just seems a bit flat, if you could add highlights and shadows and stuff, that would make it look even better.

Robinhood @ 8/25/2010 14:40 commented on MEEEE~

Nah I'm a guy.

Someone thought I was a girl yesterday on deviantArt  >.>...

Robinhood @ 8/24/2010 08:49 commented on MEEEE~

Have a guess.

Robinhood @ 8/23/2010 16:54 commented on MEEEE~

Thanks!  :)

Robinhood @ 8/23/2010 16:10 commented on MEEEE~

He counces too slow and doesnt seem excited enough if slowed down  :B


but thanks!

Robinhood @ 8/21/2010 15:15 commented on RGB Monster

It's not that bad, don't be so harsh :|

It's not immediatly reconizable as a dragon, but the color transitions are good, and the palette is nice.

Some wings might be nice   =B

Robinhood @ 8/21/2010 15:11 commented on Commodore Shepard

Great work with the C64 palette as always Skam ;)

Robinhood @ 8/21/2010 15:05 commented on Touhou


No really, it is.

Robinhood @ 8/21/2010 15:03 commented on Mandalours

Yucky resized preview is yucky

Make the preview a crop please :)

Robinhood @ 8/21/2010 14:59 commented on Big Bird

ohai hatch :3

I feel like I'm missing something.  What's up with greenraven and jokes?

Robinhood @ 8/20/2010 08:51 commented on Big Bird

I'm too cheap to spend money on a tablet.  ButI want one >:C

Robinhood @ 8/12/2010 14:26 commented on Chi Bots

Glad to see your improvements.  Keep it up!

Robinhood @ 8/12/2010 13:50 commented on crunchy

I love this, especially the ears.  But yeah.... the grass looks odd.  If you wanted you could repeat the run loop  2 times to make it 28 frames, and then the grass loop could be 4 or 7, but it sounds like so much more hard work haha :P

Robinhood @ 8/11/2010 13:55 commented on Big Bird

Ohey guys.  Looks like Pixeljoint hasn't changed much haha.

Robinhood @ 6/6/2010 14:15 commented on Big Bird

pj luks funny