crazyfox @ 3/1/2021 02:23 commented on Religieuse Snail

I want this as my next birthday cake.

Pretty sweet job!

crazyfox @ 2/28/2021 02:55 commented on Sausage Link

"Flip the sausage over, Zelda!"

The level of silly in this Is just... silly, 

crazyfox @ 2/26/2021 07:10 commented on Hyrule Vehicle-001

"Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my sword!"

I really like level of detail. Not too cramped, but still pretty detailed. Even down to the triforce on the side.  Sweet job!

crazyfox @ 2/26/2021 06:09 commented on Treasure Cave Background

I'm sorry if it came out overly critical. I'm not a pixel master either, but felt it was better to give some advice instead of just ignoring the picture. It goes against my teacher instinct and I myself would prefer a bad comment over nothing, but that may be overly presumptuous of me.

I suppose I didn't try hard enough to mention the positives or it didn't came the way I intended. I like the chest. In your video, the beginning where you made the chest and started on the gold was the strongest part. It's well shaded and neither too noisy, nor too simple.

If you want any specifics or just help in general. I'm active-ish on the PJ discord channel. (or just message me here). Good luck with your future sprites, 2DPIXX. 

crazyfox @ 2/26/2021 02:21 commented on Orc Lonk

If thicc orcy girls are fine (which they most certainly are), a club is ok too.

Great pic, I like it!

crazyfox @ 2/25/2021 06:24 commented on Treasure Cave Background

I frankly don't know where to start with this piece. I watched the Making Of video and half the time the WIP looked better than the finished piece.

1) Whole lot of colors are just a smidge different from others. You have 8 different shades of yellow where two or three would suffice and would, in fact, look better. 64 colors in total. That's crazy!

2) I have no idea what most things are. In the video it starts looking like a cave, then a cellar and in the end... I don't really know. Are those pillars physical? Are they rays of light?

Keep it up, practice makes perfect.

crazyfox @ 2/25/2021 05:24 commented on Tiny Link

Aww! It's adorable!

I think you should swap the grey for a much brighter color, but other than that, I love the idea and I love the style. Excellent job!

crazyfox @ 2/25/2021 02:44 commented on Foxrune

Thank you very much, fellow fox fan! 

The progress may seem fast, but I've been sketching this or things along similar lines for weeks now. Like I said. It kinda went its own way, but I'm mostly satisfied with the result. Glad you like it.

crazyfox @ 2/24/2021 02:36 commented on Twisted Perspective

This is cute, sad and technically impressive. Precisely my cup of tea!

More, please!

crazyfox @ 2/24/2021 02:34 commented on City Landscape

I'm a sucker for good environmental pixel art and this one definitely qualifies.
Bloody well done!

crazyfox @ 2/24/2021 02:28 commented on Alien Santa Hologram

@SeDiceBisconte Thank you very much!
Funnily enough, this is my least favourite entry here on PJ (although I spent the most time on it). 
I knew that I wanted to make a hologram once I read the theme, but after talking with Jinn, I decided to go old-school and just use the three primary colors in a CRT-like effect. I usually like even more outlandish aliens, but intentionally kept this one simpler, because any fine details would be lost in the RGB combo and if I made the alien too... alien, it would lose the Santa familiarity.

Thanks! I wouldn't say skill exactly. I do have decent understanding of how displays work, so same as my other work, I think I have more perseverance and basic aesthetic sense than actual talent. In other words: pick at it until it feels right.

crazyfox @ 2/22/2021 05:18 commented on Fierce bird warriors

This is so awesome!

I love the hoplite owl.

crazyfox @ 2/22/2021 04:40 commented on Factory New Man

Whoa... This is pretty damn cool! Love it.

crazyfox @ 2/22/2021 01:22 commented on Animal Crossing De-make

I like the C64 palette and you did it justice!

It's a really sweet picture. The only thing I'm missing is some shadows.

crazyfox @ 2/21/2021 14:37 commented on goblin outpost

Simple, but adorable. More goblin stuff, please. 

crazyfox @ 2/21/2021 09:22 commented on GTA 5 - C64 Remake

So... why take the time of going double-wide in all of the picture except the car that grabs the most attention?

Pretty good try, though.

crazyfox @ 2/21/2021 06:26 commented on Spaz Jackrabbit

Aww, yeah! Spaz rules!

Really sweet job!

crazyfox @ 2/17/2021 04:24 commented on Night guard

Thank you.

I like it, but it's not me. I have an avatar that I use everywhere else, but it was a colab. This is a place for making and sharing my pixel art so if I'm gonna be using something as an avatar it needs to reflect me as a person and me as a spriter. Don't worry, I'm actually working on an avatar right now. 

crazyfox @ 2/17/2021 04:21 commented on Shooting Star

I really like this piece. I only wish that you made the shooting star a lot brighter. Making it pink doesn't really bring it out. Try white or similarly bright colour.

crazyfox @ 2/16/2021 12:37 commented on Avatar

Looks like a mix between a gundam and eva.


crazyfox @ 2/16/2021 11:46 commented on Transmission

You shouldn't use gradients.

crazyfox @ 2/16/2021 05:47 commented on Ash Williams


crazyfox @ 2/16/2021 03:47 commented on Awakening

I like the crest ornament, but I'd love to see if spread out even in other parts of the helmet.

Good job!

crazyfox @ 2/16/2021 03:45 commented on A Sharp Eye

I really like the feel of this thing.

Disembodied bionic eyeballs FTW!

crazyfox @ 2/16/2021 02:26 commented on Night guard

Thank you for the kind words, everyone!
Much appreciated.