jok @ 5/23/2018 10:30 commented on Summer Spin

game looks and plays nice (open emu)

cool - I will wait  to see result

anim for 4 colors only is impressive

jok @ 5/22/2018 08:25 commented on Summer Spin

very nice animation

and cool idea with program

are you working on some NES title?

jok @ 5/22/2018 04:55 commented on insectoid

yep - cool, (really) - but as I understand, problem was with not finished works and updates.

Without 'we are not too strickt about that, just don't submit half finished works etc. bla bla' statement I most likely cannot take part. Trying to be fair.

But if 'more or less put together' ist still ok - then sure. :)

jok @ 5/22/2018 00:35 commented on Siblings from China - teamwork


- I like colors (green-blue-gray set on hair and background)

jok @ 5/21/2018 10:18 commented on Unlikely couple

very nice

old school dungeon-rpg style ;)

jok @ 5/21/2018 09:35 commented on Aries Mermaid


jok @ 5/21/2018 09:34 commented on Taurus Mermaid

nice work

jok @ 5/21/2018 09:33 commented on Teamwork - An Unlikely Couple

like that, nice entry! 

I would invest color or two in skin tone maybe - to differ from jacket etc.

jok @ 5/21/2018 09:27 commented on Hovering Hornet


anim works ok

jok @ 5/21/2018 01:25 commented on Jeremy's Crocodile


and cool concept

jok @ 5/21/2018 01:24 commented on Teamwork

well done - I like coloring of the r2d2 the most

jok @ 5/20/2018 22:40 commented on insectoid

Gecimen: no, not at all.


...just look at my gallery, I will give you some stats:

about 90% of my gallery works are unfinished (by my standards)

near 100% - are from some kind of competition

(exeptions for both categories  are 'commercial' pieces)

from the other hand - 100% work I started NOT for competiton are still  on my hd (and most likely will end there)

...among unfinished works for competitions ;D (including about 15! weekly challenge pieces from last decade or so)

And why its that way - its not easy to answer and I think its not the perfect place 

lets say, doing pixelart helps me feel better sometimes  - and I found some years ago that competitons works for me to put pieces more or less together.

jok @ 5/20/2018 07:34 commented on Tank-tank

cool entry!

jok @ 5/19/2018 13:33 commented on New Profile Pic

nice warm colors - good balance in palette

jok @ 5/19/2018 13:32 commented on PixelDaily Overgrown

its nice

more like 8bit speedpainting than pixelart - still nice

jok @ 5/19/2018 13:30 commented on Lightseeker

well done

jok @ 5/19/2018 13:28 commented on U-Oka

cool - really nice anim and design

jok @ 5/19/2018 09:54 commented on Take me back.

nice work, but you should submit 1x1 version

jok @ 5/18/2018 13:26 commented on insectoid

not only I - it works for everyone - so it seems fair 

and not week, because then (working all week) only few people (last day) would reflect that 'advantage*' in voting.

nvm - as I said, I left my work as it was, and I will follow the rules - whathever they will be

...btw - as you can read in news section - you may feel relieved ;) no more 'wip' pixels

...and I will be submiting far less works


*I never started 'weekly' before sunday evening so...


I just realised that I'm not responding to skamocore xD

so please don't take this personally - just tried to explain my point 

jok @ 5/18/2018 13:11 commented on Self On Mars

nice  - it have 8bit vibe, somehow remeber sprites from ZXspectrum games

i like minimalist bckg. - works well here 

head looks too big though

jok @ 5/17/2018 21:24 commented on Mage Rat

design is nice but:

coat color should be different than background

you could use some AA on the stick and tail at least

I think white border is useless here

composition makes no sense - you should expanse gfx to the right showing the portal

it would be good if you add some contrast and hue shifts to the palette

work on shadows (local too, like below the scarf, arm, ear etc) - but black shadow is too dark compared to the scene

keep it up!

jok @ 5/17/2018 14:50 commented on bat girl Wing dash


jok @ 5/17/2018 05:21 commented on Kin-dza-dza

I remember ! -  crazy russian SF movie, :D

'Do you have matches?'  :D

well done

jok @ 5/16/2018 23:50 commented on Dungeon

cool, very nice style!

and very good mock.

jok @ 5/16/2018 05:37 commented on Northerners

very good sprites