pixelaro @ 12/10/2008 09:55 commented on unrealized ideas
Wow, this is amazingly well done.. wish I could do details or pick colors like that.. :O sick sick and faved.

pixelaro @ 12/2/2008 06:29 commented on Savage World Mockup
big brother: I think you could have gotten away with it like disney kinda does, if it were just the background and the sprite that didn't fit 100%. But the HUD elements makes for 3 different styles at the same time. I actually think that the bird and the HUD elements clash more than the bird and the background, might be due to me growing up on disney movies though. Oh and of course every individual element is very well pixeled.

pixelaro @ 11/22/2008 13:31 commented on Shark
Thanks for taking it that way. My issue is, as you say, with the hall of fame and way it's set up for old pieces to stay on top. Lots of great art down on the bottom of the hall of fame will never have a chance of passing a piece that users will se every other pageview in the hall of fame box. On the first page now there's no work more recent than from 2006, there is one piece from january 2008 on the 3rd page, (which should perhaps be on top 5/10 overall) one from january on the 6th page etc.
Basicly i agree with you that the system isn't working, though I guess the way it is now has it's adventages too, Fool having half the first page would make the rest of us look terrible. :P
I think letting the pieces be rated by average score (with an initial minimum amount of votes criteria) would be better. We'll have people rating everything 1's and such bullshit but that can be nullified by some moderation, guess I'll just send this to a moderator as well and hear what they think.

pixelaro @ 11/22/2008 12:46 commented on Fable Series Troll
I think you could have done a lot more with this, though I can understand that you might be sick of working at it. A nice piece and great improvement from the original.

pixelaro @ 11/14/2008 11:07 commented on Shark
Well I'd have to disagree with you again jalonso. I agree that the pixel art techniques are decent in this piece, but that is all. They are not exceptional, and almost any piece that is in the weekly showcase at all has better pixel art technique than this.
IMO(of course) this was a good piece from a good and popular pixel artist that got high on the rankings really early and then stayed there because its on the top of the hall of fame and that is usually where most new users start/vote. Not trying to take anything away from blick but I just can not see what is exceptional about this pixel compared to the rest of his work?
Just stating again that I don't have anything against blick or this piece, I just think that its not exceptional/top of line/very best of Pixeljoint material and if the hall of fame was made from average blue dots instead of total amount of blue dots this would not be on the 4th spot.

pixelaro @ 11/10/2008 12:39 commented on fruits in the dark
Very nice as always. Of all the artist I've seen that started out at pixelation you're the only one whose style seems really influenced by Henk nieborg, and thats a big compliment from me as he is my favorite pixel artist.
My only crit has to be that the top left leafs and wine seems to lack depth compared to the rest and as it's against such a dark background just there it stands out too.

pixelaro @ 11/8/2008 12:51 commented on MexicanWrestler
Very well rendered.  I think his forehead looks a bit  twisted because the frown is to far to the left (makes you see more of the right part of his forehead even though that one should show less than the one to the left) or the top of the head doesn't align with the eyes? I dunno

pixelaro @ 10/26/2008 14:58 commented on iso car
hot.  Doesn't look like its completely iso though as the front wheel appears a little bigger.

pixelaro @ 10/24/2008 16:04 commented on Electric Hydra
I guess we have to agree to disagree. I haven't denied that it takes as much pixeling skill as anything else. I'm just stating that to me, it feels unnatural and rigid, aka not fun. I won't really say i struggle with it, not compared to how i struggle with real perspective at least. It just takes time.
Manwasher looks nice, I guess you awoid a lot of the tedious line drawings by working so small and having the object not being made out of cubes, one thing  I've sinned rather majorly against myself, Eboy inspiration I guess, ohwell.

pixelaro @ 10/23/2008 03:19 commented on Electric Hydra
I think the problem is that you have to be constantly fighting with rigid limitations that make no sense. Its possible to make it look good, hell great even, its just that its a fucking pain and it would almost always have looked better if it was drawn in a real perspective.
On the challenge, I don't really have time for this but i couldn't help myself. :(
It's turning out pretty well even though the construction phase really has me sick and tired of it already.
Hope for some good entries by all so i can motivate myself to finish it.

pixelaro @ 10/20/2008 11:15 commented on Pixel-Zombie Kiss
Skeddles: I just bring up the alternatives, cause just complaining without listing an alternative solution is pointless. I don't see any need to change the system myself, but if anyone is able to put up an argument for WHY we something else is better than what we have, I will change my mind.
I think the modvote system is equaly fine with the one we have now, but I don't think many mods would like to be the one that have to do the work and get nothing but blame afterwards.
You say that you think my alternatives would make the system better. Which one of them, modvote or point/rank vote? I guess you could have both and end up with a system where modvote>mass poster vote>regular user, is that what you want? I just don't understand what you mean.

pixelaro @ 10/20/2008 10:40 commented on iso cliff tileset
The grass/dirt is just.. wow. perhaps the best I've seen. Do you mind sharing how you work to make it like that? I'd guess you would be working with those two greens on separate layers, no?
Rock tiles seem rushed but I guess its paid work with deadline etc and they do their job.

pixelaro @ 10/20/2008 10:27 commented on Zombies!
Great as always, love the lightning on the zombie in the back. Best entry in the contest, though I'm a rule-nazi so cant vote for you. :/

pixelaro @ 10/20/2008 10:16 commented on Pixel-Zombie Kiss
All of you who is asking for a better voting system, what do you want differently?
Personally I think its fine the way it is though it's kinda stupid that you can vote when you're in the challenge yourself. (At least i think you can, haven't tried to click it)

A second possibillity would be to have a mod that was willing to judge it every week. It would be an equally good option imo. That will be a lot more work for the mods though, and as art is kinda subjective there will always be people that dissagree with the results.

Third alternative is that you let someones vote count respective to your "level" or post count, or amount of points. I'm not gonna argue that one unless someone comes up with an argument as to why this is better.

banane4joy: What makes this a better voting system? All i see is that it takes more work for someone to vote. Its more work for you to go through too, unless you automate it, and then you need to program it. After that it still takes more time to vote and all you gain is that everyone will get a numbered spot. Leading to people "losing" the contest which i think is why the spots below third arent ordered here in the first place.

pixelaro @ 10/10/2008 17:20 commented on Welcome to my heart
Just joining in with the others on this one. great concept.

pixelaro @ 10/8/2008 11:24 commented on General Grievus (full scale)
Just I who read maximum 100x100? :x Oh and an official clarification on the no greys /neutralizers would have been nice. Of the wips in the thread just one uses colours with 100% saturation so I'm kinda wondering if its a point in doing so myself.

pixelaro @ 10/6/2008 07:39 commented on elephants in autum forest
Heh thanks larwick but as you can see from my only other piece here at pj I haven't really improved or practiced much in the last 3 years. :/ Makes me kinda regret it when i look at other people who was newbies back then and way better than me now, oh well I'm gonna be a bit more active now until my exams start.
Darth: i fixed the preview image, thanks for the tip.

pixelaro @ 10/6/2008 07:27 commented on General Grievus (full scale)
Only way i can see it is that they mean no grey use whatsover, as in 100% satureted colors.

pixelaro @ 10/6/2008 00:03 commented on Explosion
very well made my only objection would be that that all the smoke seems to part into identicly large pieces that clear at exatly at the same time.

pixelaro @ 10/5/2008 23:26 commented on Sleep time
Ireally liked the lineart for this. feels like you could have done a lot more when it comes to shading the bears and usingyour colors though, still love the expression on the real ones face.

pixelaro @ 10/5/2008 23:03 commented on King Tarsier
I really really like this concept, I think it would be even better if you could have saved a bit more of your colors for the animal, some of those grays/greyblues are almost identical.

pixelaro @ 10/5/2008 11:53 commented on elephants in autum forest
scancore: Well as stated the background was put this way to make it finished in time, but i agree with you totally. i might go back to this later and redo it though Im kinda sick of it atm and the perspective makes it so that everything I put in the background. will have to be very tiny. might go for just putting in some  small clumps of leaves around or something.
Doomdoom / reo: Thank you