2DPIXX @ 4/27/2021 02:04 commented on Akina Kart

I did not know the singer, but I immediatly thought of cat's eye and other older anime from that time :) cool potrait work!

2DPIXX @ 4/27/2021 02:00 commented on Under Water Tileset (64x32 | Isometric)

Thank you Siskan!

2DPIXX @ 4/27/2021 01:52 commented on Rainy Bridge Tileset (32x32)

Hi Siskan.

First of all thanks for stating that fact. I really did not think of the physics in realistic terms. On the one hand I can just admit that I have been blind to the error and will certainly try to remember your input from now on and think movement through more before finishing a piece. The clouds would have to move too I guess.

On the other hand I hope that people are still willing to endure somewhat of an artistic abstraction, maybe even enjoy it in these times of hyper realism, by utilizing their willing suspension of disbelief.

I am not trying to discuss that technically you are 100% right. I am just trying to put another perspective on the table on how to view these "errors". Furthermore I think every game engine with particle tools integrated could do a better job in regards to physics than I could do manually. Just a guess or maybe I am just lazy (let's hope not).

Maybe you get what I mean :) Thanks again!

2DPIXX @ 4/26/2021 08:04 commented on Island of the Oligarchy

It is really amazing what you are able to depict on such a small scale. Let me say I envy your ability to come up with great scenes and concepts :) Of course this is meant for all the images in your gallery.

2DPIXX @ 4/26/2021 07:59 commented on Jeanie Dash

Great running animation! I am certainly inspired to try creating some characters looking at this :) definitly something to learn from. Oh and I looked up the game you mentioned. Did not know it but I like the monster theme. Guess I will give it a try some time :)

2DPIXX @ 4/26/2021 07:53 commented on Cyber City Tileset (64x32 | Isometric)

Thanks again for your time and comment :) Yeah I guess I got the hang of it.

The technique is of course improvable but I guess I got the basics down. What seems more of a problem to me is my conceptual thinking and energy.

I get unfocused pretty quick without a lot of research. Well that is not as bad when the goal is to get some diversity within the portfolio and simply rush through some perspective studies but I certainly want to get some works done with more conceptual depth in the future.

2DPIXX @ 4/25/2021 12:28 commented on Inner City Tileset (64x32 | Isometric)

I stole that idea from RPGs :) or at least I think so. Just always liked that little hint of what is above the restricted surface view ^^ Furthermore I think tree shadows in forest areas also are a really cool methode to hint more space.

Well thank you for commenting CELS :)

2DPIXX @ 4/25/2021 12:24 commented on Countryside Tileset (64x32 | Isometric)

I recently discovered OpenTTD on Steam ^^ The retro style still lives :) It is also not my most favorite, but I love the orderly design of isometric games.

In regards to the textures: Hm yes I really should try and work on some less noisy stuff. I always try to get too many details done on a very small scale. Thanks for reminding me of that fact.

2DPIXX @ 4/24/2021 10:40 commented on Under Water Tileset (64x32 | Isometric)

Thanks GUNPEY!

2DPIXX @ 4/24/2021 10:39 commented on Piranha fish

Looks really cute ;)

2DPIXX @ 4/24/2021 02:44 commented on Strong pose practice

wow really good :)

2DPIXX @ 4/24/2021 02:41 commented on Space Marine

Really cool art :) I think you did a great job. Of course there is always room for improvement, even on the best pieces of art, However in my opinion it is also important to reflect on what you wanted to achieve. What style, what atmosphere? From a mere technical view I would say this is quite good!

2DPIXX @ 4/24/2021 02:35 commented on Under Water Tileset (64x32 | Isometric)

Thank you VegetalBoy!

I looked up pokemon ranger and I think it is quite a different style but I get the reference :)

Nice rocks and vegetation on the screenshots I found. It is really beautiful. Honestly a style I would certainly love to replicate in future videos. I think early Nintendo DS and late Gameboy Advance Games have a very specific style and tone.

I thank you for the compliment and comment :)

2DPIXX @ 4/16/2021 21:07 commented on Visby in a jar

wow cool scene concept and the light work is impressive. great contrasts and the reflection on the glass feels very natural. kudos!

2DPIXX @ 4/16/2021 21:06 commented on Monochrome shirt

That is an impressively neat shirt ^^ haha cool avatar!

2DPIXX @ 4/16/2021 21:04 commented on Dark Woods Tileset (32x32)

Thank you Siskan :) Yeah true. I was lazy and did not want to create a gif all to big, but you are right it is janky.

2DPIXX @ 4/12/2021 09:18 commented on Cave Tileset (32x32)

Thanks for the hint crazyfox! You are of course right. It looked a bit off without the splash. I reworked the animation.

2DPIXX @ 4/11/2021 10:38 commented on Running Knight

Wow! I applaud you :) really cool and fluent cycle. Gonna train my animation skills and I am thankful for people sharing their style. Very inspiring.

2DPIXX @ 4/9/2021 15:24 commented on Medieval Lands

Hey just wanted to say I like your style. You mastered the art of knowing what details to keep and what to skip very well :) great stone textures!

2DPIXX @ 4/9/2021 15:19 commented on Cathedral Tileset (32x32)

Haha yeah it does remind me of that also. Actually this was unintentional. I wanted to create a sideview metroidvania tileset, but with some perspective to it. That did the trick it seems :)

Please correct me if you have different experiences, but it seems like there is just a few sidescrolling platform games that use angles like this in comparison to flat side depictions. I saw this angle on Nosferatu (SNES|1995) and it inspired me. All in all an interesting topic.

Thank you both for commenting.

2DPIXX @ 4/9/2021 15:10 commented on Bonsai

Great work :) you manage light and shadow pretty well it gives of a great structure because of that :) kudos!

2DPIXX @ 4/9/2021 15:08 commented on Character Set - Sea Creatures (16x16)

Thank you Taks :)

2DPIXX @ 4/8/2021 16:15 commented on Creatures

Great concepts :) and interesting color choices. Would like to see them animated :)

2DPIXX @ 4/8/2021 16:13 commented on Wasteland Tileset (32x32)

Thank you for the feedback Irvingbrew :)

I agree with you. This can certainly be improved and it looks a bit "dull" or "flat" without the light you described. To be honest I am not skilled enough yet to think about this stuff, so I am thankfull to you for telling me.

Furhtermore I am getting lazy rather quick when I am near the finish line of a piece ^^" That is certainly something I have to change.

In regards to shadows and light however, I often find myself in a situation where I ask my self how much a pixel artist should "burn" into the graphics when programmers use dynamic lights for their games these days. It can also be disturbing, or at least so I have been told by programmers using more modern techniques for pixel games. Well. Propably depends on the project.

Thanks again :)

2DPIXX @ 4/5/2021 06:16 commented on Sentinel

wow your light work is really impressive :)