Angel @ 2/3/2008 13:58 commented on Darth Vader
Nope, I don't use paint, it takes to much time... :)

Angel @ 6/7/2007 14:11 commented on street fighter
I don't know if you have ripped it from, link,but If you havn't, you're realy good... but I have my doubts

Angel @ 5/21/2007 15:01 commented on Big Bird
That's pretty awsome Metaru.

Angel @ 5/16/2007 07:03 commented on Lego Pieces
Heh, cool, I'm also working on some legopices, mine are all just yellow though
Nice work on theese anyhow

Angel @ 5/11/2007 08:27 commented on Old African
I think you should do your own pixelart and not remake someone elses, also it's a bit big.

Angel @ 5/11/2007 08:23 commented on Look At Me!
47 colours? Seams to be a little to many...

Angel @ 5/11/2007 08:15 commented on Big Bird
Hehe, Happy birthday Sedge

Angel @ 2/27/2007 13:45 commented on Coca Cola
Okay thanx

Angel @ 2/13/2007 13:18 commented on Scottfro's Treehouse
Stop being so frekin' awsome
Heeeey I can't see any shadow of the dude, only  of the hammock.

Angel @ 12/20/2006 05:09 commented on Bones the Shyguy
It looks like a WIP to be honest with ya'

Angel @ 11/30/2006 06:11 commented on wario
Realy great and smoth animation, not so keen with the eye-bounce though

Angel @ 11/18/2006 03:58 commented on Piko 2 Heaven
How about checking the turtorial-links on this site? here

Angel @ 11/12/2006 14:50 commented on I hate Lil' Dudes
Sweet, I've got tired of my lil'dudes too.
Do some more lil'dude-executions great shading BTW

Angel @ 11/11/2006 03:02 commented on perpetual ufo explosion
Great animation Would be great to see coloured. Keep it up

Angel @ 10/18/2006 10:42 commented on Star Wars characters
Great work, only thing I see is that guy in the bottom right corner, who has some black lines that look wierd...other than that theres nothing else what I see. Keep it up *FAV*

Angel @ 10/15/2006 02:28 commented on Wyrmfoe
Realy great job! Only thing I think could be improved is the axe, for  a guy like that, he need a bigger axe Anyway, keep it up

Angel @ 10/14/2006 07:14 commented on Maglev Train Station
Amiazing is all I can say, I pity the guy in the wheelchair though :P nice pictures aswell...
Keep it up

Angel @ 10/5/2006 12:27 commented on Anubis
I think I'l compete thin year, not that I think that I'm going to win against people like you guys here, but i'll do my best  anyway

Angel @ 10/4/2006 13:16 commented on Medieval castle
Nice work indeeeed
but I have to ask, why does some people have black outlines, when some don't?
And also, that tree to the left look's kinda misplaced it doesn't realy fit in to the style.
Anyway great, keep it up 

Angel @ 9/28/2006 10:12 commented on Chickosaurus
What to say, more of this should be the best thing to say I guess. Awsome, FAV

Angel @ 9/12/2006 06:29 commented on Big Bird
I was just about to send you a letter with some evil words in it. You got me...

Angel @ 9/9/2006 10:22 commented on Desert Level
With all these awsome backgrounds, I hope the game will be good, or all your work will be for nothin'
As always with your backgrounds, great work, keep it up

Angel @ 8/29/2006 23:53 commented on Long Time No See-Mario.
Good job, very artistic, keep it up! He looks a bit like luigi though...

Angel @ 8/10/2006 03:42 commented on The bridge
Or you can click hold and drag under the picture to make it move, in that way you can zoom in som specific part of the pice :D

And to say something about the art, I agree with Ensellits down here, more detail, since it's so big

Angel @ 8/8/2006 11:58 commented on Sunset
Sorry if I'm wrong, but it look's kinda colour reduced...