pixelblink @ 10/30/2020 18:45 commented on Evil Dead

congrats everyone!

pixelblink @ 10/16/2020 21:29 commented on Big Bird

Pixelween calls to you all... let the horror consume you!

pixelblink @ 5/9/2020 18:16 commented on Big Bird

Thank you all for the kind words and I'm heartened to hear I made a positive impact on you Hapiel

I hope everyone is doing well especially during these times and living a successful and happy life.

Every now and then I open up PSP and make an attempt at some pixels but it doesn't last for long.

pixelblink @ 5/7/2020 20:00 commented on Big Bird

Hey oldschoolers! I can't believe the last thing I posted was 7 years ago and the first time I posted was 16 years ago! i'm like you Blick + Cure, i just lost the passion for creating pixels. It really is monotonous and with little pay off for the effort. Anyway, I lacked the ambition to learn beyond what I did and I was ultimately a shitty mod as well. Glad to see some of you are still kicking around in some way.

i'll be no-gurt btw

pixelblink @ 1/5/2011 14:43 commented on Big Bird


pixelblink @ 8/23/2010 02:39 commented on Big Bird


pixelblink @ 3/11/2010 00:49 commented on Big Bird

Tron Viral game!

pixelblink @ 11/4/2009 12:28 commented on Big Bird

what's funny is I was about to post this

pixelblink @ 8/2/2009 19:42 commented on Big Bird

I feel bad for you :P

pixelblink @ 8/2/2009 17:58 commented on Big Bird

3 rips (not even actual pixel art). 3 strikes. He's out. Simple enough.

pixelblink @ 7/31/2009 14:37 commented on Beach

we were just waiting for some snarky reply to come from you. Success! It's in!

pixelblink @ 7/17/2009 10:40 commented on Big Bird

GR: your news item was better suited to the chatterbox or the OT thread. Seriously. News submissions that haven't any effort put into the write up also get rejected.

As far as quotes go, only Sedge has the ability to add those... and does it really matter that much anyways? Do many people scroll down that far to read em?

pixelblink @ 7/16/2009 23:06 commented on pixel warrior

there are a number of issues with this piece that need addressing. Please put this up in the WIP section of the forums to gain some insight from your peers

pixelblink @ 5/7/2009 12:08 commented on Big Bird

sharprm: oh absolutely, though not neccessarily worded in that way. Also, we need to move on from the Dogmeat incident. There have been many incidents in the past that we don't dwell on (ex-mods included) and I really believe that, in order to build a better community, we should start focusing on the positive and the present. At present, we have a collection of members that scare new people away. How do we change that? By positively changing their base reactions towards new members and art that may blur the lines of what is accepted here.

Personally, I feel we've loosened up a biton things like color counts and demoscene. I feel we do need to set some serious standards on what is acceptable via visual representation and that will most definitely be addressed in the upcoming PJ Ver3 roll out. Alot of issues will be corrected in the roll out actually. For the meantime, I really feel what we can do now would be to focus on some positive community building. I can't personally babysit every member (or act like "big brother") to watch their every action, but we can work together to help correct those negative behaviourial issues that come up all too often.

pixelblink @ 5/7/2009 11:15 commented on Big Bird

a community is only as good as its members

if the members rise up only to discourage others and not contribute in any positive and productive way, be it through their art or their comments, then the community fails.

This particular community is full of naysayers and lazyness, true, but it is also full of fantastic people that do attempt to welcome aboard new mebers and educate through their own art and comments. It's simply unfortunate that a seemingly large amount can't follow that lead.

Of course new members should use their common sense and realize that just because a few people seem to want to sabotage their efforts they shouldnt just pack up and leave. It's up to themselves to help make that change. It's up to YOU to make that change. Whining and complaining without action is not going to get you anywhere.

I've still got a little bit of faith in you guys and gals to build a better community.

pixelblink @ 4/29/2009 00:53 commented on the game tetris

reread the rules. Original game mock ups only

pixelblink @ 4/25/2009 12:09 commented on Pokemon Unity PokeSet #1

Firstly: collab accounts are NOT allowed whatsoever. This issue will be properly addressed and incorporated into the next development phase of PJ. For the time being I suugest not opening up any other accounts or posting collab work as it will not be approved.

Secondly: you don't even have the detail image uploaded... for the second time

Any questions? PM me

pixelblink @ 4/17/2009 15:11 commented on Cow Walk

there is no animation. Please edit your detail file with the animated version

pixelblink @ 4/5/2009 12:39 commented on Blizzard BZ A920

every Saturday? I can't tell you how often I tell the ladies what I do and they drop their clothes for me. ;)

pixelblink @ 4/3/2009 07:00 commented on Blizzard BZ A920

"selling shit" is on our list of objectives

collabs is on our list of objectives as well.

I've been pushing this for awhile now with Sedge and it's good to see the ball is finally rolling. We gladly will accept any and all input in the PJv3 thread in the forums but, if you have anything you wish to put by me personally, shoot me a pm and I'll talk it through.

No, this is NOT another april fools joke either :D

pixelblink @ 3/31/2009 16:49 commented on Deidara

please post your reference as well as remove that silly white bg

pixelblink @ 3/31/2009 16:47 commented on Silly jazz guy

it's not saturated enough to be GR's

pixelblink @ 3/31/2009 16:46 commented on Trabbit

oh snap! I really thought this WAS Skeddles.. good job on fooling me

pixelblink @ 3/30/2009 14:30 commented on Big Bird

Video Game Fan Art = WIN

pixelblink @ 3/27/2009 19:48 commented on Soccermania

and since this art is laden with 9136 colours and plastered with your watermakr, I cannot allow this in our gallery.  I hope you can understand this reasoning :)