jrojas28 @ 2/15/2021 18:26 commented on At Sea

Beautiful job and amazing framing of the single pixel.

jrojas28 @ 2/15/2021 07:13 commented on Amigara Fault Self Portrait

Amazing work Chris! Love the way the rendering was done, gives it an unique and very interesting look!

jrojas28 @ 2/4/2021 15:08 commented on "The Big Blow Up" Character Art

Really enjoy the concept for each and every character as well as the aesthethics, specially of the 1st and 3rd characters.

One thing I'm curious about, why does the green character only has eyes in his smallest (16px?) render?

jrojas28 @ 2/4/2021 15:05 commented on stella

love how well the colors work toghether! Keep it up!

jrojas28 @ 2/4/2021 09:25 commented on Thunderlord Gecko

Pokemon wasn't really an inspiration, the aesthethic ended up this way since I translated this from a pencil drawing while keeping the lines as close to the pencil drawing as possible (an aesthetic choice I'm trying to drift away from).

The idea behind the picture was creating a creature that felt small in comparison to its surroundings, but still strong, hence, I went for a gecko who could weild a giant, Thor-like hammer. As to where / who are we looking at, this drawing is intended to be one of the cards for a card game, so the only important aspect was to keep the character clear, centered, and easily recognizable.