piiichan @ 10/27/2013 20:04 commented on half zombie

Wow cool ! Very creepy!

piiichan @ 9/2/2013 18:54 commented on WorldWithoutWords Avatar v2.0

Wow! But I don't really get the message....

piiichan @ 6/19/2013 21:25 commented on Orange's Aitako

HAHA, this is great, and cute too!

Especially the tentacle waving too is very funny :D It's like a temporary truce for the camera

piiichan @ 6/19/2013 20:43 commented on Tres garotas

Yummy !!! :D

piiichan @ 3/27/2013 15:40 commented on Good Morning

Wow, it looks almost real!!!!

piiichan @ 3/10/2013 20:32 commented on Tiny Mutant Ninja Turtles

HAHA, so cute :)

piiichan @ 1/23/2013 04:03 commented on Thank you all! 1K gif(t)

WOW, really cool!

piiichan @ 1/23/2013 04:01 commented on Jellyfish girl

I like her boobs :)

Love the piece!

piiichan @ 9/12/2012 19:13 commented on They all did it.

Except for the one in jeans, they have bulky legs.  Maybe train a little on that :)

And the-one-in-green's shoulders are slightly too broad IMO

Good job though!

piiichan @ 9/7/2012 01:51 commented on New iPhone launch

Good one !

piiichan @ 9/5/2012 15:13 commented on NO WAY I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS

Ok, then I prefer his American name.

Where did you get that fact ? So I can check ;)

piiichan @ 9/5/2012 15:11 commented on Chibi running

I love the colors and the animation.

But what happened to her left arm ?

piiichan @ 9/2/2012 19:02 commented on Soot balls go to work

Not only do the coal lumps look heavy for them tiny things, they're actually heavy enough that Chihiro, the girl in the movie, has difficulty carrying one of those. So I guess these soot balls are very strong compared to their size.

They're just so cute!

piiichan @ 9/2/2012 18:50 commented on NO WAY I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS

I loved his machines, very funny :)

I prefer his original name: Doctor Robotnik

piiichan @ 8/30/2012 19:26 commented on 4 warriors

The healer is sexy. I need one please coz' I'm feeling weird ;D

I can't read the mage

But the thief looks like a barbarian

piiichan @ 8/30/2012 19:22 commented on 8Bits trouble

Excellent movie, excellent music, and excellent piece :)

piiichan @ 8/24/2012 18:37 commented on Lordmancer

Thanks Gas 13 for replying.

I might have to do this kind of art for contract work, so I see it's a lot of work not to be underestimated, especially given my current level.
Yes, HoM&M 2 and 3 are great sources of inspiration, those guys knew their stuff. The first Starcraft also has awesome pixel art.

One more question about colors:
How do you choose the colors ?
Do you tweak them until you have a nice feeling, or do you have some pre-defined palette ?

piiichan @ 8/23/2012 15:13 commented on Lordmancer

Yep, looking so good !

How long did it take to make, roughly ?

And how much experience do you have with making this kind of pixel art ?

piiichan @ 8/23/2012 15:05 commented on -

Cute. Simple and effective!

piiichan @ 8/23/2012 15:01 commented on MGS Beauty

Really pretty!

But her left arm is too short IMO.

piiichan @ 7/29/2012 00:30 commented on You shall prepare her to your accidental road trip.

Prêt au départ? GO !!! :D

piiichan @ 7/22/2012 02:19 commented on Zombie Enemy!

I was browsing your profile, very nice gallery :)

Love this zombie !

piiichan @ 7/22/2012 02:17 commented on Ready to Slice!

Enough frames for my taste, but

- the feet should not rotate
- the hair movement is unatural, and could make the bouncing much more cool if done properly

oh, and very sexy ;)

piiichan @ 7/19/2012 21:07 commented on The Adventure

Yes, both noisy and unreadable, but still fun to look at!

piiichan @ 7/19/2012 21:06 commented on StarKitty

Very cute, I like it a lot :)