surt @ 12/25/2017 18:59 commented on Big Bird

Pretty cool. Does seem to miss a few colours from ramps that any human would include (eg. black in EGA) but that'd probably just be a matter of tweaking the weighting.

surt @ 11/8/2017 02:18 commented on Big Bird

Is submission comment paging broken or is it just me? Cyangmou's mummy stuff for example.

surt @ 10/25/2017 15:54 commented on Big Bird

Aseprite is still missing a tilemap editing mode.

surt @ 9/9/2017 12:39 commented on Big Bird

Nature should know better than to mess with Murrica.

surt @ 9/4/2017 19:58 commented on Big Bird

Become morbidly obese and your body will be self-cuddling. Nothing's so snug as being wrapped in lovely, warm rolls of lard.

surt @ 9/2/2017 14:41 commented on Big Bird

If queue=q does that mean queueueueueueue=q too?

surt @ 9/2/2017 02:07 commented on Big Bird

But bickering is what people on the internet are all about!

surt @ 8/30/2017 11:51 commented on Big Bird

I will always hold a grudge against lollige for changing his username.

surt @ 8/13/2017 12:46 commented on Big Bird

They should still be calibrating to match the same physical reality though.

surt @ 8/12/2017 10:41 commented on Big Bird

You've got awesome colours. Because the eye/brain adapts to the environment/context you still percieve the correct colours (more or less) even if you don't physically see them, so you can still manage to use close to the correct colours.

surt @ 8/11/2017 22:06 commented on Big Bird

Your eyes/brain are probably just adapted to the old incorrect colours. When I first used a proper screen calibrator the results looked disgustingly yellow at first but soon normalized and switching back to uncalibrated looked even more horrible. Most displays seem to have overstrong blue by default.

surt @ 7/28/2017 07:24 commented on Big Bird

Volunteers are the real problem with society today. I mean, people offering to help others without demanding payment, that's basically communism.

surt @ 7/26/2017 19:40 commented on Big Bird

I've always pronounced it Leonard, as my so named buddy is just an outline.

surt @ 7/17/2017 15:30 commented on Where's Mario?

Some P.O.S. is selling your art:

surt @ 7/2/2017 06:29 commented on Big Bird

With something between claw and fingertip grip I need a shortie with some junk in the trunk, so I can anchor the heel of the hand on the desk and anchor outer ball of the hand on the mouse.

surt @ 7/1/2017 20:28 commented on Big Bird

Any former Logitech G9 series users here who can recommend a replacement?

I tried a few other mice when my original G9 died and didn't like any, but now my G9X is peridoically dropping out or knocking out the USB port. 

surt @ 6/30/2017 18:47 commented on Big Bird

Never heard of Deluxe Video before. Kind of a grown-up version of Cartooners.

surt @ 6/19/2017 01:17 commented on Big Bird

Do a google image search for "botfly larvae" and you might change your mind.

surt @ 6/18/2017 19:38 commented on Big Bird

I never realised that ombrophobia was so controversial.

surt @ 6/18/2017 12:59 commented on Big Bird

What's the deal with the human phobia of rain?

My meat is wrapped in oiled leather, essentially waterproof.

Is human meat wrapped in paper or suede or something?

surt @ 6/9/2017 04:04 commented on Frog sprites

Yes, blatant hemispherism. 

surt @ 6/1/2017 01:55 commented on In the Air Tonight

Great colour reduction skills bro.
Related image

surt @ 5/27/2017 23:29 commented on Sir Elton

Are you sure it isn't actually Shane Warne?

surt @ 5/24/2017 19:50 commented on Big Bird


surt @ 5/24/2017 11:57 commented on Big Bird