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Little known fact: The reason they are known as Roll Playing Games is their use of rolled dice.

surt @ 3/5/2017 22:32 commented on Big Bird

Never realized it had it, never even realized it had preferences (why are application preferences hidden under the image menu?).

surt @ 3/5/2017 12:23 commented on Big Bird

For those who like pixelling with stylus: new Pro Motion release is AFAIK first proper pixel editor with stylus pressure support.

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Always ensure you let your pizza cool sufficiently before becoming physically intimate with it. Burns in certain places can be quite awkward.

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An institution of learning where the students are taught how to be old.

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Fled to the hills to escape the Trumpocalypse, I reckon.

surt @ 1/11/2017 12:05 commented on Big Bird

The ideal solution to a problem is to never have the problem in the first place.

surt @ 1/7/2017 14:07 commented on Big Bird

Not hiding something and telling them to find it would work even better!

surt @ 1/7/2017 06:07 commented on Big Bird

Alpha is fine so long as you don't make everything all smooshy, may-as-well-be-vector over-antialiased.

But alpha should never be used for lighting! Light just doesn't work that way. Should use addition (add extra light to already lit scene) or muliply (using lightmap for all lighting) blending for light.

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Says you!

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You may force your Ls to be parallel, I however believe Ls should be given the freedom to take whatever orientation they choose.

surt @ 12/30/2016 15:41 commented on Big Bird

No matter how many times I write it I can never remember if parallax has two Rs or two Ls.

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I thought the NGE reworks would cut down on the whinging teen angst bullshit but ten minutes in and I already want to punch Shinji.

surt @ 12/29/2016 14:42 commented on Big Bird

Another step closer to obsoleting the pesky artist:

surt @ 12/29/2016 11:31 commented on Big Bird

Are you secretly King Robbo?

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Why've they got NES-like low-colour sprites but relatively non-NES-like, relatively high-colour backgrounds?

There's also a Double Dragon Neon with horrid HD graphics.

surt @ 12/27/2016 12:53 commented on Big Bird

Pyxel Edit is US$1 in Humble Bundle for those who want it and haven't got it yet.

surt @ 12/23/2016 04:43 commented on Pets

These are my kind of Pokemon.

surt @ 12/20/2016 12:35 commented on Big Bird

I like my pixels like I like my peanut butter: crunchy.

surt @ 12/20/2016 12:33 commented on Big Bird

How about combining guillotine and jumping off a high building into some kind of fixed-blade reverse-guillotine system.

Might take a few tries to get the aim right though.

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Eight months without drink, now that is a sobering thought.

surt @ 11/19/2016 00:51 commented on Big Bird

Handy for colour consolidation and finding stray colours.

Ideally the pixel editor would have the ability to display the palette sorted by frequency and/or grouped by similarity.

surt @ 11/17/2016 11:04 commented on Big Bird

I warned you that no good could possibly come from licking a tramp.

Also, I've always wondered: is a tootsie pop so named because it is foot flavoured? Is it an aid for foot fettishists in those times that they can't be sucking on real toes?