Monkey 'o Doom @ 12/22/2008 18:09 commented on Big Bird

Wait, Sab==RhysAndrews?

Small internet. I lurked on the GMC for a while a few years ago.

Ohhh, I see. Nvm.

Monkey 'o Doom @ 12/20/2008 21:38 commented on Big Bird

...yeah? Well, my dad could beat up your dad!

:P It's all good.

Monkey 'o Doom @ 12/20/2008 19:58 commented on Big Bird

Lies, skeddles. I was at the forefront of the profile-pasting movement, though the image-pasting had been used by others elsewhere previously.

Unless, of course, you mean the checklist thing. Which I would call a bit silly at the very least; a community isn't a to-do list for chrissake. But to each his own.

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Geez, maybe he was just going to use red, green, blue, and a few colors slightly darker than black.

Monkey 'o Doom @ 12/15/2008 11:35 commented on Depth Perception
Your problem here is that instead of being linear, you have logarithmic foreshortening or something. Lines being foreshortened ought to stay straight (linear) but be angled/skewed. That is, unless you're going for a certain pseudo-fishbowl look, in which case you should do it exponentially to emphasize foreshortening.

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Dex, she's freaking twelve years old. That's just nasty.

greenraven: I dunno. I like to argue, people tell me.

Monkey 'o Doom @ 12/13/2008 19:44 commented on Big Bird

Greenraven, you lost the debate. Evidence:

-Read the first two paragraphs in the parent of this message. Note how the first is a counterexample to the generalization made in the second.
-You're just having fun with my extension of the Star Wars metaphor. Greedo shot first, lawl. It's all good, man.

Linguicide: when I read "knp" (a typo of a terrible bastardization of the word "know", as far as I could discern) in cyber-gal's message far below this one, I died a little inside. Maybe more than a little.

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In b4 tl;dr

Monkey 'o Doom @ 12/13/2008 13:48 commented on Big Bird

As much as you might dislike the idea that people can get away with whatever they want on the internet, there's no way to tack an identity onto every post on every messageboard on every website. Sure, they can track you down if you do something massively foolish like logging into Sarah Palin's webmail account on your own unobscured, unproxied connection, but there's a reason spammers aren't all in jail. It's not possible to get through the necessary multinational meatspace bureaucracy when the internet is a near-seamless global network. The speed of light is a heck of a lot faster than the speed of paper, even under sub-optimal conditions for light.

You're attributing all that is perverse, uncivilized, and illegal to some group of terrible "others" that we have to fight against to keep the Tubes clean. Maybe there is pedophilia, racism, misogyny, script-kiddyism, and chaos in the world, but you can't blame that on anonymity. A perfectly moral person wouldn't troll even if he were perfectly anonymous, and you implicitly claim that you wouldn't either. I think it's human nature to be a bit more risque and assholish when there aren't consequences. But the removal thereof isn't a bad thing when someone who was already good wouldn't be affected thereby. (Damn, I love the therepreposition construction.)

Maybe the problem isn't that people with problems are on the internet, but that people won't learn to deal with those people. They prefer to ostracize and demonize them instead. Look at furries if you're on 4chan, and look at all the groups you cited if you're around here. They're obviously not within social norms and in meatspace they might do things that merit punishment, but if they're not hurting you personally, you don't need to attack them in a totally unrelated context like the internet. Anonymity is essentially instant forgiveness and if people can't handle others going unpunished for doing bad things elsewhere, maybe there's a problem on the other end of this interaction. The internet gives one impunity to act as one wishes, but it also gives one impunity to ignore people who can't deal with the former. You can't add someone to an ignore list in meatspace, and I think you would do well to come to terms with the fact that you can on the Webnet.

Also, linguicide? I'd call 1337sp33k more of a subversion of a valid practice. It was originally used to obfuscate messages so they couldn't be indexed easily by search engines or found by unwanted eyes. I would call it a pretty neat hack if it hadn't been adopted by so many kiddies who just think it's a way to signify their leetness. Speaking of linguicide, "liguiciders"? Here's hoping that was irony.

I speak in the name of Anon, and I leave you with this question: Where did Luke and Old Ben Kenobi find Han Solo, verily one of the coolest dudes ever?

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Huh, check out the hall of the fame on the main page today. The flamingo is escaping!

Monkey 'o Doom @ 11/24/2008 21:17 commented on Big Bird
...Donkey Moomo?

Monkey 'o Doom @ 11/19/2008 20:14 commented on Big Bird
I still call him Ryuria.

Monkey 'o Doom @ 11/18/2008 21:47 commented on Big Bird
Skeds, I have serious doubts that a hacker would use someone's meatspace identity against them unless they deserved it. It'd go against the hacker ethic.

Monkey 'o Doom @ 11/14/2008 13:37 commented on Big Bird

...and 'twas done with such gems of comments as "Cute ".

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You guys, hardware stores open pretty late. Morning ends at 7 AM.

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Skamocore, some of us buy our drugs. You insensitive clod!

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A hundred pixels is a ten-by-ten square. It's not that many.

Monkey 'o Doom @ 10/26/2008 12:08 commented on Steampowered steam shower (Steampunk style) V2

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You'd call that perspective "top-down" or "bird's-eye-view".

Monkey 'o Doom @ 10/22/2008 20:25 commented on SMLL TM FRTRSS 2
I am relatively sure the game does not feature a monkey, though I haven't played it.

Monkey 'o Doom @ 10/15/2008 16:43 commented on Big Bird
The reflections are all wrong.