Relix @ 10/15/2012 02:03 commented on Tropical Level

The background is way too detailed for the sprite, the plants look almost 3D pre-renders (not saying they are) while the character looks like plain 2D paper. It's good pixeling thought.

Relix @ 8/22/2012 05:11 commented on Zombie Dolan

I hate this meme so much, internet finally managed to ruin my childhood with this. ;__;

The actually pixeling is good, I just hate the meme so much.

Relix @ 7/23/2012 00:28 commented on Hello

Hello sword, clever!

Relix @ 7/5/2012 00:59 commented on Character Attack

The blur disapprears too fast, maybe add a frame or two where it gets smaller.

Love the sword movement after the slash.

Relix @ 5/22/2012 23:08 commented on This is a ghost?

That's coolest ghost I've ever seen, you should keep making your own designs.

Relix @ 4/21/2012 00:59 commented on The incredible Blobzilla!

I can hear the thud, creepy, in a good way.

Relix @ 3/15/2012 23:07 commented on Muramasa DS

Sweet, just one very small nitpick; I think the hanging cloth should be just a bit smaller.

Relix @ 3/12/2012 07:57 commented on Fighter

Aaw crap, you're right.

Whelp, too late to fix now, but I'll try to keep that in mind if I ever draw fedoras again.

Relix @ 3/12/2012 commented on Fighter

The persfective or something else?

Relix @ 3/11/2012 23:58 commented on Fighter

My clothing style has been called all sorts of things, but never cowboyish >>

Relix @ 2/27/2012 07:22 commented on Dragonite


I guess it's made like that to look like the horrible Pkmn Green sprites?

Relix @ 2/20/2012 01:36 commented on Iji [Nudity]

That's somewhat close to what actually happened thought, expect the background is made to look like Iji's title screen:

Hence, no reason.

Relix @ 2/19/2012 01:35 commented on Iji [Nudity]

Everything doesn't have to make sense, so it's just because.

And I originally had hole in the shirt, but it didn't look good - it's kinda more dramatic this way anyway.

Relix @ 2/15/2012 07:57 commented on Iji [Nudity]

Changed the whole palette to orangihs, does that work?

Relix @ 2/14/2012 04:44 commented on Iji [Nudity] ?

(I removed the anti-aliasing for now, if you could call it that)

Relix @ 2/9/2012 03:33 commented on Iji [Nudity]

Then I don't know what I'm exactly doing wrong, please elaborate.

Relix @ 2/8/2012 08:12 commented on Iji [Nudity]

Does this fix anything? (expect the light source not being the sun)

I'm not sure if I did the anti-aliasing right.

Relix @ 2/6/2012 09:26 commented on Iji [Nudity]

I really suck at anti-aliasing, but I can try. I've no idea how to pick colors for it tho.

The pants are kinda taken straight from the reference, maybe I could rethink them.

And, the background, I tried to kinda emulate the title screen from the game (can't find good pic now), I didn't really plan to make it from the beginning so the light source is somewhere else. Easiest fix would probally be flipping either of them, which I could probally do.

Relix @ 1/23/2012 01:32 commented on Leonardo

Stupid question: does the transparency count towards the color count?

Relix @ 8/15/2011 07:01 commented on Kelbi - Male

It's good enough for me to regonize it and start raging when I saw it. Worst monster in the games.

Relix @ 7/22/2011 23:47 commented on Evil Ed

What, we need to repost?

Go blue!

Relix @ 7/21/2011 00:36 commented on El Aguila

Blue team, here I go!

Relix @ 7/17/2011 03:27 commented on El Aguila

I'd join the blue team if my avatar wasn't stuck in the queu, darn.

Relix @ 7/1/2011 07:01 commented on Lava Liberator

Saw this at Tig, good job - will vote for sure.

Relix @ 6/23/2011 23:18 commented on MegaCat

There, I updated it.