Manjaman @ 11/30/2018 08:02 commented on Amalgamates

Very nice artwork ! Only 5 colors too, the aa is very subtle and smooth !

Manjaman @ 11/27/2018 05:07 commented on Spaceship home

Was hoping you'd won (-: Very original piece, I love the harmless and odd look of this spaceship.

Manjaman @ 11/27/2018 05:02 commented on forest temple

Great piece ! Love the foliage.
Kinda makes me think to Moonlighter's atmosphere btw.

Manjaman @ 10/3/2016 03:49 commented on Solaris

Nice n trippy !

Great theme too, I really love what it inspires you !
Kindda looks like if Kubrick had directed Solaris.

Gotta watch that movie.
Gotta read that book.

Manjaman @ 10/2/2016 18:42 commented on Kingslash bg #2

Hi dyluck.

Thanks for your notice, I edited the piece and did the tiles from scratch.

Manjaman @ 10/2/2016 04:12 commented on Not So Serene

Never commented this, but WOW !
Such a clever and dramatic way of picturing a storm <3
The result is NEAT.

Manjaman @ 10/2/2016 03:44 commented on Super Pixel Quest #5

This particular comic was supposed to be read on paper, so I'm not posting it online, I keep looking for someone to publish it.
But there are a few more excerpts on my site, allong with photos of the first printed copy (click "recits numérique" then "S.-P.-Q. 1") :

AND there is another episode of this series of comics, which is free, fully digital and that can be read here :

hank you for commenting and appreciating :-)

Manjaman @ 8/4/2014 17:00 commented on Moai

Thanks a lot for your feedbacks, everyone !
It feels amazing to read so much positive comments !

I can only agree with the comments about the web interface being too damn heavy.
I have like zero knowledge in advanced web programming, so I tried to do my best with basic html tools, but it's far from being perfect. Maybe I'll get back into it someday to smooth things out. For the time being, let's say the old-fashioned interface matches the retro-looking aesthetic (I know... it's a petty excuse).

I'm happy some of you seem to be so interested in webcomics and new forms of comic reading. I'm really curious about similar experimental comics you may know, please feel free to come and talk about that with me via mp !
In France, we have a few people really trying to play around with the new possibilities web displaying can bring to comics (among others, Anthony Rageul stands out -don't worry about the french titles, the stories are mute - and the webzine Professeur Cyclope aswell - you should check it out even though it's entirely in French-).

Do you guys know about similar attempts ?

Anw, see you around ! (and sorry for being so late to answer)

Manjaman @ 3/23/2013 17:20 commented on B&W Adventure

 Hi Manupix !
Didn't know about the resizing ban, is it really compulsory to submit actuel size pieces ? (maybe I forgot, but I don't think it was back in the days).
That's too bad, I'm mostly working with big fat pixels these days, wich are supposed to be seen this way, especially black and white stuff. It's part of the aesthetics I'm looking for.
Anyway I'll resubmit it actual size if it's necessary.

Thank you anyway, man ! It's good reading from you !

Manjaman @ 9/20/2012 06:33 commented on Isle of the Dead

Cooly !

Manjaman @ 12/8/2011 14:40 commented on Chameleon

These are gorgeous man ! Fantastic and unique work !

Manjaman @ 8/30/2011 06:45 commented on Don Carebuixote

WIN !                

Manjaman @ 7/8/2011 07:05 commented on Mess

FlyGuy : Where do you see that ? Anyway, thanks for the tip, I assume the former preview wasn't that sexy although I liked its pictogram-inventory look.

Not-flying-guys : thanks a billion !

Manu : yup, I'll fiw that right away. Thanks. (eheh aucun détail ne t'échappe. En fait c'est pas si drôle que ça, le concours pour lequel je l'ai fait s'appelle Range ta chambre).

Manjaman @ 7/5/2011 03:32 commented on Construction CAT Goes Business

Damn ! That's one hell of a CAT ! You're still rocking and rolling old chap, I love it !

Manjaman @ 5/29/2011 02:59 commented on Big Bird

Greenraven : thaaanks  !

Manjaman @ 4/15/2011 12:25 commented on Walk on the Wild Side

Clap clap

Manjaman @ 4/10/2011 15:33 commented on The Fighting Machine

Nice job. You could work more on your colors though, to get something more contrasted.

Here's a quick edit based on on the step you posted on the forum (which was definitly better imo) :


Manjaman @ 3/1/2011 18:40 commented on Sssnake

Not sure you got my point there : I was only saying drawing an S with a snake was really traditionnal (my comment wasn't clear). It's what you see in books which help children to learn the alphabet and so on. But tradition is not bad, since you've made something nice :) I was just hoping to be surprised.

Manjaman @ 2/28/2011 11:19 commented on Sssnake

Great skills indeed, but the concept is sooo expected.

Manjaman @ 2/28/2011 11:15 commented on The Q beaver

Fantastic entry !  Congrats !

Manjaman @ 2/24/2011 08:48 commented on Two Suns; Four Colours

The clouds look very nice ! I really like the experimental look of this.

The green aa isn't really effective on the suns' edges though.

Manjaman @ 2/23/2011 04:51 commented on Abe and a Slig in EGA

This is so damn cool !

Manjaman @ 2/20/2011 06:19 commented on hearty

I see a lonely molar staring at the sunset. Great details in the sky though (i love the heart-shaped dithering).

Manjaman @ 2/20/2011 06:15 commented on Think Pink

Clever use of the top rows of pixels. Great entry.

Manjaman @ 2/18/2011 17:33 commented on Ede the Rat

Pretty neat style. The rat design made me smile :)