T-Free @ 12/11/2016 01:46 commented on Super Mario Run

Dani's Animation actually was the inspiration to look further into the characteristics of the Mario run, I found out that he captured the style pretty well and wanted to make my own inperpretation of it, studying the Mario games. :)

T-Free @ 3/16/2015 15:34 commented on CrossCode - Shizuka Charge

Thanks jalonso, changed the file! :)

T-Free @ 9/20/2013 12:45 commented on Cerberus

@jalonso: Yeah, it definitely looks more reptilian. A short and simple tail looked a little too boring to me when animated. I seperated it a little from the body via darker colors and an outline now, thanks for the tip!
@w4rlock: It isn't, I simply experimented with subpixelling due to the restricted image size so that it still looks fluid.

T-Free @ 7/21/2013 08:45 commented on Rage

My favourite at the moment. One can really feel the aggression coming from this. Very nice work!

T-Free @ 12/1/2012 02:41 commented on Raging Elephant

Updated the piece. Now shading is smoother. Thanks guys! :)


T-Free @ 4/3/2012 08:09 commented on Idle!

Thanks! Yup, i intented to make it look really dynamic. But after flipping the animation horizontally, i also noticed that she should actually bump on her behind due to standing like that. I will practice that more, thanks for the comments! :)

T-Free @ 4/2/2010 01:32 commented on Jack'0_Attack

Thanks for the criticism, 1ucas!

You are right about the shading and that the animation is too smooth, I always have problems with arranging the frames to get the best effect, I'll remove some in the middle and look for a good solution to make it look more like an attack. The shading can be edited easily, some throwing shadows (do you call that so in English? xD) would be nice, I think. The animation will be uploaded again when I'm finished. Thanks!! :b

T-Free @ 10/13/2009 04:35 commented on Orange Mountains

Thank you very much, Manupix!

Your criticism is very useful, I will work on it again and consider what you said. A foreground object or a person would be great, too. Thanks again for the comment!^^