crab2selout.png @ 9/18/2019 03:48 commented on Titan

Wow... love this! It reminds me of the 2d platformer mech games from SNES like Metal Warriors or Gun Hazard.

Not sure I agree with the others about adding black outlines/ui. The mech's got a larger value range than the BG elements. UI is very bright. Seems like good FG/BG separation to me and a good balance of atmosphere.

crab2selout.png @ 7/24/2019 19:29 commented on Griffin

Don't forget to source your references when you're closely following a sprite from a game

crab2selout.png @ 4/13/2019 19:13 commented on Mmmonkee

hot damn

crab2selout.png @ 2/20/2019 13:30 commented on Lunark

Jesus, your pixels are incredible! I love it, I can't find a single complaint. Love the colour choice. Solid BG/FG separation. Your clusters are beautiful. Every time I think I'm going to find a bunch of AA it's just solid cluster placement. Great take on Lunark/Flashback

I see that you worked on Chasm. I thought that was a pretty solid bit of pixelling but it's like your skills have gone up an order of magnitude since.

PS: I was trying to add you on twitter and noticed your twitter handle here and on twitch point to what I guess is an old profile. Just an FYI.

crab2selout.png @ 1/17/2019 19:55 commented on Today Land - Summer City V1

Oh I like this a lot. Especially those cars. Really cute scale. My one complaint is that some elements are little too contrasting. like the checkered pattern on the picnic blanket or the light/dark variants of the grass. I'm also not a big fan of large blocks of dither like the road, but that's more of a personal opinion.

crab2selout.png @ 1/15/2019 10:41 commented on Kaiju

Thanks. I'm trying to experiment with the shading to minimize the amount of AA. Hopefully get it to a point where animating wouldn't be too painful. And I kind of like how it suggests texture and roughness.

crab2selout.png @ 12/18/2018 17:23 commented on Super Super Rampage Monster

Love it! Something about Kaiju just speaks to my soul. Sorry to hear the developers didn't pursue the concept further. Mobile is a fickle market.

crab2selout.png @ 12/3/2018 05:02 commented on Pallet Town

Thanks. I tried touching up "spearow" as it was supposed to be a pidgey lol. I might've made the beak too spearow-like the first time around.

crab2selout.png @ 12/1/2018 17:27 commented on 002-Ivysaur

Love me some Ivysaur. The Pokemon Blue version of Ivysaur is a personal favourite. Keep this up and your gallery is going to get huge. Maybe you can do a batched release of pokemon? Like 1-10, 11-20?

crab2selout.png @ 12/1/2018 17:20 commented on dragon eye

Like the colors. Good pop, but feel like you're missing an opportunity to suggest texture by using dithering like you do on the eye. Eyes are usually pretty glossy cause of all the moisture. I guess since it's a dragon instead of moisture itd be some kind of flame retardent oil :)

crab2selout.png @ 12/1/2018 00:36 commented on 001-Bulbasaur

1 down, 150 to go ;)

crab2selout.png @ 12/1/2018 00:34 commented on Photo of Soldat

Would be nice if all these portraits were collected and posted as a single image. I find myself wanting to compare to the others I saw, but sadly can't.

crab2selout.png @ 7/18/2018 05:10 commented on Making an Exit

These screenshots really stuck out to me the first time I saw them. Most Zelda-like clones tend to ape the zelda style. I don't know why everyone wants to copy the awful trees. Yours has a much clearer identity. This sort of reminds me of a yellow palace from the 3rd Secret of Mana game.

crab2selout.png @ 7/18/2018 04:49 commented on Making an Exit

Oh! I've seen this on my twitter feed before, but I can't remember the name. What's the name of this game?

EDIT: found it. Hazlenut Bastille. From the username you must be Dennis Varvaro. Welcome :)

crab2selout.png @ 2/28/2018 16:13 commented on Sonic Mania custom animation 2 - Egg Reverie part 1

Nice animatoin, why not crop one of them for the preview thumbnail? Could never have guessed it was Sonic from the preview? And not to be rude, but I wish you hadn't prescaled it to 200%.

I love viewing things at 300%. Personal preference

crab2selout.png @ 7/4/2010 03:50 commented on cocoon

Very atmospheric. I'm not sure if I like the style fo the main character or not. Some nitpicks: the pixelling is a bit sloppy in places(needs AA on couch).

I'd like to see the range of colours/contrast pushed more. It would really make this pop.

Do you plan on making any more mockups? There better be a triffid in the works >:(

...triffids are awesome...

The fungus growth is a great touch. It make your idea seem more believable to me somehow.


crab2selout.png @ 3/15/2010 09:49 commented on Sol Fakemon

Love 'em individually/ Great colours and I really like the style. My only problem is they don't feel linked together. Sure there's a cool star theme linking them, but each one looks different from a design standpoint. Most pokemon have some sort of feature linking the evolved form to the evolvee and I don't see that kind of connection here.

Of course, that doesn't mean I don't like them, because I like these a lot. I hope you make some more.

crab2selout.png @ 2/6/2010 15:57 commented on Sidescroller shmup background 1

very nice parallax. Ever played EVO Search for Eden(snes)? I really liked the multiple levels of  the parallax in that game too.

crab2selout.png @ 1/17/2010 00:28 commented on Jadewolf Sprite

What I mean by that is they've made decisions that hopefully leave spare cpu cycles and man-hours. It'd be nice if that reserve energy was put toward doing new things with the pixels. For example, I was thinking about stuff like this when I made that comment



crab2selout.png @ 1/15/2010 19:33 commented on Jadewolf Sprite

It looks crappy. I really don't like this business of digging up old games and releasing them exactly as they were or would've been back then. Computers were so much more limited back then and the games would've turned out very different if that were not the case. It doesn't do justice to these games to impose artificial limitations on the design just so they can claim a dubious distinction like retro.

Taht's what I love about Arne's game design docs. He sees and shows you the appeal of old titles, but he's never afraid to alter or delete the bad bits and and expand onthe orignal with modern processing power.

crab2selout.png @ 1/9/2010 20:30 commented on Velvet monkey

I've been trying this out with firefox 3.6 beta 5. It works perfectly, except there's one minor quirk. You need to add two more entries into usercontent.css. One for ".PNG" and another ".GIF". It seems stupid, but .PNG is thought of as seperate from .png. I guess an entry for pNG, pnG, PnG, etc. are needed as well, but I doubt those kinds of capitalizations will be stumbled onto. If you want to see an example of an image endeding in .PNG failing, check out the first image link on this page.

crab2selout.png @ 12/30/2009 16:05 commented on Ninja SS

Love it. Very Stylish. Sorry to hear about your lack of gift. Happened to me once, too. It's hard to feel too bad about it though considering all the other awesome artwork that we get to see.

crab2selout.png @ 11/6/2009 16:52 commented on Dungeon shot

Strangely, I actually switched back to the ascii graphic set after learning how to visualise the game with a graphics pack. It ws my first time playing an ascii game so I was a little confused the first time around.

I'm not sure if you would have all the interesting let's play stories(boatmurdered, etc.) if this was a purty, highly rendered game.


crab2selout.png @ 8/13/2009 02:02 commented on Taxi

It's not bad, although there's not much to look at when you zoom in. It's not very refined on the pixel level. But, overall, I like it. I think the backgrounds are the most interesting to me. I'm gonna print screen and make some local copies so I can look at them in finer detail. I'm very impressed with how they integrated the pixels with more painterly stuff. I think it's the most successful integration of the two I've seen yet. There's a lot to be learned here for people interested in that sort of thing. The animations are disappointing, though. I'm even noticing a drop in quality with the more recent animations.


crab2selout.png @ 7/5/2009 23:47 commented on "And Bother, I hurt people"

Ah, ok. If you're curious, Ptoing made a nice post on the c64 palette and how to use the ramps in this thread.