Ann @ 9/27/2021 12:00 commented on Lil' Game & Watch Dude

I'm in!:)

Ann @ 5/17/2021 12:44 commented on 5 color portrait

thank you for noticing! i think i have erased or painted over it slightly without noticing

Ann @ 5/13/2021 00:28 commented on Meowth - Pokemon 08

thank you alot! :) Interesting to hear, because i think my skill to see that difference is still not good enough :D

Ann @ 5/7/2021 06:50 commented on Jolteon - Pokemon 06

thank you i am really pleased with the colors, espeically because i just made them up instead of usong existing pallettes as i do most of the time when i am drawing. pixel art is freeing in this and other ways! and i just sae i kind of uploaded this before beeing really done i think :D i kind of got confused witch pokemon are done and ready to upload and wich not

Ann @ 4/13/2021 08:03 commented on Oddish - Pokemon 05

Good idea i will do that :)

Ann @ 4/3/2021 13:41 commented on My First Pixel Art Piece

The first time uploading something and ist got a favorite immidiatly.. thanks a lot! I was lucky having a really good teacher. 

Ann @ 4/3/2021 13:37 commented on My First Pixel Art Piece

Thank you! I like the second form the most i think, because i made it first and its stare creeps some people out :D