Kudohazama @ 1/16/2018 00:53 commented on Low Res Nudes

Nice, reminds me of Gameboy sprites

Kudohazama @ 1/10/2018 05:30 commented on Pokemorph(NSFW)

Boobs :3

Kudohazama @ 1/7/2018 20:51 commented on Dedan

handsome guy :>

Kudohazama @ 1/7/2018 20:22 commented on F-35 Lightning II

I like the solid colors and dark outlines on this :) but I feel like it would look good with a transparent background.

Kudohazama @ 8/27/2012 14:19 commented on retro + 3d

Um Sylon, are you crossing your eyes? this one is done with parallel eyes.

Kudohazama @ 8/21/2012 12:28 commented on retro + 3d

@ Hapiel: A stereogram game would be awesome! the problem is that I don't know anything about programming.

Kudohazama @ 8/21/2012 12:22 commented on retro + 3d

Oh wow, thank you all!

Kudohazama @ 8/19/2012 17:17 commented on dude

Yea, I noticed... I'll try to fix it.


Kudohazama @ 8/16/2012 08:03 commented on Reflected

O___O oh man...

Kudohazama @ 8/16/2012 07:26 commented on Skull

What? No dude... It was 2 years since I last uploaded anything here and I started to get intoo it again reciently.I guess I uploaded a few pieces at once but it's not about the points (don't really care about that), I just want to share my stuff.

And how rude of you to just come and call my pixel art low quality.

Kudohazama @ 6/27/2010 19:22 commented on Pixul

Hey thanks! yea, I think there's something strange about those horns... maybee just the color I used to AA

Kudohazama @ 3/18/2010 12:29 commented on Lamp Yo

I faved it yo.

Kudohazama @ 3/9/2010 08:10 commented on pixl dudes

the first one looks like the professor from powerpuffgirls lol

Kudohazama @ 3/3/2010 12:58 commented on Face of Death

Really smart, I loves it!

Kudohazama @ 3/3/2010 12:54 commented on my 18 color face

@ Starscream:

Thank you for the suggestion, but I'll keep the piece as it is for the contest.... I might do something similar to that but as a different project.

Kudohazama @ 3/3/2010 12:52 commented on my 18 color face

@ Hapiel:

Thanks, and I know that the four sections don't compliment each other and I did that in purpose...

and the last square? well I was looking for colors I didn't i use in the whole picture, that's why it looks weird i guess.

Kudohazama @ 3/1/2010 19:09 commented on my 18 color face

Yea, I was trying to get rif of that... err... don't worry, I'll fix it and stuff.

Kudohazama @ 3/1/2010 13:25 commented on Poh-kh!

but... my avi is a lemon pie...

Kudohazama @ 2/15/2010 18:03 commented on KaHaTeNi

Uh... monkey+horse=? O__o

Kudohazama @ 2/15/2010 17:59 commented on Three Stooges - Weekly Challenge

Weird looking Curly.. anyways, it looks really cool!

Kudohazama @ 2/11/2010 13:08 commented on Winter Colors

looks like watercolor :D

Kudohazama @ 2/8/2010 07:55 commented on Playstation 3

Lol, I just got a strange idea for this one :D

Kudohazama @ 2/8/2010 05:30 commented on Animal Crossing type Char.

Yea, Manuz, same here, there's like a bunch of good stuff there! :D

Kudohazama @ 2/7/2010 18:44 commented on Avatar for Erin

O__o gewd job rezising

Kudohazama @ 2/7/2010 18:08 commented on Big Bird

@ asukicco

Idk usually anything that's blue... blue hearts?