Manupix @ 7/12/2017 15:24 commented on Big Bird

So Adarias left

Manupix @ 6/18/2017 13:18 commented on Big Bird

Hot, long, boring election day. Perfect for temper flare-ups! ;)

Manupix @ 6/17/2017 12:55 commented on Big Bird

I'm pretty upset by what I'm reading in this here chatterbox. You disappoint, PJ.

Manupix @ 4/21/2017 03:41 commented on Lullaby

Welcome back! =D

Amazing scene!

Agree that it needs polishing ;)
The cloud textures are too noisy, and the dragon too smooth, makes for wrong visual priorities.

Manupix @ 4/15/2017 09:37 commented on Nice Lolita

Thanks :) and correct :(

It is hard, but also I've never really taken the trouble to seriously design for shirts. In fact I just don't care enough for shirt design. But I loved the experience and community, although it's just a pale shadow of its former self now. Thanks, social media and POD sites ;_;

Manupix @ 4/15/2017 03:13 commented on Nice Lolita

Good question! There isn't any proprer PA challenge in the past challenges page (but older challenges are not linked there), the closest would be the Video games that don't exist challenge (winner was not PA). There used to be a few PA community challenges, can't be arsed to look for them deep into the forums. I don't think anything from them got printed anyway.

Here and there are some PA designs currently in the catalog (what cure said lol).

I do remember some good pixel stuff, including at least one old printed isometric design, but I can't remember the artists names or design titles so I can't find them. Will post if I do.

Manupix @ 4/14/2017 13:09 commented on Nice Lolita

Haha quite a possibility, unless we blow their minds =D

Also thanks to whoever corrected the tilte tpyo!

Manupix @ 4/14/2017 07:09 commented on Big Bird

One thing that does change on the interwebs: ffffound wil close down forever next month.

Manupix @ 4/11/2017 08:17 commented on waterfalls battlefield

"Provide a proof" meaning "spend a few grands on some lawyer to proove your copyright claim and maybe I'll bother calling mine".

The usual weasel tactics

Manupix @ 4/10/2017 15:21 commented on van gogh interpretation

Hey, someone stole this design and sells it on Etsy, you might want to look into this =)

Manupix @ 4/10/2017 15:20 commented on waterfalls battlefield

Getting ripped must mean you did something right: congrats!

Okay found this: Cold Moonlit Night is from vedsten, Pink Skies Over The Mountains is from Mark Ferrari.

Tar & feathers, I say.

Manupix @ 4/10/2017 13:55 commented on Comfy Charlotte

There seem to be some accidental stray pixels and semi-transparencies, esp. in the speech bubble.

Nevertheless, this is very cute and well pixeled. Welcome!

Manupix @ 4/9/2017 13:47 commented on hey

Nope, it's because you save in RGB mode ('truecolor', PNG-24) instead of indexed color mode (PNG-8).

Manupix @ 4/9/2017 03:58 commented on hey

Previews over 10k ;_;

Manupix @ 4/6/2017 14:25 commented on Nintendo Switch

Edit, don't resubmit.

You're welcome =)

(oops too late)

Manupix @ 4/5/2017 13:11 commented on Nintendo Switch

Previews over 10k aren't displayed on the PJ banners, this one is 10.73. A pity bc it would miss the weekly top!

Excellent pixeling as usual. I only realized he's a bearded dude when watching the vid!

Manupix @ 4/1/2017 05:36 commented on Some Characters

Nice and cute, I like the colors!

Never AA the outside of transp pieces, it makes bright stray pixels on dark bgs such as PJ default gray. Also AA can be made of 1x2 or longer clusters, where line are close to horizontal / vertical.

You might give more attention to your line work, there's lots of jaggies all around. For instance, the cat's pointy nose.

Manupix @ 3/28/2017 03:13 commented on Copper Death

Copper weathers to verdigris. Might help to have a little of that on some edges.

Agree with cure anyway =)

Manupix @ 3/23/2017 07:11 commented on cardinal

You don't need a preview if the main piece is the same, and small enough.

On the other hand, you can make your current avatar the preview and use it as av, and help limit gallery clutter =)

Manupix @ 3/18/2017 14:55 commented on [OC] Cityscape

Downsized previews don't work. Downsizing pixelart is not possible, at all.

You should crop a part of the piece instead.

Manupix @ 3/15/2017 05:19 commented on River

Nice grass texture, but a bit too systematic. Toning it down in the distance would help with depth.

Look at how the painting uses highlights to show the waterfall volume.

Also the bottom water line is too straight, needs some stuff happening there: branches or roots jutting out, etc.

Manupix @ 3/13/2017 15:19 commented on My First Pixel Art

Hi and welcome!

Lovely atmosphere in this piece.

But as eishiya said, it's not really controlled at the pixel level.
Pixel art is about the precise and thoughtful placement of each single pixel. There are just too many on a large piece like this: impossible!

I'd highly recommend to work on reasonable size pieces: 100x100 at most for a while, even 64x64 (get yourself an avatar!). At these sizes, it is actually possible to have good pixel control, and build skills and habits that can be used later for larger pieces.
Even seasoned pixel artists will shy away from million-pixel pieces, or they use tricks!

Manupix @ 3/13/2017 06:09 commented on Kite under moon light

Hello and welcome! Be sure that everyone is worthy enough of participating in weekly challenges! This place is all about learning and progressing, challenges are motivational. Also you seem to have a great attitude about feedback: you'll do well here I'm sure =)

Here is a handy tool to check colors. As yahkehbu said, there are 1445 in this piece, likely accidentally. Possible reasons:
- uncontrolled resizing. You can't resize pixel art except by nearest-neighbor and integer factor (x2, x3 etc). And you cannot, ever, downsize pixel art. Your preview has been destroyed by the downsizing! Don't do that (usually pieces are sent for revision because of downsized previews), crop a part instead.
- piece was saved as jpeg at some point. Don't. Ever. Png or gif are good.
- some soft tool was used accidentally: brush instead of pencil, soft eraser, opacity not 100%, auto-anti-aliasing not turned off, etc. Check your tool settings! What software are you using?
- some filter was used such as sharpening. No. Don't!

There are artefacts in the image which hint at one or more of these possible causes.

Other than that, the piece is nice and has a good atmosphere. I love the far skyline!

There are too many isolated pixels, they look noisy. I suppose the bright pixels on the buildings are windows? They should be aligned, and less bright, they are too distracting.

Some lines and shapes could look cleaner, esp. the kite which is the focus of the piece: it should receive the most pixel-level attention. Pixel art is all about perfect placement of each single pixel! It can take minutes to try the best position for just one of them =)

Finally, I think it would be nice to have all colors in the blue-purplish range including the foreground, to unify the piece and make it feel even more nightly.
Or all blue except red kite, might work too.

Keep at it and have fun!

Manupix @ 3/6/2017 02:11 commented on Roses

That's nice, welcome!

Something you probably don't know: previews over 10 kB won't show on the main page header. Yours is 25 kB.
Make it indexed color instead of 'truecolor' and it will be fine (png-8 instead of png-24, or gif).

You can change it (or anything) by clicking 'edit' (pencil icon).

Manupix @ 3/4/2017 16:14 commented on Dragon profiles

I only see 5? ;)

Great pixeling as usual.
I wish shading was better used to make volumes more readable.