EdJr @ 10/25/2020 12:42 commented on Big Bird
I did install it on a new Firefox profile from the URL I provided (and then proceeded to use it to write my message here) just to make sure! The latest version is 0.10.24; which one do you have? Browsers don't update extensions immediately, so that might be it. You can find it and update it at about:addons.
(I'm going to sleep now, I promise!)

EdJr @ 10/25/2020 11:58 commented on Big Bird

I would tell a little story of the facepalm-ridden pilgrimage it took to get this thing working, but I guess I better get some sleep first, or else...
(Yes, I'm totally abusing FJ's smiley feature. It's a celebration of sorts, leave me alone! )

EdJr @ 10/23/2020 05:50 commented on Big Bird

Hey, folks! Glad to see familiar fac... err... avatars around here. How are you all doing?
I guess after years of almost complete social isolation the need to interact with people is getting to me :)

Jinn, can you get any awesomer? Seriously man, that's some really great news for PJ!

EdJr @ 6/3/2019 15:58 commented on Big Bird

Thanks, folks :)

Delicious, I remember you, too, were going through some tough times the last time I was here. How are you doing? Hope you're doing well, and don't hesitate to talk if you need to!

EdJr @ 5/31/2019 10:57 commented on Big Bird

Hi, long time no see :)

I've been finally feeling "fine" (read "at-least-not-suicidally-depressed") for over a month now, for the first time in quite a few years, so I just thought I'd come out of lurk mode, even if briefly, to see how everyone's doing.

I've just read that we're getting a new PJ, which is awesome! Have we got any "leaks" of what's to come? :o
The time may be finally coming for FixelJoint's (link for those who never heard of it) retirement! Or at least a change of focus. I'd love to know where I can help (if I don't disappear again).

Any other breaking PJ news I should know about? :p

Missed you folks :)

(Adigun, pyro, sedge, iLKke, happy birthday!)

EdJr @ 6/13/2018 09:39 commented on Big Bird

I've been back to lurk mode but felt bad to see that no one has said a word to Delicious yet.

I (and I'm sure many others here) love you too, man. I really hope you're better (or getting better)! Feel free to talk about it if you ever feel like you need to.

EdJr @ 4/19/2018 18:27 commented on Big Bird

@Theoden, @Fleja: Thanks :)
I'm learning to become apathetic to everything, if you can call that getting better. I'll take it.

@greenboi: Dang, can't believe I missed this once-in-a-monthtime opportunity!

@Hapiel: That's awesome, thanks a lot! (And congratulations for becoming a mod, you deserve it!)
Miss Jal :(

@Metaru: On second thought, you're the one doing the real mod work right there. My pitchfork is ready if you ever plan on a dethronement.

@greenboi2: Wow, how much do you weigh now? If anything, it's made crappy food taste like heaven to me while everything else in life is tasteless.

On a happier note,  I may finally (again, slowly) resume work on FJ, yay :)

EdJr @ 4/17/2018 20:35 commented on Big Bird

Speaking of crippling depression... Hi :)

... Er... Would a beautiful soul mind making an old folk a summary of all the PJ action he's missed in the last ~year while he was away trying not to kill himself? (Asking for a friend.) I see there's a new kind of challenge, and even the homepage title has changed :)

Hopefully I'll slowly come back to PJ for good this time.

EdJr @ 8/8/2017 23:36 commented on Big Bird


EdJr @ 6/10/2017 15:54 commented on Big Bird

Edit: Double-clicked the submit button, sorry.
So, just using the placeholder for something useful:

The best I could find was a post by cure on the chatterbox (currently here): '"v3" was a minor cosmetic update and a long overdue hall of fame adjustment. It did not address systemic problems with design and function. I'd personally like [....]'

I'm still trying to find the direct source of my claim, though.

EdJr @ 6/10/2017 15:54 commented on Big Bird

I swear I read about it somewhere around the time PJ v3 came about, but I may be in delirium (in which case I'll just shut up, said too many things wrong already). I'll try to find it.

EdJr @ 6/10/2017 15:18 commented on Big Bird

@Paddy, from personal viewing and opinion I'd say you're dead wrong. :p

Edit: Duh, left the page open for too long, didn't see the other comments. But yeah, this weekly showcase alone beats several entries in the hall of fame (at least the one that used the old algorithm).

EdJr @ 6/10/2017 11:03 commented on Big Bird

Oh, that's really bad, sorry for that :(
Thanks, I hope I can help quickly. It (apparently) works well on Chrome and I just assumed it would behave similarly enough on Firefox (it's literally the same code), but I just tested it and I can definitely see the difference. I'll be more careful from now on....
For now, you FF users can disable "denser layout", "alternative style" and "minimalistic elements" to make it a little faster. (Just please resist the temptation to uninstall the extension altogether :p)

EdJr @ 6/9/2017 19:32 commented on Big Bird

Aaand FJ for Firefox has finally been approved! The s are aligning. (I'm already preparing myself psychologically for the bug reports....)

EdJr @ 6/9/2017 15:40 commented on Big Bird

@Hapiel: And it only took actually talking to him instead of complaining endlessly on the chatterbox! Who would have thought? :p
Seriously, though, thank you so much for this. I saw your PM, but I should be working and I only officially visit PJ while not working, so I'm also totally not posting this reply right now.

@Paddy: this, minus all the gunshots and molotovs bummer

EdJr @ 6/9/2017 10:33 commented on Big Bird

Thanks, Adarias, that was the point I was trying to make, but you did it much more clearly!

EdJr @ 6/8/2017 16:11 commented on Big Bird

Well, pretty much all the relevant parts of the DB (except for passwords and PMs) are already exposed to literally anyone without any hard limitations (except for e.g. the limitation on the number of pages on the chatterbox, which shouldn't be happening). Many websites nowadays have protections against this kind of abuse; PJ doesn't. As I said, it's super easy to just download the entire site and extract all images and stuff and you don't even have to be logged in to do that. Also, PJ still uses HTTP instead of HTTPS, so it's not like we can exactly "trust" the current system, either. (Use unique passwords, kids.)

Being able to find flaws easily is a good thing. That is, as long as there's someone to quickly fix them, so I get that there are risks. But seriously, something like PJ isn't rocket surgery. Protect passwords and PMs, make regular backups, don't accidentally include private keys in the versioning system, done. Aside from major screw-ups, which are always a possibility, there isn't much else to be afraid of being "lost" or "stolen" (and, again, the current system already makes that pretty easy to do). Considering the owner himself probably isn't a super professional security expert haxxor programmer or anything like that, I don't see how having him go through every single change would make the thing work any better than just assuming the devs know what they're doing, especially if they're more involved and knowledgeable in their work (again, obviously, assuming that they're trustworthy and actually know what they're doing). If you can trust no one, there really is no way to change anything.

Thanks a lot, I hope everything goes well! xD

EdJr @ 6/8/2017 14:29 commented on Big Bird

Unless you're suggesting PJ has been operating on security through obscurity all these years, I don't see how Git would be a problem beyond the short term. Actually, any security issue would be a really strong sign that we should do it. And there are private repos, you know. We could let, initially, only a few people have access to the code to fix the serious issues, then open it up to the whole community. Or not. As I said, all that matters to me for now is that PJ gets its fixes and a few new features in less than 10 years.

Trust is another matter, but wouldn't you agree that it would be way easier to find at least one trustworthy person to manage this stuff than to throw the baby out with the bathwater by investing in a "new PJ" altogether? That would certainly take a lot of time and effort, and unnecessarily so.  Even if the plan is to completely rewrite the code, there's no need to move from here unless you really believe in a Promised Land. I also don't see how the trust issue would be solved by keeping the source closed or changing owners. For all I know, the new maintainers would be happy to sell my organs to the NSA.

In short, there are many ways to do this and I'm sure sedge doesn't need to be that closely involved at all if he can't or doesn't want to. We just have to think a little about it and everything gets figured out. Of course, the most important part of this is still him, so we should definitely be trying to communicate already. I don't think there's any harm in you sending him a message, so go ahead, I guess :D
(But yeah, if anyone here is closer to him and want to chime in, please do!)

EdJr @ 6/8/2017 06:22 commented on Big Bird

Damn, don't I sound like a spoiled brat. I'm just frustrated about the current state of things, as I'm sure others are, but I probably shouldn't be talking the way I've been. My suggestion was more to call sedge's attention than anything. I'm very thankful for all his contributions, I don't think he owes us anything and I know it's not exactly easy to change things. All I'd like to see, as I've been saying in my posts, is at least some way to allow outside contributions - which might take some initial effort, sure, but would pretty much take care of itself from then on if done right (think GitHub). Even the initial effort may not be that significant; after all, PJ's source code and infrastructure aren't (or shouldn't be) complicated at all. Also, it's not like we're in a hurry to make things work; slow, incremental improvements would already be pretty awesome (plus, most current bugs are probably pretty easy to fix). The very fact that many of us (sedge included) have busy lives is just one more reason to encourage collaboration.

Honestly, if that ever had to happen, I'd be glad to buy PJ, if only to make sure it wouldn't go to shit, but just knowing that it's going to be around in the foreseeable future and still keep its "critical mass" of users would be good enough.

EdJr @ 6/7/2017 18:51 commented on Big Bird

Hapiel, thanks. I confess I wasn't too worried about getting the facts right here, I just opened up Alexa and typed "pixeljoint.com". It's great to know someone has been taking this more seriously. BuySellAds should be more reliable since it's actually embedded in PJ, while Alexa makes estimations "from the outside", which would support your explanation.
I guess it would be relatively easy to scrape PJ and get the data you want.

Maybe we should create a document with this info plus all the other recurrent complaints and hand it over to sedge to see if he manifests at least some concern. Not that I think he would care.... (Edit: Sorry, I'm stupid.)

"Queue Position: 106 of 202"

EdJr @ 6/6/2017 23:01 commented on Big Bird


EdJr @ 6/5/2017 19:43 commented on Big Bird

That would be a great first step. Rescue our One True Super-mod and take control back from the pixel-relativists.

btw, have you FJ users seen the mod controls again? (I haven't changed anything, just curious.)
Firefox version: "Queue Position: 123 of 198". We seriously need a few more reviewers.

EdJr @ 6/3/2017 12:25 commented on Big Bird

Vaélico, it's probably easier to just post it here. The second best option is to send a personal message to a moderator. You can also PM sedgemonkey (the admin), but he's less responsive (as far as I know).

Paddy, congratulations, you just found a new feature (and bug) on FJ :D
Thanks to pyrometal, mods can now approve or reject pieces on any page of the public queue. You may also be able to see a "Console" link at the top of the page. I just copied his script to the extension. It actually checks (indirectly) if you're a moderator, so I guess the test is sometimes failing for some reason (either that, or you're a moderator, Harry!). You shouldn't be too worried about that, anyway, because (in theory) PJ will only register your decision if you really are a mod. don't quote me on that

Still waiting for Mozilla to review the update. Hopefully they'll check it this month.... "Queue Position: 138 of 191"

EdJr @ 6/1/2017 13:04 commented on Big Bird

oh god           

EdJr @ 5/29/2017 11:20 commented on Big Bird

All: Thanks a lot! Good to know you folks are clearing up the userscript confusion by yourselves, without any effort on my part :P
But yeah, FJ has been weak on the marketing side. Still too many improvements to be made before an "official" announcement, even though almost the entire "target audience" is probably already using it.

Lakelezz, I've investigated a little, made some changes here and there, and now everything works on Firefox, except for the (new) text editor. But this time it seems - dare I say - it's not my fault, but a bug in FF's JS engine.... Still not sure how to circumvent it, except by waiting until someone solves it or by replacing the editor by yet another one (but it works so well on Chrome, sniff sniff). It may be simple to solve, but I haven't had the time to poke it too much. If you want to take a look at it, I created a minimal extension that showcases the problem. It creates an instance of TinyMCE at the top of every PJ page, but you'll see that the editor doesn't work. There's also a gorgeous, not-cryptic-at-all message that appears on the console every time I scroll or click a button: "Promise rejection value is a non-unwrappable cross-compartment wrapper."

Hapiel, thanks for your suggestion! It's on the roadmap ;)

Carnivac, you're welcome! I (and several others) agree that the slider isn't a very good feature. I'm only keeping it because that's how PJ used to be ("historical relevance", if you will), but I may leave it disabled by default in the next versions. And thanks, your comment about my poor little stars is the first one (among 4) that is positive :)
I removed them in the new version, but I guess I'll re-add them to keep you (and others, who knows?) happy.

Mandrill, come on, we all know you only have to learn the words amber, zircon, Ediacara and Archaeopteryx and then play Lego with random bones until you invent a new species. Just kidding, thanks a lot for your dedication! Not all of cough us cough have learnt to conciliate university with "the rest".
Challenge timing used to be so precise that I always thought it was scheduled by the system itself. Isn't there any current way to do that? If not, scripts to the rescue! PM me if you think it will help you.

bby, not sure what you mean by "but I use Firefox anyway", but FJ is available for Firefox too. It just so happens that it will be commemorating its 1-year-without-updates anniversary in 4 days :D