Jp Fox @ 1/4/2010 13:56 commented on Bunny

I can hear him!

Jp Fox @ 8/29/2009 04:18 commented on Sword of Omens

Is it me or does it have more then 15 colors?

Nonetheless it looks amazing!

Jp Fox @ 8/17/2009 09:15 commented on Three apples

I actually tried not to create a perfect round apple (especially with the green one). Some apples are not round (but a little misshaped).

Jp Fox @ 8/16/2009 04:14 commented on Victory and Defeat

It looks very good!  I like the changes between the two different headers.

Jp Fox @ 8/15/2009 13:08 commented on Three apples

I guess you haven't seen many apples. Like these:

The one in the middle has a bite in it. Like the Apple logo (Mac.). But thank you for your comment.

Jp Fox @ 8/8/2009 03:24 commented on A simple painting

It it supposed to be the sky, tried to emphasise it with some birds in the upper left corner. I guess it didn't work very well.

Jp Fox @ 8/7/2009 13:50 commented on Big Bird

I guess I overlooked the big Delete button.

Jp Fox @ 8/7/2009 11:43 commented on Big Bird

I accidently have a unwanted pixel in my gallery how do you remove it? Or is it doomed forever?

Jp Fox @ 8/6/2009 10:05 commented on Pope Benedict XVI.

He looks real nice.

He is a leader of Vatican City (so a world leader). ;)


Jp Fox @ 8/6/2009 05:19 commented on What can you see in this tree?


I took your advice, thank you.

Jp Fox @ 8/1/2009 13:07 commented on A simple painting

My mistake, I uploaded the wrong image. This time the right image will be uploaded.