Kasumi @ 2/8/2019 19:16 commented on avatar 1

Great use of color!

Kasumi @ 2/8/2019 18:29 commented on [BotB] industry plant

Pretty fantastic!

Kasumi @ 2/8/2019 17:46 commented on Discovery

Nice atmosphere!

Kasumi @ 2/2/2019 16:05 commented on Eye

Very cool and unique style and character!

Kasumi @ 2/2/2019 16:00 commented on Desert Background

Truly incredible!

Kasumi @ 1/31/2019 16:12 commented on russian field of experiments

This is really cool!

Kasumi @ 1/29/2019 10:42 commented on Stairway of books

This is advanced spam. Took the time to color reduce a related photo.

Kasumi @ 9/10/2018 00:18 commented on Trash Man

You're fine on NES restrictions! You'd need sprite overlays, but so did Mega Man.

Kasumi @ 8/15/2018 01:30 commented on Summer Spin

Thanks Mandrill and MetinSeven!

Kasumi @ 8/11/2018 08:36 commented on Yes

Your people have this cool "playing cards" aesthetic.

Kasumi @ 8/6/2018 23:04 commented on Hero 14 - Mordea

This is immaculate! Really good readability for this size.

Kasumi @ 8/5/2018 14:36 commented on Witch of the Forest

Very, very cute!

Kasumi @ 7/9/2018 13:27 commented on Popsicle

The scene is great! Nice depth.

Kasumi @ 6/28/2018 16:24 commented on Kaizen

Could you put the little one in the description too? They look like a family!

Kasumi @ 6/28/2018 14:01 commented on Side-scroller mock-up

Nice work. I especially like the creature. And this would totally work on NES. (But it revealed a bug in the program I wrote to make ROMs, so I can't give you one of those until I fix that.)

Kasumi @ 6/28/2018 03:02 commented on More 8 Bit Chaos player character 1 sprites.

I love tiny sprites! The use of the skin color sparingly to make the muzzle flash also work when white (without changing other things) is really cool.

Kasumi @ 6/26/2018 13:07 commented on CGA Portrait 1


Kasumi @ 6/25/2018 19:46 commented on Dr. Bird

Cool evolution of this style!

Kasumi @ 6/24/2018 18:02 commented on [TA] Ansel

This is indeed super fun!

Kasumi @ 6/22/2018 18:28 commented on Bugbot revisited

Welcome back! Your low color homes remain some of my favorite pixel art ever!

Kasumi @ 6/20/2018 12:34 commented on Nes Inspired Mockup

Very cool stuff! I never mentioned, but this is super economical on tiles too. Less than 1/4 of the set is used so all kinds of different structures could still appear in the level without much trouble.

Kasumi @ 6/17/2018 11:00 commented on Big Bird

@eishiya: Surely the inconvenience of doing it by eye is even greater?

@pistachio: I have many such tools on my hard drive that would take longer to write error checks, documentation and proper "CLI citizen" support for than they took to write. That's why I want to know if anyone would actually use it.

Otherwise I'll settle for continuing to maintain my niche minimal animated png->NES ROM tool, which no one uses but at least benefits me personally.

Kasumi @ 6/15/2018 08:19 commented on Big Bird

Some informal interest check. I wrote a piece of software that checks for and marks isolated pixels because so many who do the "no single pixels" do so by eye. Would there be enough interest in me releasing it? I'm aware there were some plugins made for other software, this is just a command line thing you drag a png over and it gives you a marked _checked.png.

Kasumi @ 6/15/2018 08:02 commented on Thundercats Roar mockup1

I guess I'll avoid commenting on every piece, but would you be interested in software that checks for single pixels? All three have single pixels.

Here they are marked in pure red (FF0000):

(Under Cheetara's breast, and one by the motorbike handle, a few on Tygra's back,  on the moon, some on the sky in the top left)

(Lion-O's neck and teeth, Panthro's teeth, under Panthro's HUD element for the brick wall, top mummy's robe, all over the stairs.) Some of the marked stair pixels look like a bug, but it's actually two different very close colors.


(Near the emblem on Lion-O's sword, near the tip of Lion-O's sword, on the wheel of the tank near Cheetara's twirling, teeth and nose of bottom character, a few near Panthro's vest)

The text descriptions aren't all of them, but the images themselves should contain all of them. If you can select by color, that makes the marked pixels easier to see.

Edit: I missed that there was a fourth:

(In between the top and bottom of the Ks, under the G's inner line, on the hud icons, one on the drapes is hard to see because they're similar to the error color)

Kasumi @ 6/11/2018 09:45 commented on root

Beautiful work!