Phones @ 12/27/2010 11:25 commented on her sweet child's favourite food [secret santa 2010]

 This is actually pretty morbid. 

Phones @ 12/12/2010 18:37 commented on A House, yo

 Pardon me good sir, but what would the "Pure Joy Colour" happen to be? 

Phones @ 12/11/2010 21:24 commented on High Score Weekly Challenge Noble Valerian

nice and simple and cool and other adjectives 

Phones @ 12/10/2010 19:23 commented on Fancy Cat

 This is frickin' fancy

Phones @ 9/23/2010 16:42 commented on Another Dinah

 This is hot, very very unique 

Phones @ 8/29/2010 19:29 commented on Vege & Fruit

 No, it's not really like that at all. Greenraven is being over the top with his senseless attacks of the style.

The issue here isn't really the style of the game. I'm not accusing Greenraven of not thinking the art is all too spiffy. Other people have said that. The style is nice IMO, but if some folks dont like it, whatever. I consider it to be aimed at a retro style, simply because when most people see pixel art, they read it as "retro".But Greenraven's personal hate against Robertson is uncalled for. 

"The virginity of the comic has been soiled with his tainted touch."

"Pauly boy himself even said he doesn't give two shits about color counts or restrictions.People's general stupidity level towards our beloved hobby annoys me greatly"

Greenraven is acting like some sort of brilliant artist who is personally offended by Robertson. Which may very well be true, but he should honestly STFU about it and not whine like this every time Robertson is mentioned. 

Phones @ 8/29/2010 12:18 commented on Vege & Fruit

 This is a good troll we need more like this


Phones @ 8/28/2010 23:58 commented on Vege & Fruit

What the hell is your problem? "People's general stupidity towards our beloved hobby annoys me greatly"? REALLY? From the looks of your pixel art, you dont even understand it yourself

I've heard that this guy had an ego breakdown or something similar in the past at this site. I GET the fact that people may not like his personality, but the sprites are fine, and are meant as a throwback to old arcade games and games of the 90's. It WORKS. It fits the style. 

Stop acting so high and mighty. Your personal vendetta with Robertson is nothing short of childish. 

Phones @ 8/7/2010 14:42 commented on Ash Ketchum

 Is this by any chance a reduced-color screenshot?

Phones @ 7/17/2010 18:47 commented on Noble Pilot

 Very clever

Phones @ 7/16/2010 10:06 commented on Lights

 VERY cool. 

Phones @ 7/16/2010 09:52 commented on What The Phoque

 Oh crap he's vomiting rainbows. That's so cool!

Phones @ 7/9/2010 14:21 commented on MSXeus

Now THAT'S style! 

Phones @ 7/8/2010 16:23 commented on [Animation] Gasmask Girl and a Gun

 Awesome. One thing I would love to see is a little flash from the firing light up the front of the character. 

Phones @ 7/3/2010 11:06 commented on he's hot for you!

 Awesome awesome! 

Phones @ 6/28/2010 13:58 commented on Back To The Chipland

This is super duper nifty! 

Phones @ 6/25/2010 23:06 commented on my tree

 Trees are all the rage. I love every one of them. 

Phones @ 6/22/2010 16:37 commented on BLK MLK Turnaround

 I would like to see a 360 animation of this guy, good sir! 

Phones @ 6/22/2010 16:37 commented on Zombi

Zombies are cool, and thus, this is cool by default. 

Phones @ 6/21/2010 11:09 commented on Mega Major Army Man to the Third Power

There were so many awesome entries this week. Excellent challenge! 

Phones @ 6/17/2010 22:27 commented on Crate Kitten: At Sea

 This flows very nicely. 

Phones @ 6/16/2010 17:05 commented on Pixel.Art.Logo.16c

 Bloody awesome! 

Phones @ 6/16/2010 17:04 commented on CMYK INC.

 This has massive potential, but comes up short from being hard to read. I'd recommend making it a little simpler. 

Phones @ 5/23/2010 13:40 commented on Background

 Too awesome! 

Phones @ 5/23/2010 09:43 commented on Double Fantasy

 Oh my gosh it's Chaisu what's up Chaisu.