DawnBringer @ 11/9/2017 09:55 commented on bunny man

@sked: Well, that's up to you. With many palette variations it can get a bit messy...but at least you let ppl know there's more than one option (and not just that one). With the C64; Ptoing's version is broad & bright while Pepto's is dark and muted.

And I just discovered that the guy behind the Pepto palette recently have engineered a new C64 palette: "Colodore" 

DawnBringer @ 11/8/2017 07:37 commented on bunny man

Not saying it's wrong, just haven't seen that version before. I currently have three C64-palettes listed in my Toolbox: Ptoing's, Pepto's and Wikipedia. Not sure what the sceners prefer, but I like to think of Ptoing's as the "default" :) 

DawnBringer @ 11/7/2017 13:19 commented on bunny man

Ha, I just found & visited the site earlier today, before reading this! 

Btw. Where did you find that odd C64 palette?

DawnBringer @ 11/6/2017 06:26 commented on Big Bird

Ok, same as listed on the FAQ page then (I e-mailed and asked but didn't get a reply). Thanx mord! 

DawnBringer @ 11/5/2017 08:57 commented on Big Bird

Anyone knows (for sure) which is the correct/latest/official version of the Pico-8 palette? 

DawnBringer @ 11/1/2017 06:31 commented on The Mummy Demastered

Feels like this monster gotta be some kind of record!? :)

Love the brickwork in the middle left image! 

DawnBringer @ 10/29/2017 03:46 commented on Technovikings

@iLKke: Nice drawing! (Still think you were high though ;)) 

DawnBringer @ 10/25/2017 12:04 commented on origin

Very neato! 

Just so everyone knows; it's a bitch to get smooth, good-looking gradients with a 12-bit palette.

Maybe you already tried it, but there's an option to turn [153,136,136] into [153,136,119] plus [153,153,153] into [153,153,136] for a slightly warmer skintone (which contrasts the colder hair and background quite well).

DawnBringer @ 10/25/2017 06:31 commented on Big Bird

@Jinn: The Toolbox is just a folder with scripts & subfolders that can be placed anywhere (but there's a script-folder inside GrafX2 that is smart to use). The Toolbox has a main-script you can assign to a key inside GrafX2, from its menu you can quickly navigate and launch all the scripts (except a handful of key-specific scripts that you need to assign to keys if you like to use them)

DawnBringer @ 10/24/2017 14:03 commented on Big Bird

There's about 100 new scripts and most old scripts have been updated and optimized. 

DawnBringer @ 10/24/2017 13:01 commented on Big Bird

Putting the last(?) touches on the GrafX2 ToolBox v1.4... 

DawnBringer @ 10/22/2017 13:14 commented on Technovikings

"travelling Scandinavia", is that what they call hitting the bong down under?  :D

DawnBringer @ 10/22/2017 13:09 commented on Tardis

Very slick! 

DawnBringer @ 10/22/2017 13:07 commented on Terine- Cloud Me [Commisioned Cover Art]

Looks like you have some accidental transparent pixels in the top-left corner... 

DawnBringer @ 10/17/2017 10:21 commented on Duck and Chicken

Is it gonna be featured in a demo? 

DawnBringer @ 10/16/2017 07:11 commented on ISObbean collab tiles

Wow, you made a bunch! Great tiles and nice presentation. :) 

DawnBringer @ 10/15/2017 07:17 commented on Big Bird

Good luck, Happie! I always thought you'd be a moderator one day...  

DawnBringer @ 10/13/2017 17:01 commented on The Eye of Shlarm

It's really neat how well C64 images based on gray backgrounds can work ...

DawnBringer @ 10/9/2017 10:17 commented on Nootka Sound is not for sale

Good stuff! I thought it was Peter Weller too... 

DawnBringer @ 10/9/2017 06:11 commented on Infected

So Amigalicious! :) (And now I wanna try out Bpaint) 

DawnBringer @ 9/22/2017 06:09 commented on Mystik Belle ending panels

I'm surprised to see so much banding in your recent works! :/ 

DawnBringer @ 9/22/2017 06:02 commented on Pokeball

Wonky scaled / Mixed resolutions (Big No-No) 

DawnBringer @ 9/20/2017 10:19 commented on Big Bird

What's up with the missing mini-icons everywhere? 

DawnBringer @ 9/14/2017 06:59 commented on His Holyness Hieronymus Karpfkop, the Archfishop

Then the fingers would not line up... 

DawnBringer @ 9/13/2017 20:28 commented on His Holyness Hieronymus Karpfkop, the Archfishop

The way I read it; the hand holding the staff looks a bit odd, almost as if the index finger is in front of, rather than gripping the rod.