DawnBringer @ 7/17/2017 15:22 commented on Big Bird

What's up (or down) with Pixelation? 

DawnBringer @ 7/7/2017 09:56 commented on Big Bird

I have that book. Pretty nice...but quite dinosaur themed! :D

DawnBringer @ 7/7/2017 04:45 commented on Big Bird

While it's good to know basic color theory, it can be hard to extract solid advice for palette making from it.

If I could give only one advice on how to design palettes; it would be to make sure every color in your palette has a another color that will work as a decent halfshade.  

DawnBringer @ 7/5/2017 09:33 commented on Small Tree

Pretty nice looking thing, but the orange branching doesn't make much sense ;) The brown background is a bit unappealing, try something dark blue/azure or shift the brown to more olive/dark-yellow. I would also add a 1 or 2 pixels of space to the sides, to let the composition breathe.

DawnBringer @ 7/2/2017 18:11 commented on WAT (interrobang)

Tight wixels! The extra borders really helps the composition.

DawnBringer @ 6/26/2017 14:08 commented on Big Bird

@Hapiel: How do you know all these things? :) 

DawnBringer @ 6/25/2017 10:39 commented on Big Bird

Why are you greeting people who hasn't been around since the inception of PJ?  

DawnBringer @ 6/22/2017 05:07 commented on Big Bird

@Jinn: Reload the page...?

DawnBringer @ 6/21/2017 16:39 commented on The sun of the party

1.7MB 24-bit image! Please reupload as PNG8. 

DawnBringer @ 6/18/2017 11:23 commented on Big Bird

So, it never rains unless you pray? And if it can, how do you tell the difference between natural and godly rain?...

DawnBringer @ 5/23/2017 09:03 commented on iDracula "Brotech-231"

though...just a little bit of banding on the right arm (gray line above the wrist joint).

DawnBringer @ 5/22/2017 14:35 commented on iDracula "Brotech-231"


DawnBringer @ 5/16/2017 12:23 commented on Dylan_Hunt

Newfangled nonsense! Why would you deprive me of the glorius explorative adventure of manually browsing through all the links, to gradually find out the awarded images in question? 

DawnBringer @ 5/11/2017 04:26 commented on Big Bird

No-one is restricting you, you can do whatever art you want. You just can't do anything anywhere or everywhere. It's called categories, style, genre etc. You can write your porn novel, you just can't display it in the kid's section, or more importantly...why would you want to?

DawnBringer @ 4/20/2017 08:09 commented on L'Ankou


DawnBringer @ 4/11/2017 04:33 commented on waterfalls battlefield

Wasn't there a Lion King image in there too? If you're stupid enough to steal from Disney...

DawnBringer @ 4/10/2017 11:45 commented on maya battlefield

Object: Complementary

Background: Original Object color 

But are we talking RGB/CMY ("correct") or RYB (as in image) or is either ok?

DawnBringer @ 4/5/2017 04:39 commented on Cyber Manta

Very Speedball-ish colors! :) 

DawnBringer @ 4/3/2017 05:24 commented on Mr. Monk and the Room of Tomato Ketchup

I'm honored, congratz to the winners! Really curious about that mystery side-collab... 

DawnBringer @ 3/27/2017 12:51 commented on KF map

A joy to behold! 

DawnBringer @ 2/18/2017 16:50 commented on Mr. Smoky

A worthy replacement! :) 

DawnBringer @ 2/10/2017 05:37 commented on Big Bird

I must have missed the executive order where reality was declared a safe-space!? 

DawnBringer @ 2/7/2017 06:17 commented on Hero Adventure (previously Intellivision RPG experiment)

You should list the Intellivision limitations/specs...so we can know if this is any good! ;) 

DawnBringer @ 2/3/2017 09:48 commented on Hexaland tileset test!


DawnBringer @ 1/22/2017 06:00 commented on 3color iso experiment

I think you made a smart move to use the middle color as the dominant one. Much easier on the eye than your first wip. The colored sprites are pretty sexy :)