DawnBringer @ 1/4/2019 09:08 commented on MAR

Oh, so now we are removing truthsaying comments rather than rule-breaking images... yeah, PJ is going down fast! 

DawnBringer @ 12/23/2018 23:49 commented on Big Bird

What is this, a cheerful Greenie!? This is very unsettling! ;) 

DawnBringer @ 12/19/2018 06:04 commented on Big Bird

Is there a good Android image-viewer for pixelart (crisp upscaling without interpolation)? 

DawnBringer @ 11/27/2018 08:09 commented on Big Bird

@Jeremy: While the bg could be (partly) redux, it is also quite consistent with the style used in the other components. Then again, the whole thing is very different from the artists two other pictures. But with all the shit and npa that gets into PJ these days; to the degree that this image has's trivial.

DawnBringer @ 11/13/2018 10:49 commented on The Cyan Goddess

Simple but fresh. And yeah, 11th was oddly low :/ ...maybe boobs doesn't buy you what it used to? :D 

DawnBringer @ 10/10/2018 05:02 commented on Big Bird

So much for the new rules. PJ has really gone down the shitter... :(

DawnBringer @ 10/1/2018 12:18 commented on Mechanisms animations tips

This is a tutorial more than art. And with those screengrabs from Photoshop this can't be accepted into the Gallery. Why not post this in the forum...

DawnBringer @ 8/30/2018 07:34 commented on Ninja Beetles!

Also, can't autoscale the thumbnail. Scale by integers or clip an area. 

DawnBringer @ 8/19/2018 14:42 commented on Pirates of the ISObbean tiles

Oh, Reo...I was gonna say something nice...then I saw this image has 50 different colors! :/ 

DawnBringer @ 8/13/2018 06:05 commented on flcl robot (avatar)

Good work everybody! But, but...what ever happened to that secret extra side-collab that was supposed to use the runner-up palette, did I miss something?

DawnBringer @ 8/9/2018 05:30 commented on Dodonpachi Attemt #5

Now we're getting somewhere! :) 

DawnBringer @ 7/13/2018 15:50 commented on Super One More Jump Skin

That's one sexy background! :) 

DawnBringer @ 7/8/2018 06:39 commented on Selfie

I really enjoy how your single pixels (as opposed to clusters) manage to convey detail and sharpness over noise. Pretty in all regards :)

DawnBringer @ 7/2/2018 07:12 commented on Freek-a-Leek Inanna

Yeah, that's a solid step in the right direction :)

DawnBringer @ 7/2/2018 04:15 commented on Freek-a-Leek Inanna

Nice! However, I would have liked to seen a little more difference in hue between the girl and the animal, they blend a bit now at first glance.

I also wonder; this and many of your pieces are a little it a design choice or a monitor issue?

DawnBringer @ 6/22/2018 17:18 commented on hero with pistol

I felt like this post needed a comment... 

DawnBringer @ 6/18/2018 08:30 commented on Daggers of Dagon

This strict underline technique gives some pretty crisp and distinct looking sprites! 

DawnBringer @ 6/3/2018 05:54 commented on Khajiit Portrait II

Great! I like when I can't spot my own palettes right's a sign of creative and artistic color-usage. :) 

DawnBringer @ 6/3/2018 01:57 commented on Space Platformer Concept

What's up with the wonky-scaling? 

DawnBringer @ 5/28/2018 10:59 commented on The AAP-Micro12 Color Palette

PJ does not allow posting of just palettes (and diagrams) in the gallery. There's not enough art here... add some imagery or make this a forum article.

DawnBringer @ 5/28/2018 08:50 commented on Dodonpachi Study

Pew-pew neato! :) 

DawnBringer @ 5/8/2018 03:40 commented on Robots, Droids, Mechs..

Awesome stuff! That palette fits so well for the subject matter :) 

DawnBringer @ 5/1/2018 08:02 commented on portrait - commission

You found the perfect 12-bit colorscheme here...but it bugs me to no end that you didn't keep with the 32 color restriction as well. Killer rendering though! 

DawnBringer @ 4/20/2018 14:13 commented on Big Bird

Greenie, you need a hobby...or seven. ;) 

DawnBringer @ 4/11/2018 05:53 commented on Running fox

Wonky scaled... (big no-no)