DawnBringer @ 4/20/2018 14:13 commented on Big Bird

Greenie, you need a hobby...or seven. ;) 

DawnBringer @ 4/11/2018 05:53 commented on Running fox

Wonky scaled... (big no-no) 

DawnBringer @ 3/27/2018 11:37 commented on Venstor Avatar

All developers who just cares about the latest version of single browser should be keelhauled! ;) If it doesn't  work with all browsers 10 versions back, it's hipster-junk!

Only one error is showing:

SyntaxError: missing ; after for-loop initializer, pixel-art-tutorials.js:1:1322 

Also, the palette page works fine...just not the Tutorial one.

DawnBringer @ 3/27/2018 07:41 commented on Venstor Avatar

Still doesn't work in FireFox! 

DawnBringer @ 3/15/2018 14:22 commented on Big Bird

PJ has a zoom function. Upscales are just annoying here. 

@king b: Eww...the ugly lovechildren of banding and pillowshading! :D

DawnBringer @ 3/8/2018 04:37 commented on Baphomet

@Hapiel: More likely drawn at a higher resolution and scaled down. 

DawnBringer @ 2/28/2018 05:36 commented on Big Bird

Eh, I just checked the page and it said "mostly negative reviews"...30 seconds later it said "no user reviews"!? 

DawnBringer @ 2/14/2018 17:16 commented on Tulou logo

That's a really nice little demo! 

DawnBringer @ 2/12/2018 07:46 commented on Big Bird

Hehe, I've contributed a little bit but the coders and project managers are yrizoud and PulkoMandy 

DawnBringer @ 2/12/2018 04:45 commented on Big Bird

Old news, but still good news! :) 

DawnBringer @ 12/26/2017 06:50 commented on Merry Yule

Charming! :) 

DawnBringer @ 12/23/2017 14:20 commented on John Wick Ch.2

Nice work :) John Wick is one of my favourite film from recent years...#2 was ok, but a bit repetitive. 

DawnBringer @ 12/21/2017 09:33 commented on Big Bird

I know there used to be a difference between normal and quick log-in, have you tried both? 

DawnBringer @ 12/21/2017 08:53 commented on Big Bird

It's not just me that gets logged out of the FORUM every time I update the Gallery profile, right!? 

DawnBringer @ 12/20/2017 06:58 commented on Theodoom

Nice scene, but way too many colors. This could be done with 16-18 colors and still look identical. Also, it's bad form to mix hard dithers with subtle color variations. Either few colors and dither, or many colors and no (apparent) dither. 

DawnBringer @ 12/18/2017 07:43 commented on Big Bird

For me it doesn't work in Chrome, Firefox or Opera 12.15. (How could that be a browser bug when it worked before?) 

DawnBringer @ 12/18/2017 07:32 commented on Big Bird

The image hover function is also down. 

DawnBringer @ 12/17/2017 16:53 commented on Big Bird

So, the profile [gallery / faves / comments / buddies / messages] functions are broken... 

DawnBringer @ 12/14/2017 11:17 commented on Big Bird

The TOOLBOX v1.4 for GrafX2 has been released! Forum article. :)

DawnBringer @ 12/13/2017 07:59 commented on Big Bird

@Stone: You can always start by taking a look at the PJ Color-thread 

Why not start a dev thread for your palette?

DawnBringer @ 12/10/2017 13:39 commented on DB8 - Palette Test

Thanx for the positive response, guys! For the longest time I hesitated; doubting is was motivated to "publish" such a small palette. But the fact that the limited scope of 8 colors allowed for analysis & diagrams that would become too complicated with larger palettes - made it an interesting enough project (check the forum link for a bit more stuff).

DawnBringer @ 12/9/2017 04:54 commented on RED PIXELS 3rd collab knights

Neat stuff! You don't see the Iso-ology palette very often, but you put it to very good use :) 

DawnBringer @ 12/7/2017 16:44 commented on Thingamabobs

Nice! I didn't actually notice the palette at first... :D 

DawnBringer @ 12/6/2017 16:43 commented on DB8 - Palette Test


It's done, it's been done a long time! :)

Note that the RGB-values all end with either 0 or 5, so it's easier to spot if any color is wrong... 

DawnBringer @ 12/6/2017 08:13 commented on light practice 2

Too bad with so few entries. These challenges usually produce some of the most fun and entertaining stuff... :/