DawnBringer @ 7/5/2022 05:26 commented on Driller Date

Cool one :) Any reason for going with this chunky, almost PETSCII-like style?

DawnBringer @ 7/5/2022 05:16 commented on Asteria

Very stylish! Just wish you would have softened/AA'd the black line of the nose a bit more.

DawnBringer @ 7/4/2022 16:33 commented on Motaro #2

Rage-Jiggle! :)

DawnBringer @ 5/13/2022 10:51 commented on freya


DawnBringer @ 3/15/2022 05:00 commented on Scout Chilling

Good stuff! :)

DawnBringer @ 1/9/2022 17:52 commented on The Green Knight

Tight pixels! This is the way Simon the Sorcerer should have been drawn! (a game with a lot of greenery; hailed for its great graphics in its day, but that was actually quite blurry and pillow shade-y)

DawnBringer @ 1/4/2022 07:57 commented on Amaroque

Blue-Sepia is one of; if not the most - attractive color combinations... you put it good work here! :)

DawnBringer @ 12/6/2021 07:24 commented on Time Out

Floppy ears for the win!

DawnBringer @ 10/28/2021 10:36 commented on Daddy Bag 4: Bride of the Bag

Aw, too bad you didn't get this one done in time. I really like the bloodsoaking on the dress!

DawnBringer @ 10/24/2021 11:03 commented on Bride of FuNGi

You say veil...but all I can think is "trypophobia"!

DawnBringer @ 10/20/2021 08:03 commented on Bride of the squeaker

Really nice. But that gray does not interpolate turqoise and light-blue.

DawnBringer @ 10/18/2021 05:05 commented on Daddy Bag 3: Daddy Bag in Space

Nice! But I almost like the ominous emptiness of the preview even more!

DawnBringer @ 10/11/2021 15:12 commented on One-Eyed-Weird-Guy

So how many entries were there in the end?

DawnBringer @ 10/11/2021 14:15 commented on Envy

That left character is so great, and lovely rendered!

DawnBringer @ 9/29/2021 07:25 commented on Big Bird

What was the (old?) record for entries in a weekly challenge again?

DawnBringer @ 9/11/2021 04:00 commented on mockup - Explore screen

Looks like something I'd like to play! :)

DawnBringer @ 9/3/2021 13:26 commented on Alien Apparat

Cool. Maybe you should mention that it's just OCS/12-bit as well? Actually, you have a fun selection of colors (and dithers) here that makes it look different from a lot of ordinary A500 stuff... it even had me wonder if it was AGA at first glance! :)

DawnBringer @ 9/1/2021 07:24 commented on Big Bird

Really, that was free? Well, good for handle!

DawnBringer @ 8/28/2021 02:17 commented on Killing Spree

Great picture and welcome to PJ

But the thumbnails also have to be auto downscaling.

DawnBringer @ 8/12/2021 02:51 commented on Builder of sandcastles

This is interesting; coz the primary uses I had in mind for the bright-pale-red color was skin and sand!...and the challenge was to find a balance so it would work ok in both contexts. This would have been a great image to have back then!

...and I love the hat!

DawnBringer @ 8/11/2021 04:33 commented on Peace (Tribute to Bakshi)

Yeah, that was fast!

A small request: don't be to stingy with the colorcunt in the next project!

I'm a total puritan pixel-nazi...but iso is a color hungry format...and I always cringe over how monotone and flat the finished collabs look when the palettes are small (regardless of how good they are, and how great single tiles can be). Couldn't we get something like 24 for once?

DawnBringer @ 7/29/2021 01:38 commented on Big Bird

Yeah, if you have active layers the anim option does not appear on the menu.

DawnBringer @ 7/28/2021 16:40 commented on Big Bird

Hold down RMB on the very bottom-left button.

DawnBringer @ 7/19/2021 11:01 commented on Big Bird

Wow, thank the Spagettimonster for that! 24 colors is just dumb... any limit should have been either 16 or 32 (4 or 5 bitplanes). If my 32 color Amiga pictures were banned -  I would never have bothered to join PJ.

DawnBringer @ 7/6/2021 08:06 commented on Mine Wars Portraits (C64 Hires)

Great, thanx!  :)