Xamllew @ 5/18/2019 20:30 commented on Atomic Uzi

This is superb.

Xamllew @ 4/1/2014 10:47 commented on Mina

Do you happen to be related to Diego Rivera?

Xamllew @ 4/1/2014 10:43 commented on Tallahassee

Wow, great texture work.

Xamllew @ 4/25/2013 16:07 commented on Psychedelic Side of the Moon

Very cool.

Xamllew @ 3/25/2013 22:10 commented on Tactsquad8

This piece makes a great example I think.


Xamllew @ 2/3/2013 16:53 commented on Four RPG Enemies from Concept Art

Angler man is pretty terrifying looking.

Xamllew @ 1/18/2013 01:01 commented on hahahahaha

Wow, love the palette. Nice one. My one criticism is that the outline is really jagged in some spots.

Xamllew @ 12/15/2012 23:27 commented on Big Bird

I thought there was a big hairy gorilla chilling on my bed but it was actually only my jacket, I was disappointed.

Xamllew @ 12/15/2012 22:12 commented on Gor the Barbarian

Wonderful work on the attack animation, very dynamic.

Xamllew @ 12/2/2012 23:54 commented on Barkley 2 Barrel explosion


Xamllew @ 12/2/2012 23:51 commented on Vlad

Oh god, I just noticed that little pecker.

Xamllew @ 12/2/2012 20:06 commented on Shedemon

@Shivudhamu: I believe the edit takes some time to actually hapen, if you're sure you resubmitted as the correct file then it should update with the new image in around an hour.

Xamllew @ 12/1/2012 13:29 commented on Shedemon

@Demon: I think so long as the main focus of the piece is the object depicted and the person is sort of a secondary or background entity it should be okay, I'm not sure though.

Xamllew @ 11/29/2012 16:56 commented on Three Forms: Harlequin Epicycle

I could just imagine it transforming into its 3rd form would be terrifying.

Xamllew @ 11/28/2012 18:03 commented on Quills n Spills

Thanks fellas.

@Ashbad, good point about the dithering, fixing that right now.

@mhad, ah! I knew someone would say that, it's coming though. c:

Xamllew @ 10/3/2012 17:06 commented on Coastal Road

Thanks everyone for the wonderful feedback and critiques. To those reffering to the horizon being flat, I'm still unaware of the problem, to my knowledge the ocean horizon is always flat. :V

Xamllew @ 10/3/2012 16:09 commented on Random scene

Nice, that tree gave me  a bit of a nostalgia trip, not entirely sure why.

Xamllew @ 10/3/2012 16:06 commented on King Mustachio

Sorta looks like king Charles II, must be the giant curly hair, haha. Good work.

Xamllew @ 10/3/2012 16:02 commented on Steampunk House

I'm so jealous of how well you pixel wood texture.

Xamllew @ 10/3/2012 06:21 commented on Coastal Road

@ Theoden: Thanks. I would mainly attribute my color choices from simple studying of nature, I often go out with my little sketchpad and sketch pine trees, clouds etc. I've never had any sort of schooling and my grasp of color theory is basic to say the least.


@Gecimen thanks, although I'm not too clear on what you mean about the sea and horizon line.

Xamllew @ 9/23/2012 16:38 commented on Kagemusha, The Vampire

I really can't even tell what is on the left side, it's just too dark with too little information to actually suggest anything. Guy on the right looks fine though. It's spelled "Japanese" btw.

Xamllew @ 9/21/2012 12:39 commented on Robot Twin 1

Huzzah! grats everyone.

Xamllew @ 9/17/2012 02:09 commented on Swamp Remake

Loving them lighting effects.

Xamllew @ 9/9/2012 18:29 commented on New Avatar

The way you handled the hair is great, good work.

Xamllew @ 8/29/2012 18:06 commented on 94's game art

Lovely work. It's weird to think that this game screen is almost as old as me.