Clovvach @ 12/31/2021 09:13 commented on Magpie's Delight (Secret Santa 2021)

This is so much fun to look at lol - one of my favorites!

Clovvach @ 12/26/2021 10:41 commented on 2662 (Secret Santa 2021)

Thanks Hapiel -- I always enjoy making the custom wrappers lol

Clovvach @ 12/25/2021 07:29 commented on 2662 (Secret Santa 2021)

Thanks! Scamocore chose the purple lol

Clovvach @ 12/23/2021 07:26 commented on Secret Santa 2021

Love the alpacas! lol

Clovvach @ 2/2/2021 09:21 commented on Nothing to see here...

Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Clovvach @ 2/1/2021 10:14 commented on Nothing to see here...

Thanks Hapiel :)

Clovvach @ 12/24/2020 17:31 commented on secret santa

Loll yes I would love to see a Lovecraft Country x Ghibli mashup 

Clovvach @ 12/24/2020 10:56 commented on secret santa

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Clovvach @ 12/24/2020 09:19 commented on secret santa

Thank you :) The text on the poster comes from the text on the My Neighbor Totoro poster.

I just replaced the word "Totoro" with duck... I think it says

"My neighbor Duck-san"

"This strange duck is still in the universe. Maybe."

Clovvach @ 12/24/2020 09:09 commented on Secret Santa

Wow... animated! 😱 I love the little guys on the columns! 

Thanks for the present Metekay! :)

Clovvach @ 12/1/2020 23:57 commented on Festive

This makes me so happy loll ... I'm super excited to do the secret santa again this year! :)

Clovvach @ 4/5/2014 18:10 commented on atpshampoo

I love the atmosphere of this piece - good work... :,)

Clovvach @ 10/19/2013 11:24 commented on r1013-0

 Stunning! Although imo, I think the piece would benifit from a clear sky. (in other words, without the moon)

Clovvach @ 9/2/2013 09:29 commented on Carl Braveman

 You should probably make the background transparent or a solid color (and maybe even reduce the pixel size), and that might possibly get you into the gallery :P

I'm not sure though, there might be something about the animation that's keeping it from the gallery...


like the animation on the skirt-thing, and the left leg by the way, good work on that.

Clovvach @ 9/1/2013 15:38 commented on Tubby Little Reader

 Thank you ^_^ I started out with a 4-color greyscale pallete and afterwords I tried to make it a little... pandaish...

Clovvach @ 8/31/2013 09:52 commented on From the Other Side

I love the way you used the color grey in this picture ^_^


Clovvach @ 8/18/2013 10:47 commented on Bedroom

 Go ahead :)

Clovvach @ 8/13/2013 16:39 commented on Bedroom

Can you show me/ send me a picture of the 20 color pallette that you used? I can perhaps fix the image :P

Clovvach @ 8/8/2013 11:06 commented on Poppy field

 The last one is so beuatiful you have no idea o__o

but the first three are great, but not as good as the last one... I guess I just really like the last one's pallete... keep up the good work :P

EDIT: I take that back I think morning and night are beautiful as well ^_^

Clovvach @ 8/8/2013 10:54 commented on Bedroom

 It's neat... but according to my image editing program there are almost 50 colors o_o was this intentional? If it was then I think that some of them need to be removed or replaced :P

over all it's pretty nice though, the colors that you have worked with are ones that I like :P 

Clovvach @ 8/8/2013 10:47 commented on Tea Tigeress

 It's cute ^_^ I'd like to see more contrast on the dark fur, but other than that it's pretty good :P

Clovvach @ 8/8/2013 10:44 commented on Engel

 Nice little sprite! I actually love how the piece... the only thing I think needs to be worked on is the face... I like the hair and the wings especially. ^_^

Clovvach @ 8/8/2013 10:33 commented on Undiscoverable

 I love it, and I think Skamocore did a great job of describing the great use of the colors... one nitpickey sort of thing though, I think you should put some anti-aliasing on the moon perhaps... it looks a little... sharp.

Clovvach @ 8/8/2013 10:27 commented on Mushy

 The pallete could use some work... how about shifting the hue some more? Like making the red's shadows more purple... but not too much. 

That being said though I think it's well put together... like the curves on the mushroom are great :P

Clovvach @ 8/8/2013 10:20 commented on ThePreed

 Loving the left side, however the right side looks too... banded... I guess that's the only word I can come up with... but the pixels are too banded in my opinion. Love the colors though especially the way you've "balanced" the saturation so to speak, in where the lighter colors are tons more saturated than the darker ones... and the pink is nice :P