Panda @ 9/2/2009 13:21 commented on Ahirumizu - weekly challenge

Water = Mizu

To fly = Tobu

Panda @ 9/2/2009 10:41 commented on Ahirumizu - weekly challenge

By the way, duck in Japanese is ahiru not ahiro.

Panda @ 8/4/2009 10:12 commented on Swagga

Looks really stylish but is is over AA'd, especially on the curves.

Good job though.

Panda @ 7/6/2009 12:55 commented on Masked Rider the first

Hehe, I guess it would be good to mention that this one is the Sakurajima version, as Kamen Rider 1 had 3 different versions (if I recall correctly).

This and all the Ultraman (or Ultramen? heh)  you've been submitting bring good memories hehe.

Panda @ 4/6/2009 12:56 commented on Frabbit Portrait

Hehe, it looks pretty cool.

The lines for the fluff (hair) look a tad blocky, but other than that good job.
I like how you added those swirly curves for the transition from yellow to pink.

It made me happy to see that you picked me for the challenge.

Panda @ 4/6/2009 12:46 commented on Panda

Whoa, crazy how 3 people went with me for the challenge, it put a smile on my face.

The panda looks quite nice.
The hairs bother me a bit though. I think you could either go wilder with them and enhace them or lose them.

But other than that, good job :)

Panda @ 4/6/2009 12:30 commented on Veteran.

Hehe, I'm flattered you decided to go with me for the challenge.

Perhaps you could make the second darkest colour (the brown) a tad darker in order to have the AA work better and get more solid lines. Same could work on the blue you are using for shading the green.

But looking nice. It made my day :)

Panda @ 3/15/2009 07:08 commented on Tei

Of course I applied all the AntiAlias by hand.

Otherwise I wouldn't consider it pixel art, and thus wouldn't have uploaded it to this site.

Panda @ 3/10/2009 07:17 commented on Aliens

The colors totally give the 80~90's toy feel, so they are fine the way they are.

My favourite is the 10th one, the one that looks like a tomato with a scar.

Now go make them into toys and the collector in me will make me buy them all :B

Panda @ 3/10/2009 01:40 commented on Supporting Actors United

Heh, about time.

My favourite is the last one (from left to right). And as you already know, I dislike the pink bits on the woman's hair (the one with red/brown hair)

And now that I remember, didn't you make more wizards back then?

Panda @ 2/28/2009 15:55 commented on Speak up!

Is this some old version from a few years ago, or did you retouch it?

I find it a tad weak. Bullshit bits of AA here and there, too much in some others, and things you could fix overall!

Not bad, but could be better.

Panda @ 2/16/2009 03:17 commented on Magentleman
This one is looking pretty awesome.
Looks as if someone ate loads of rainbows, puked them (in a good way!) and he came out of that.

As for crits, maybe you could make the bottom of the top hat flatter, and smoother around the curved edges.
Other than that, pretty nice.
I really like how you blend blues and oranges (That blue you picked looks awesome, by the way).

Panda @ 2/14/2009 09:05 commented on Robot wants to play
Heh, finally you decided to finish it.
You know my crits on this (hand on the right looks a bit blurry, and you could put window silhouettes on the front row of buildings).
And now that I see it again, maybe you could fix the angle of the propeller on the airplane.
Other than that pretty nice. Looks awesome (same goes for the "negative space")  :)

Panda @ 2/5/2009 05:33 commented on Clockwork Whistler
Uhm, while the planet looks better now, the robot was so much better before the update (IMO).
Now it has color and AA issues here and there, and looks blurrier.

Oh also, one thing that has been bothering me since the beginning, but you should fix the shape of the eye on the right!
Looks deformed compared to the other one.

Other than that, pretty nice.

Panda @ 2/4/2009 13:34 commented on Clouds
Hehe, keep me updated if you end up making it  :)

Panda @ 2/4/2009 11:08 commented on Secret Santa 08 for Panda
Thank you so much! :O
So adorable and awesome.
And since I suppose it is the 5th in Japan... Happy Birthday!

Panda @ 2/2/2009 13:20 commented on Clouds
Heh, the clouds were meant to be the background for a mockup I was working on, but then I got busy and never got around finishing everything.
I think I will leave these clouds as they are and make new ones for next time.
And yeah, I'll try to make scenes and more game-ish stuff whenever I can.

Panda @ 1/19/2009 05:55 commented on Pug
I will address that soon and make more stuff.
Also, just because I don't/can't show it, doesn't mean I don't pixel more than once a year!

Panda @ 1/17/2008 00:15 commented on Simple Portrait
Uhm, I started checking different people's faces (IRL) after reading the comments, and noticed that the top of the ears align with the bottom of the eyebrows in most of the cases.
Of course there are exceptions, since humans come in many ways (and some even pluck their eyebrows and all) but should be roughly around there.

Panda @ 1/1/2008 15:38 commented on Cornstar on Caffine.

This should work, he just missed the /pixels/ part

Panda @ 12/22/2007 01:27 commented on Big Bird
Just a reminder for those participating in Pixelation's Secret Santa, but you have only 1 day left for sending in your gifts.

Panda @ 11/27/2007 07:20 commented on bomberman mobile
It seems you put the wrong time again when editing the blocks (as it is back to 1:64)
But looking nice overall.

Panda @ 10/17/2007 22:38 commented on Kabuto
The browns inside the helmet are just an experiment for adding a subtle texture and not for adding rust. Just so the whole thing doesn't look like a single color. You know, kind of like when people put different textures over their digital painting to make them more interesting. Other than that I had no other intentions for it.

As for the background issue, yeah, I should get working on stuff that doesn't use that color, but I have my reasons!
At first I meant to make myself an avatar with that color for the background, but ended up being too big. Then I got inspired and decided to make the monsters (they will stay on that color but with textures and text so it looks like they are on scroll paper or something - so far I only showed the monsters themselves).  And well, since I wanted to make another avatar, I simply used the same color as I intended originally.
Uhm, maybe I'll make something for pixelween to spice up my gallery and move out of the monotony though.

Anyway, thanks for the comment.

Panda @ 10/13/2007 01:40 commented on Shiba Inu
The fur was simplified for aesthetic's sake into a single stroke, so the shiba inu itself is not fat.
Also, unless shiba inu lose their undercoat fur, they don't really look thin.

Panda @ 2/10/2006 00:59 commented on Afire (2006)
You should learn anatomy, especially how to do eyes and faces.
And learn how to use more efficient palettes. That picture could be done with at least 16 less colors.
I believe you should try pixelling less mathematically, without relying too much on your plug ins.