TheChan @ 6/20/2010 13:35 commented on Must... Run... Faster

The little guy would be better black than gray I think.


The background looks amazing.

TheChan @ 4/28/2010 15:35 commented on zaak The little wiz - remake

I love that style.

TheChan @ 3/7/2010 09:32 commented on Once upon a time [nudity]

It's a bit hard to read, but nice.

TheChan @ 2/23/2010 12:00 commented on Wack a Roach Game

Nice, very stylized.

TheChan @ 2/22/2010 13:08 commented on Tyranos

The detail is outstanding.

TheChan @ 2/20/2010 23:08 commented on Village

I like it alot.

You should make a full-sized piece.

TheChan @ 2/13/2010 04:28 commented on Cromlech (SKW)

Awesome. I love the texture.

TheChan @ 1/27/2010 20:06 commented on RTS House


TheChan @ 1/27/2010 13:23 commented on Stage Bomber

Why did this only get 3rd place? This is seriously one of the best pixel art pieces I've seen.

TheChan @ 1/27/2010 13:11 commented on RTS House

Although I'm not particularly concerned with color count, thanks for catching that.

Turns out that I didn't turn the opacity on the blue layer all the way back up when I was messing around with it.

I thought it was a bit weird that I had 27 colors.

TheChan @ 1/23/2010 17:07 commented on Midnight Snack

I love this.

My only crit is that 7th child's eyes look a bit weird compared to the rest.

TheChan @ 1/23/2010 17:03 commented on Awkward Turkey!

Best one.

TheChan @ 1/23/2010 17:01 commented on Samurai

The sword looks like it's bending. Other than that, it looks really good.

Also, why does it have a bunch of lines through it?

TheChan @ 1/12/2010 23:06 commented on Wall Piece

This is just to show the wall, not the grass.

The grass will be more detailed than that.

TheChan @ 1/10/2010 03:04 commented on Lady of Decay

That bug she's holding definately needs more "pop". I also mistook it for her boob. The rest is great though.

TheChan @ 1/5/2010 21:24 commented on Fishmen can do something too!

What happened to all your other stuff?

TheChan @ 1/3/2010 20:46 commented on Death tree

Cool tree.

TheChan @ 1/3/2010 01:38 commented on Neo Rustbug

To be honest I prefer the older rustbug to this one.

TheChan @ 1/2/2010 16:52 commented on RGP TREE

The leaves look really good, but the trunk looks plain and boring in comparison.


Also, if you were going to use this for a game, you'd either have to make several variants, or make your tree a bit more generic, otherwise it would look a bit strange with a bunch of them in one spot.

TheChan @ 12/31/2009 20:27 commented on Port Spez Marine

I think the palette is a bit bland, and it looks too tiled, but I like it.

I'd do someone completely different with the water, personally. It looks like a giant swimming pool.

TheChan @ 12/27/2009 20:59 commented on mine for resource

What's this for?

TheChan @ 12/27/2009 16:08 commented on Can't think of anything

Looks like the Starcraft space tileset.

TheChan @ 11/29/2009 16:56 commented on Bug

Your use of color is truly amazing.

TheChan @ 11/29/2009 16:46 commented on explosion

Great animation but it seems like it needs more yellow.

TheChan @ 11/27/2009 21:00 commented on Russkaya Psovaya Borzaya

Looks like something my friend would draw.