Fav @ 10/13/2009 23:02 commented on SHMUP Reel Success ship

It has got too many items on it, so no one of them is easly recognisable and the ship isn't clearle seen. I'd also tell you that it'd be good if you change the cannons, or whatever that knives are.

Fav @ 10/4/2009 12:43 commented on Colossal Katamari


OH no! There're 17 colours used for 500x500px. work! That's too much ;)


Anyway amazing!

Fav @ 10/3/2009 08:35 commented on Golden Gate Bridge in some years

I guess that the middle of your bridge would collapse already.

Fav @ 10/2/2009 05:36 commented on maria

I guess you could add some shading on the letters.

Fav @ 10/2/2009 05:35 commented on Rio de Janeiro after people

You got my vote! :D

Fav @ 10/2/2009 05:35 commented on X Girl

Imho she's too fat ;)

Fav @ 10/2/2009 05:33 commented on The Dusk Maiden version 2

I still don't like pure black wing :/

Fav @ 10/2/2009 05:32 commented on But... what about the hookers?

Umm... But I guess it misses the topic 'Life after people' somehow ;) Not the topic itself, but the explanation.

Fav @ 9/28/2009 11:11 commented on Bell Towers (revised)

I'm not sure if too much, but... I guess it's just becouse you've got several types of materials, t-shirts etc. so they colours are different ;)

Fav @ 9/27/2009 07:27 commented on Octopus

The background suck, sorry.


The art is great ;)

Fav @ 9/27/2009 02:54 commented on The Dusk Maiden

I definitly don't like the dither (except on the boots), also her right hand is bigger and in weird pose ;) You could add some other colours to the red-black wing.

Fav @ 9/27/2009 02:51 commented on SHMUP Reel Success ship

It's a ship just as in old games when you fly a crap ship and fight milion monsters (mby Space Invaders or sth. like that).


Imho the picture is too messy :/

Fav @ 9/26/2009 04:11 commented on Let Hell people throw stones too! (Weekly Challenge)

Imho the picture is too dark :/

Fav @ 9/25/2009 08:37 commented on Let the hell bags spoil the broth.

Thanks a lot! The stew's shining, because it's a stew of evil forces! I'd probably make a RMK of this later on - I know the bags suck. First of all I wanted to make something like showing the threads of bags, but I couldn't get fitting colours.

Once more - thanks.

Fav @ 9/25/2009 07:09 commented on Aurora

I think it's great, but you should make the lights less firm :P

Fav @ 9/25/2009 07:07 commented on Tennis Vs Pong

It's damn grate!

Fav @ 9/25/2009 02:59 commented on Thumbattle!


But the art is great anyway ;)

Fav @ 9/25/2009 02:57 commented on ruxe

I'd rather say that his right part of hair is moved too much to the side.

Fav @ 9/25/2009 02:57 commented on Nethack 32x32 Tiles

Damn! I want more of them :D