Qube Commander @ 5/25/2011 00:01 commented on Death Shaman

Hey Mike, I've got an pixel joint account too ^^

Qube Commander: Tim Wesoly

(I made the voxel scene)

Qube Commander @ 5/20/2011 01:36 commented on Smooth Jazz Club

Thanks, mate. I know I'm a cheater... I wouldn't be able to do this without Qubicle.

But trust me, this is still a lot of work... and you still have to be creative.

Qube Commander @ 10/17/2009 00:57 commented on Robinson Nerdo

Oh, I didn't know that.... and did'n expect either.
Nice feature but what's the point in approval then?

Nevermind... thanks for the hint :)

Qube Commander @ 10/16/2009 12:36 commented on Robinson Nerdo

@Manupix, yeah you're right. I replaced the green bg and it looks better now. Nah.. too late.

Qube Commander @ 10/7/2009 13:01 commented on Nerdic Loving

Hey dawnbringer, i tried to discuss this with you on a private basis and i thought the exchange had helped. But you haven't learned a thing. I'm sorry that my work annoys you that much. Feel free to ignore it. You admitted that you like the image so I really don't understand why you are so small-minded. If the admins say that it's a no go, okay. But you are not the admin.

I won't leave because of you. sorry

Qube Commander @ 10/7/2009 01:20 commented on Nerdic Loving

360° is no problem at all. Though the outlines are. They have to be made by hand.

Have a look at my website www.minddesk.com for demo-animations

Qube Commander @ 10/5/2009 13:59 commented on Ninvot

i totally agree! more!!

how about mirroring it twice?

Qube Commander @ 10/5/2009 13:50 commented on The Spartan

i can't believe how awesome this is!!

Qube Commander @ 10/3/2009 20:35 commented on Nerdic Loving

hello and thanks for the comments. this image was meant to be an experiment. i'm not a true conventional pixel-artist,  that's for sure. If dawnbringer, or any other, complains about it, i'm not in the position to argue. i respect all the works that are posted here. i truely love pixel-art.

but i do things my way. i developed my own software to render pixel-art in 3d. because pixel-joint doesn't allow to post images in more than 256 colors I tried to reduce the color-palette and mix it with tradional pixel-art. i don't know what "non human design palette" could mean. I like the result and i think that's ok.

this is a finish of a 3d model that can be displayed from any angle you like, so you must admit that there's an undoutable advantage to this kind of pixel-art.