Ryath @ 1/10/2010 20:35 commented on Cat Blimp

 ...I need to get this game when it comes out. Great work here!

Ryath @ 1/7/2010 20:29 commented on O

 I would not have seen the O if you hadn't pointed it out. I suggest making the parts sticking out a bit rounder and lighter, to make the black O more obvious.

Ryath @ 1/7/2010 20:25 commented on Walkcycle for Nameless

 It looks like a run cycle to me. When walking, a person never has both feet off the ground at the same time. Sped up I think it would look very good as a run cycle though.

Ryath @ 1/1/2010 00:36 commented on Rock Lee !!!! :)

 It is a tad too line-y, if you know what I mean. Human faces are rounder, not just straight lines, and this is especially true for Rock Lee. The eyes look very odd, did you just use a circle tool. Those need to be smoothed out, try making the side lines longer.

Also, the colors throughout the piece (except the hair) are too dark IMO, and the face should have more contrast. The hair could be darker, and should have a little more shading I think than just the signature highlights.

I like the expression on the face, and the mouth was done pretty well. They way you did the nose is interesting, but I think that it works fairly well.

Ryath @ 12/29/2009 18:30 commented on The Baddest Muthafucka

 The face is a little blank, but I still love it!

Ryath @ 12/25/2009 14:15 commented on Secret Santa: Cacti Christmas!!

That was really cool! Lucky guy to get this awesome an SS gift.

Ryath @ 12/23/2009 23:31 commented on Red Valkyrie

 Amazing work here! The armor's not very protective, but amazing nonetheless.

Ryath @ 12/23/2009 15:08 commented on Happiness

 I love your style, an this piece is amazing too. The only thing I would say i didn't like is the clouds in the sky. I would either have you remove them or make them bigger, sine they just look a little odd to me right now.

Ryath @ 12/20/2009 20:21 commented on James Isbell

 The punch animations are a little odd. People generally wind back and throw a straight punch, throwing a downward punch like that is odd.

I agree with Lizard, too, the head and hair should move some during the animations.

I like each sprite on its own, it's just that some of the animations are just odd. I also love the taunt, it's hilarious. Also, the idle is cool.

Ryath @ 12/14/2009 18:11 commented on Big Daddy

 The lighting course doesn't seem to be coming from the same place throughout the piece.

Ryath @ 12/13/2009 18:07 commented on [Animation]Wild Little Red Riding Hood

 I love this!

Ryath @ 12/9/2009 04:59 commented on scarabaj

 Very nice! I might like a little more contrast between the colors, though, as I didn't notice the difference until I looked up close.

Ryath @ 12/8/2009 18:08 commented on Goblin

 It's a tad dark, at least on my screen. Also, the round stomach looks very odd, I'd have it straighter down. I like everything other than that stomach, though, and nice work on the animation, it looks fairly smooth for a stomping goblin.

Ryath @ 12/7/2009 16:04 commented on Av

 The eye is confusing, but I love the rest of it.

Ryath @ 12/7/2009 15:57 commented on Goblin

 It looks a short,which may be intended,  and a tad pillow shaded, but I really like the colors and the face is cool.

Ryath @ 12/7/2009 15:53 commented on RoketBall

 Somewhat over-dithered, but I still like it. Sorry you missed the deadline.

Ryath @ 12/6/2009 13:47 commented on Tilebased House

 Great work here! I love the little lady.

Ryath @ 12/5/2009 15:03 commented on Challenge: Bellydancer

 I love how it draws my eye along the piece, and the color usage here is excellent.

Ryath @ 12/5/2009 14:56 commented on Walking Dwarf

 The front of the foot is a little too flat, and there is a single pixel hanging from the both that looks a little odd on its own.

On the positive, I like the face, and the animation itself was well done.

Ryath @ 12/5/2009 14:48 commented on Heart

 It's a little jarring when it suddenly appears back in place as a heart, I think it would be better if all the "sand" jumped back up and reformed itself before falling.

I do really like how the sand really looks like its falling and isn't just a bunch of random flashes of red, which is a cheap and easy way to do it.

Ryath @ 12/5/2009 14:17 commented on Robot Drinking Game Bonanza Mockup

 I very much like the idea and a lot of the sprites themselves. I agree with Manupix about the overdone AA, it's simply too much.

As another way to reduce colors, the robot on the right's colors could be used for the menu background on the left. Lastly, the square iris looks a little odd on the menu's eye, but that could could just be personal preference. I think that's an eye, at least.

Ryath @ 12/5/2009 14:12 commented on My Fakemon of 09

 I have no idea what most of them are supposed to be, but they're still very close to the Pokemon style. Good job!

Also, i absolutely love the narwhale in the bottom left.

Ryath @ 12/5/2009 06:38 commented on A mad man.

 It does look pretty good in my opinion, nice use of colors. The only problem/question I have is whether the light source was supposed to come from two sides, as the arms both have highlights on the outside of the arm, which I don't think would happen with just one. Other than that, it's a good piece. Nice work.

Ryath @ 12/3/2009 20:56 commented on Ice Cream

 Sorry, I'm not so good at being kind with the critiques. I do like the line art and color choices a lot, but as I said before, the shading seems off to me.

Ryath @ 12/3/2009 16:25 commented on Ice Cream

 The shading on the ice cream and cheery looks very flat. Also, I don't think there should be any dithering on the ice cream and cherry, but there should be some on the cone, I believe.

Also, the at the top of the cone I think there would be a shadow following the line of the ice cream.