Regiden @ 5/21/2012 18:26 commented on Wandering Light

this looks super nice!

Regiden @ 10/20/2011 15:08 commented on Kick_Practice

Oh T-boy, I just love it <3

Regiden @ 10/23/2010 04:24 commented on [Mr.Hat II] New KS Animation

Oh The sword is special! Yes it is! You see it transforms itself to various other weapons like an samurai sword :A
I must admit, that I had an inspiration boost with Pokemon Black & White concerning the animation style.
To answer your question, he only pulls the sword when attacking (you can dodge and defend but her will never change the postion of the word while doing this). I thought it would be cool to have an funny looking idle animation because the game is also very funny^^

@Mars Hasugen
Well thx ! It's always nice too see that I'm not the only one who likes the style xD

Regiden @ 10/17/2010 07:50 commented on [Mr.Hat II] Cream Valley Chipset

No way, that would be like you know :/

To be honest I'm not good in using a small number of colors... This hole game is a nice chance for me to step into the right direction^^

But thx! hope you will like the upcoming design of the dungeons :D

Regiden @ 10/15/2010 10:17 commented on [Mr.Hat II] New KS Animation

It's because i forgot to turn the knob of the sword^^  It's fixed in the game already, maybe i change the animation later. anyway, thx for the comment.

Regiden @ 11/17/2009 06:43 commented on Oh happy day!

nice one dude !

Regiden @ 11/5/2009 13:31 commented on Mr. Hat -Intro!-

it's a hat! it's the cutness itself! I like hats!


Regiden @ 11/5/2009 11:07 commented on Maru and Iris

hey Zocker /o

Regiden @ 10/31/2009 14:44 commented on Mr. Hat -Outro!-

Yes, i dont care about how much hues I'm using :/

Regiden @ 10/30/2009 07:35 commented on Mr. Hat II Battlesystem

Oh noez D: thx for the comments!

Oh yes, the idea of putting in a white outline is good, so good that you can turn it on in the optionmenu^^ (some other artists also said that so i put that in at the very start).
And i dont really care about how much colors (contrasts) I use^^ the only limit is 256 colors and in that range I'm using as much tons as I need (in another Team-project I'm in, we really use only 4 colors D:)

Yes, thats ture :| So i changed it^^ It now has a better look (maybe I will sumbit another screen in which we have a bit more action + the Combo-Sytle-Info [classy]).


Another true :/ IBut believe me, when you playing the game, you dont check it xD cuz the BS is very fast and zooms, moves etc.  occur all the time (sometimes a bit too fast tho....)

Regiden @ 10/29/2009 14:06 commented on Mr. Hat runs

you talking about the 3-frames-main-run 8D? well let's say that's not a bug it's nice (stupid) feature of the engine I'm working with^^ [You only have 3 frame per side]
Like you i also thoght of more frames (more frames al ALWAYS better :P [ You will see that on later animations... probatly xD)


But thx a lot!

Regiden @ 10/29/2009 09:37 commented on The Loneliest Robot

This really looks great !