Toby @ 11/13/2011 05:18 commented on Mail Attack mockup

I think I saw an insert that featured your game on one of the Finnish TV-channels some weeks ago. Here's hoping the game does well.

As for the graphics. The ground pattern could do with some random tiles (ie. pipes, gravel, skeletons) and the houses could do with some added detail. The tree's could also do with some restructuring as they look a bit like melting ice-cream now - unless that's the effect you're going for ;)

Otherwise good stuff.

Toby @ 5/28/2010 01:38 commented on Quartet complete game gfx

 Nice work on the sprites and UI. You really have a distinct style going on here.

Gameplaywise this brings to mind Frenzic by the Iconfactory - and that's only a good thing because Frenzic rocks. 


Toby @ 11/5/2008 01:50 commented on GRRR!
I have a thing for teeth, so this really hits a sweet spot for me. :) Quality work, as always.

Toby @ 8/22/2008 00:41 commented on Lurker
Love it. Overall simplicity with small details give the character all the more personality. Just love it. :)

Toby @ 8/18/2008 05:42 commented on 16x16 robots
Brilliant! I really like this piece :)

Toby @ 7/13/2008 00:28 commented on Big Bird
Whoo, there's a game called Space Monkey in the iTunes app store that has graphics by Kenneth Fejer (or so i'd presume), anyone with an iPhone should check it out :)

Toby @ 7/7/2008 12:16 commented on Big Bird
Bisque, ≈2500 per month is pretty ordinary in the company I work for. That's for graphic designers in general. That's what, 3,935.75$ a month? But then, that's in Finland and I have no idea what the typical salary for that kind of work in the US is.

Toby @ 5/28/2008 23:56 commented on Big Bird
Updated my mobsters-piece with a new character, if anyone's interested. :]

Toby @ 2/18/2008 02:00 commented on Canine warriors outing
I love Okami and I love this piece. Small perspective mistakes aside, a great piece. I reall like the vibrant colors and simple style. Also faved. :)

Toby @ 2/17/2008 23:55 commented on Ed
MrMister, maybe, but also like one of the biggest gaming blogs out there.

Toby @ 1/28/2008 14:04 commented on ~
I really like it. Simple yet beautiful. My only gripe is towards the leg on the right hand side. The dash-line shading doesn't feel justified, but otherwise a very cute piece.

Toby @ 1/27/2008 22:11 commented on Pixel - Apple Header
The left side looks slightly pillow shaded. Shouldn't the bottom left have more shading? In the style of the top right maybe? :) Otherwise very nice, the pillow-esque shading of the left side just bothers me.

Toby @ 12/31/2007 07:11 commented on Pixel Selfportrait
.. couldn't resist doing this :P

just sexed it up a notch.. -> bam!

Toby @ 12/31/2007 01:47 commented on Pixel Selfportrait
I'm with jalonso on this one, we definately need a reference picture..

As for the piece itself, it's great for a first.

You probably snatched the shading from the reference picture (which we're waiting for) but it might have been better to use an artificial light source for the piece itself. Your breast has shading under it, which indicates that there's a light source above, yet the rest of the shading is as if the light came from the direction of the camera. It's not a big deal, just inconsistent since theres no background to explain the two light sources.

Also might want to ditch the inner black lines in favor of a darker tone of the skin color.

Edit: a quick example of what i mean -> mysticom.gif

Toby @ 12/20/2007 13:34 commented on Gluggernaut
The man can really make 'em muscular monsters ;) Love it, just love it. I don't really see anything to critique, sorry :(

Toby @ 11/30/2007 01:42 commented on Nuvatar
Humpty dumpty humpty dumpty.. Love the style and minimalist animation. :)

Toby @ 8/26/2007 07:18 commented on Big Bird
Hyvää synttäriä Evil-Ville! That'd be happy birthday in english :)

Toby @ 6/15/2007 05:31 commented on Weekly Challenge: BobonCob-ru!!
awesomenes. i'd eat it. <3

Toby @ 6/1/2007 23:36 commented on Mini's
very flip flop flyin'

Toby @ 6/1/2007 23:34 commented on Terror Raven A
That left side arm and hand is almost perfect. Good piece :)

Toby @ 5/19/2007 05:27 commented on Danny
i love danny. <3 nothing to criticize really, great characterization and nice color set :)

Toby @ 3/22/2007 03:57 commented on deep space nebula
Man, that's one awesome nebula! I haven't stumbled upon your work until now and i have to say, you do a great job at what you do :)

Toby @ 3/20/2007 04:59 commented on Big Bird
A great day of the B to tomic! :)

Toby @ 3/18/2007 09:03 commented on milk.SHAKED
I like it, kinda looks like a Bisque piece. I do have some critique, though. Outlines in the in-between frames need cleaning, I think maintaining a one pixel wide line would look better. Also you might want to consider making the face stretch and squint along with the cart for a more cartoon like and realistic feel. Now it kind of looks like the face was just slapped on.

Other than that, good work :)

Toby @ 3/14/2007 23:53 commented on Demon Fitipaldi
Oh yes, very much me like :] still a beautifully gruesome face <3